What Is a Coverlet for a Moses Basket & Do You Need One?

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Moses baskets come with bedding sets that include a variety of unique and interesting products. But while some, like sheets or mattress covers, are easier to understand, there is an item that is not as common, which many parents are having trouble figuring out what to do with: the coverlet

A coverlet for a Moses basket is a lightweight blanket usually made from a woven or quilted material, whose function is to protect and decorate the basket while you’re not using it. It is a valuable addition to the bedding set, but it is not something you necessarily need to have. 

In this article, you will learn what a coverlet for a Moses basket is, whether it is necessary, and some of the alternatives you can use to achieve the same effect that this bedspread offers without the additional cost. 

What Is a Coverlet for a Moses Basket?

A Moses basket coverlet is a functional and a decorative piece of your Moses basket bedding set. It’s lightweight, and you’ll primarily use it to protect, cover, and liven up the appearance of the basket while your baby isn’t occupying it. 

The coverlet can come in many different forms and sizes: 

  • A warm blanket 
  • A quilted decorative cover  
  • A comfy fleece 

Either way, it will provide coverage and warmth to your basket while your baby is not in it, as well as serve a decorative purpose. 

The coverlet can also be used later on (after your baby turns one year old) as: 

  • An actual cover 
  • Blanket 
  • A decorative throw 

Is a Coverlet for a Moses Basket Necessary?

The coverlet is not necessary by any means; however, it is practical and can be a lovely addition to your basket’s bedding set. Its purpose mainly revolves around protecting the basket in an aesthetically pleasing way while you’re not using it. 

This piece is primarily designed as a decorative layer, and its shape and size do not allow it to achieve a mattress tuck. The other components that are part of the basket’s bedding set, such as the mattress, mattress cover, and breathable sheets, should take priority over the coverlet when purchasing. 

Given that the price for a complete set can range from £29.99 to £150, or even more in certain luxury retailers, then choosing a set that fits your budget would be the best choice, even if that particular set doesn’t include additional pieces like a coverlet. 

On the other hand, getting the piece along with your set provides all the benefits mentioned above. Therefore if the budget allows, go ahead and buy the extra product. 

Can I Use Something Else as a Coverlet for a Moses Basket?

There are several alternatives to coverlets that you can use to achieve the same decorative and protective effect without the additional price. These include quilts, throws, and down alternative blankets. 

Let’s look at each of these alternatives in more detail. 


Coverlets are most similar to quilts. The main difference is the unique, one-sided material of which the coverlets are usually made. 

This material, called matelassé, is made using thicker weaves, which gives the coverlet a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. While fuller, this material can also work better during warmer months, as it allows for better air circulation and it is more breathable. 


As a smaller version of a blanket, a decorative throw would make an excellent alternative for a coverlet, as it can serve similarly to protect and decorate your basket. Although you should keep in mind that a throw will not be as breathable as a coverlet, therefore it can hinder air circulation if this is a concern area for you. 

Down Alternative Blankets

This is not the closest possible alternative, but you can make this substitution work if you have sewing skills and a down alternative blanket that you don’t need. Although it is bigger and often thicker, this blanket could make an excellent alternative to coverlets. 

Its hypoallergenic, breathable, and cooling qualities make this option appropriate to use when covering or protecting your basket. However, you should remember that a down alternative blanket would most likely need to be tailored or customized to fit and be appropriately used in place of a coverlet.