Tutti Bambini vs SnuzPod – Which Is Better?

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If you’ve decided that you want to sleep next to your baby without actually sharing the same bed, there are several options out there for bedside cribs. You’ve got quality, safety, affordability, and a lot of other factors in mind, which to pick?  Let’s compare two bedside crib brands that have both been recognized for their quality and durability: the Tutti Bambini and the SnuzPod. 

If you’re looking for portability, consider Tutti Bambini’s easy-to-assemble model. If you’re big on versatility, you might be more interested in the SnuzPod, which features a removable bassinet you could take with you from room to room. 

But these are just a few of the considerations. Read on to learn more about these two bedside cribs before you head to the checkout page.

What Is a Tutti Bambini?

Tutti Bambini is a nursery furniture company that makes cribs, rockers, playpens, and a range of other products. Its CoZee bedside crib, in particular, is a popular choice among parents looking for a safe co-sleeping method. 

The CoZee comes with a wooden frame, a height-adjustable crib, and a bottom shelf to carry baby essentials. Its mesh drop-side zips up and down, allowing you to easily convert it from a bedside crib (the straps are in the package, too) to a standalone cot and vice versa.

The crib has six mattress height settings ranging from 49-52 cm (19-20 in) to a maximum of about 64 cm (25 in). You can also set one side higher than the other, creating a tilted surface to relieve reflux and congestion. 

Additionally, the crib can be fitted with wheels and has a rocking function.

Perhaps the most praised feature of the CoZee is its ease of assembly: you just have to unfold the legs and pull the crib up to its standing position, but you need to make sure the brackets are engaged. This allows for easy disassembly and packing, too, making it great for travel. 

When assembled, the crib will be nearly a meter long and a little over half a meter wide. The entire setup weighs 10 kg (22 lbs). 

What Age Can You Use a Tutti Bambini Up Until?

According to its website, Tutti Bambini’s CoZee Bedside Crib is suitable for your little one from birth to about six months. 

The CoZee should not be used when your child can sit, kneel, or pull themselves up, according to the user guide. At this stage, you should move your baby to another sleeping product. 

The maximum recommended weight for the CoZee is 9 kg (20 lbs).

What Is a SnuzPod?

Snüz is a baby brand, focusing specifically on sleeping products like cots, mattresses, beddings, and sleep aids. It’s the company behind the SnuzPod Bedside Crib, another popular option for bedside cribs. 

The SnuzPod frame is made with beech solid wood and plywood. With a new maximum height of 73 cm (28 in), the crib can fit into divan, ottoman, and framed bed bases. According to the SnuzPod website, this model fits more beds than any other traditional bedside crib.

Like the Tutti Bambini, the SnuzPod has a zippable mesh wall, different height settings, a tilt function, and storage space underneath. 

Here’s a key feature: the bassinet of the SnuzPod is removable. You can easily lift the bassinet and carry it from room to room. The SnuzPod doesn’t come with wheels, so this is an excellent addition for mobility purposes. 

As for assembly, the SnuzPod takes about 50 minutes to set up. All parts and tools are included in the package. The whole crib is about a meter long, half a meter wide, and weighs 11.5 kg (25 lbs).

You can get the SnuzPod Bedside Crib for a bit more than what you’d pay for a Tutti Bambini. SnuzPod also offers a bundle—the crib, a sleep aid, a mattress protector, and a pack of fitted sheets.

What Age Can You Use a SnuzPod Up Until?

Like the Tutti Bambini bedside crib, the SnuzPod is suitable for babies from birth up to their sixth month. 

The SnuzPod can carry a maximum recommended weight of 9 kg (20 lbs). 

Snuz suggests you use the SnuzPod only until your little one can sit up without assistance, at which point you should switch to a bigger cot. 

What Is the Difference Between a Tutti Bambini and a SnuzPod?

Before going into the differences, let’s take a moment to enumerate some of the similarities of these two well-reviewed products: they both have sturdy wooden frames, different height settings, a tilt function, storage space, and a beautiful contemporary design.

Both cribs have a dropdown side that can be put up to convert them into a standalone cot. These cribs are also advertised as having top-of-the-line mattress technology to ensure your little one’s safe and comfortable sleep. 

Here are some differences: 

  • Assembly. The Tutti Bambini can be set up within a minute, with no tools required. The SnuzPod takes 50 minutes to assemble with tools. 
  • Portability. Due to its easy fold-up function, the Tutti Bambini is easier to pack away for travel, whereas the SnuzPod is about a kilo and a half heavier and doesn’t fold flat. On the other hand, the SnuzPod has a removable lightweight bassinet. The Tutti Bambini’s bassinet is fixed in place, although the crib has castor wheels for convenient movement when necessary. 
  • Price. Both brands are on the expensive side. The SnuzPod is a little pricier than the Tutti Bambini, but this may not be a significant difference. 

What Are the Advantages of Using a Tutti Bambini?

Most people like Tutti Bambini’s fold-up function more than anything. The Tutti Bambini has gotten positive reviews for its sturdy solid wood frame, rocking function, and storage shelf underneath the crib. Parents also consider the different height settings and incline ability as a plus.

Easy-to-assemble products are always a good idea when you travel a lot, and they’re even better when you’re traveling with a baby (babies aren’t exactly light travelers!).

One other thing: The crib looks good, with its clean, contemporary design and cool colors, which all look lovely next to the wooden frame. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Tutti Bambini?

The Tutti Bambini leans toward the more expensive side, especially for something recommended to be used only for six months. 

Do consider that this crib is portable, which may eliminate the need for you to buy a separate travel cot. However, if you know you won’t be traveling much, this might not be that big of an advantage. 

Also, while many like the Tutti Bambini’s wooden frame, some said this makes the crib heavy. 

Other users also noticed that the crib can sometimes slightly tilt toward the bed. 

What Are the Advantages of Using a SnuzPod?

The removable bassinet feature is probably the SnuzPod’s primary advantage. You can’t wheel the crib around the house, but you can at least be sure that your baby is in a safe, comfortable mattress within your sight without having to carry the whole crib, or disassemble and set it up again in another room. 

SnuzPod’s maker also highlights its breathable mattress and mesh liner that offers great breathability and airflow. 

Like the Tutti Bambini, the SnuzPod has also been positively reviewed for its stylish design and easy-on-the-eye colors.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a SnuzPod?

The SnuzPod takes longer to assemble than the Tutti Bambini. Because it doesn’t simply fold up as the Tutti Bambini does, it’s more of a fixed piece in your bedroom rather than a dual-purpose home and travel cot. 

In relation to that, this wooden-frame crib isn’t exactly light at 11.5 kg (25 lbs). 

Others have also pointed out that cleaning the fabric parts of the crib will require disassembling the whole setup. 

Tutti Bambini vs. SnuzPod – Which Is Better?

When it’s a contest of two great products with several common features, any one person’s choice will ultimately boil down to preference, and it’s the same thing here. 

If you plan to go on a lot of weekend trips with your baby in tow, the Tutti Bambini’s portable bedside crib will save you luggage space and the amount you’d spend if you were to buy one specifically for travel. Parents on the go will appreciate this crib’s 60-second setup time. 

But if you just want something perfectly sturdy and reliable at home, with no intention of taking it apart every few days or weeks, the SnuzPod seems a worthy investment. A lot of parents have raved about its removable bassinet, so it doesn’t completely lose on the mobility front as long as that movement is kept inside the home.