Theraline The Perfect Pillow For Pregnancy & Nursing: Review

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Maternity pillows are probably going to be one of the bigger items (I say bigger but mostly just because they take up so much space!) when you find out you are pregnant. I started hunting for one for myself almost straight away, not because I needed it but because I wanted to make sure I was getting one I really wanted.

There are a vast majority of brands, own brands and styles of maternity pillows out there for a number of different uses and wow it can be overwhelming. This is one of the reasons I was glad I started my research early! After reading through a number of different “best on the market” articles I found a style I liked, now just to find the brand I wanted.

I finally stumbled upon the Theraline maternity pillow and decided that was the one for me! Here is my honest review of the pillow itself, things I loved and things I would change overall to help you decide if this pillow is right for you.

Who Are Theraline?

There are actually a couple of different pregnancy pillows available by Theraline but I went for the traditional long pillow that can be used as a backrest laying and sitting down, full-body snuggle thing and more.

Theraline is a German company that manufactures maternity and nursing pillows along with some other parenting items. They have been running since 1993 and are one of the leading brands in maternity and nursing pillows. They specialise in maternity and nursing pillows and have a small but mighty range available.

Pros Of Using The Theraline Pillow

I looked at different pregnancy pillows and found lots of different styles and quickly saw what I didn’t want which made finding what I actually wanted easier.

My main reasons for getting this pregnancy pillow was that it could be multi-functional from my using it during pregnancy to using it as a nursing pillow and then as a support for when the baby got older. I didn’t find many (if any) other maternity pillows able to offer that much in one product.

  • It is extremely versatile
  • You can use it for yourself, as a nursing pillow and then baby support
  • It has a cover you can take off and wash
  • You can buy replacement covers easily
  • if you like a firm and study fillow the bean bag filling is great for you!

Drawbacks Of Using The Theraline Pillow

My only drawback is that the filling of the bean bags aren’t always as soft and I found it hard to sleep on with my face (I am pretty fussy about what pillow I use so this could just be me!)

  • Not suitable if you want to sleep on your front as it doesn’t give you the support you need
  • Can be bulky especially if you think you only want a small wedge pillow between your legs
  • It can take up a little room in the bed so beware you may have to kick out your other half
  • While I enjoyed the sturdiness of the bean bag filling it wasn’t always the softest to sleep with

My Experience & Thoughts

I decided to get this style pillow as it was advertised as being useful for a number of things during pregnancy from sleeping to support for your bump and great for using while sitting etc.

I really wanted to save on buying more ‘stuff” so finding something that was both comfortable and useful for a number of things was key for me. What really caught my attention was the diversity of the pillow and being able to use it even when the baby was born.

It is shown and advertised as being able to use the pillow as a nursing pillow and sitting support for you baby which I loved as that saved me from having to buy a second pillow to do those jobs. Though the baby has not yet arrived, I am still really optimistic that this is going to work great for when the baby is here and we can use it between us for sleeping and support.

My first impressions of the pillow were great, I was pleased to see how it was packaged for delivery and how well it was protected as I was worried it would arrive in a box and kind of be covered in dust already.

Once unpackaging it, I was impressed with the overall feel of the fabric which was tough and woven so it was going to last a long time and be able to go through a lot before wearing out but still super soft and comfortable against my skin.

I was really pleased about this as I didn’t want to fabric to be irritating especially when will be sleeping with it and using it for a newborn baby. I also found that the removable cover made it easier to use it as if anything spilt on it, it could easily come off and be washed so I wasn’t worried or over protective about using it for any number of things.

The biggest highlight of the pillow for me was that it could be used in a number of ways, from different sleeping positions but also as a nursing pillow and a back support for when the baby arrives. This allowed me to take 2-3 products I would have wanted and possibly needed and put them into one. Which for me was great as space in our house is limited and I also don’t like to have too much ‘stuff’.

If you feel like this too this is a great reason to shop around and find a pillow with similar features to make the most of buying one product that does multiple things. You can buy a Theraline pillow here or visit for more details.