SnuzPod vs Moses Basket – Which Is Better?

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Are you expecting a new baby? If you are, you must be thinking about your baby’s first bed. You could choose between a SnuzPod crib and a Moses basket, but the big question is which is better? 

To decide between SnuzPod and Moses basket, consider your newborn baby’s comfort and your budget. SnuzPod cribs are more expensive than Moses baskets, but they are versatile and of high quality. Moses baskets are cheaper and cozy, but your baby can only use them for a short period. 

If you want to find the best sleep solution for your newborn baby, choose wisely. In this article, I’ll help you understand the difference between SnuzPod and Moses basket. I’ll also explain the advantages and disadvantages of both of them. 

What Is a SnuzPod?

A SnuzPod is a bedside crib designed for use by newborn babies. It’s made of solid wood, and it has a removable mesh bassinet for carrying the baby around the house. 

You can adjust the crib to the height of your bed to keep your baby close. There are also straps that you could attach to your bed to prevent the crib from moving. The side panel has a zip to let you access your baby easily as often as you wish. 

What Is a Moses Basket?

A Moses basket is a traditional, woven basket that newborn babies sleep in. It’s the kind of basket that kept Moses of the bible afloat in the river. 

These baskets are often made of sturdy materials like straw, reed, wicker, and palm. They have handles to carry the baby around. They’re usually ready to use as they come fully dressed. You could put the basket on the floor or buy a stand. You can choose from the different colors available. 

What Age Can A Snuzpod Be Used Until?

Your baby can use a Snuzpod until he is six months old. He could even use it for a longer time, depending on his growth rate. The Snuzpod crib is about one meter long and 49 cm wide. The crib is constructed using hardwood. The baby can use it until he reaches 22lbs (10kgs). 

What Age Can A Moses Basket Be Used Until?

Your baby can use a moses basket for three to four months.The length of a Moses basket is between 66cm and 75cm and it’s 28cm wide. Babies gain weight and height at different rates. Although the materials that make this basket are pretty strong, babies that use it should not weigh more than 19.8lbs (9kg). 

What Is the Difference Between SnuzPod and Moses Basket?

SnuzPod and Moses Basket are different in several ways. Below is a table showing some of the differences between the two.

SnuzPodMoses Basket
1 meter (39.4 in) long66cm – 75cm (26in – 30in)
Made from solid woodMade from reed, straw, or wicker
Costs about £180Costs £30 to £60
It has a mesh and a zip on one side.All the sides are high and padded.
Has a removable bassinet to carry your baby around the house.It has handles to help carry your baby everywhere.
The stand can be adjusted to the height of your bed.It doesn’t come with a stand but you can buy one.

What Are the Advantages of SnuzPod?

There are some advantages to having a SnuzPod as your baby’s first bed. They include:

You Can Bond With the Baby Without Getting Out of Your Bed

As mentioned earlier, you can adjust the size of a SnuzPod crib to the height of your bed. The crib also has a mesh material and a zip on one side. You can therefore see your baby through the mesh. 

If you want to hold, soothe, or feed your little one, you unzip the mesh and pull them to your bed. You can do all this while comfortably sitting on your bed. 

SnuzPod Regulates the Baby’s Temperature

The SnuzPod crib uses the NEW ComfortAir system. This system has: 

  • Extraordinary airflow vents 
  • Good base ventilation 
  • A mesh liner 

It, therefore, admits air to the baby’s skin and allows sweat to evaporate. Your baby’s temperature is thus regulated day and night. 

Your Baby Can Use the Crib for at Least Six Months

The SnuzPod crib is one meter (39.4 inches) long. It’s also sturdy because of its solid wood body.  So, your baby can sleep in it for six months or more. And you don’t have to worry about the safety of your little one. In addition, it has passed the recent Bedside Crib Safety Standard. 

Your Other Babies Can Use the Crib

The SnuzPod crib is a good investment because you can use it in the future. So, don’t worry when your baby outgrows it. Just store it away for those babies you might get in the future. Alternatively, you could sell it later to recoup some of the money you spent.

What Are the Disadvantages of SnuzPod?

There are also some disadvantages of a SnuzPod crib. They include: 

The Bassinet Is Not Ideal for Traveling

The SnuzPod crib has a bassinet which you can use to carry the baby around the house. However, the bassinet is a bit sturdy because it is made of solid wood. Therefore, it isn’t ideal for carrying the baby when you’re going out of the home. You’d have to look for a Moses basket or something else to ferry the baby in. 

It’s Not Easy To Rock the Baby

As mentioned earlier, the material used to make the Snuzpod crib is solid wood. This wood makes the crib a bit heavy to rock. It’s especially hard to rock when it’s tied to your bed. You may often have to hold the baby during the day or night to soothe them or rock them to sleep.

The Crib Is Not Compatible With All Beds

The SnuzPod crib is supposed to help you access your baby with ease. However, if your bed frame is broader than your mattress, the crib might not connect well to your bed. So, there’s a gap between the bed and the crib. You may have to kneel on your bed to pick up the baby. 

What Are the Advantages of Moses Basket?

There are several advantages of using a Moses basket. Below are some of them: 

Moses Basket Is Small and Cozy

A newborn baby needs a small and cozy bed for the first few months. It helps the baby adjust quickly to the new environment outside the womb. It should also make the baby feel secure and safe. The Moses basket provides the baby with all these advantages. 

The Basket Helps the Baby To Sleep Soundly

All the sides of Moses’ basket are high. They are also covered and well padded. Therefore, the basket minimizes all that noise around your little one. He can sleep peacefully and soundly even on those days when your house is really noisy. The baby is almost oblivious of any noise.

Baby Can Use It Day and Night

The Moses basket is easy to carry around the house. You can move your little one around the home or take him outside to catch some sunlight. You can therefore keep your little one close to you during the day. At night, the baby can also sleep in the basket in your room.

Moses Basket Is Ideal for Traveling

As stated earlier, the Moses basket design makes it easy to carry around. So, you could move your baby in it from the first day as you leave the hospital. You can also take your baby in it when going out of the house for a walk. Better still, it’s ideal for carrying your little one when traveling far. 

You Can Put It to Other Users After the Baby Outgrows It

Although your baby might outgrow the Moses basket in a short while, all is not lost. There are several things you could do with this basket. For instance, you could turn it into a cozy bed for your cat. You could also use it to store toys, books, or clothes. Alternatively, you could use it as a laundry basket.

What Are the Disadvantages of Moses Basket?

Moses baskets also have some disadvantages. They include:

They Don’t Always Come With a Stand

Some Moses baskets don’t come with a stand. So, you have to place the basket on the floor. If the floor is cold, the baby could feel cold. You also have to do some bending when putting the baby to sleep or picking him up. Pets like dogs and cats could disturb the baby when the basket is on the floor. 

The Baby Can Outgrow the Basket Quickly

Some babies outgrow the Moses basket within six weeks. It depends on how fast the baby is growing. The majority of the babies can’t use it by the time they reach three months. It means that you might have to look for a new bed for the baby sooner than you expected. 

SnuzPod vs. Moses Basket – Which Is Better?

There is no hard and fast rule when choosing between a SnuzPod and a Moses basket. What your baby needs is a bed where they can sleep comfortably and safely. They thus require a sleeping environment that is just right. The choice you make will therefore depend on your personal preference.