Shnuggle Baby Bath vs. Angelcare Baby Bath – Which Is Better?

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Shnuggle Baby Bath is an award-winning bestseller. Angelcare Baby Bath Support is equally popular. Choosing anything for babies often becomes an exercise in perplexity. Deciding on baby baths or supports is no different. So, which is better, Shnuggle Baby Bath or Angelcare?

The Shnuggle Baby Bath is better if a mini bathtub is preferred; Choose Angelcare if you need to bathe baby in an adult bathtub. Shnuggle’s small bucket-like tub is ideal for newborns up to 12 months. Angelcare is a mesh-like backrest support, not a tub, suitable for up to 6 months. 

Babies don’t have identical preferences, nor do parents. This comparative guide discusses everything you need to know to choose between Shnuggle Baby Bath with Plug and Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath.

What Is a Shnuggle Baby Bath?

Shnuggle Baby Bath is a small tub made of polypropylene. The design has quite a few cool and useful features, such as the bum bump at the bottom, a plug at the narrower end of the base, and a foam backrest for your baby’s comfort. Also, the tub has rubber feet for better floor grip.

The Shnuggle Baby Bath with Plug (available on Amazon) has a base 34 cm (13.38 inches) long and 25.5 cm (10.03 inches) wide. The mini bathtub’s height or depth is 35 cm (13.77 inches) on the taller backrest side. The other end is a tad shorter. Shnuggle weighs around 1.2 kg (2.64 lbs) and requires at least 2 litres (0.52 gal) of water.

You can increase the water level depending on the baby’s height and size. The bath is suitable for newborns up to younger toddlers unless they have outgrown the tub. Priced from £16.00 to £25.95, Shnuggle Baby Bath is available in grey, slate grey, rose, aqua, star, navy, and taupe.

What Is an Angelcare Baby Bath?

Angelcare Baby Bath is a lightweight plastic support with a mesh made of soft thermoplastic elastomer. You can place the Angelcare support inside an adult bathtub, rest your baby on the reclining mesh, and your hands are free to complete the mission.

Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath Support (available on Amazon) is 55 cm (21.65 inches) long and 35 cm (13.77 inches) wide. The taller end of the backrest is 23 cm (9.05 inches) high. The shorter end where your baby’s bum rests is barely a few inches. 

The thermoplastic elastomer mesh serving as the backrest can bear a maximum weight of 9 kg (19.84 lbs), designed for up to 6 months old babies.

Retailing for under £30, Angelcare Baby Bath Support is available in pink, aqua, and grey. The earlier pink seats or chairs had a lighter shade. Later versions have a brighter pink hue. All variants have the same price tag.  

What Is the Difference Between a Shnuggle Baby Bath & an Angelcare Baby Bath?

The difference between a Shnuggle Baby Bath and an Angelcare Baby Bath is the design, hence the utility. A Shnuggle Baby Bath is a tub to bathe your baby; Angelcare Baby Bath Support is essentially a mesh recliner where you rest your baby while bathing. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a complete head-to-head comparison of Shnuggle and Angelcare:

Attributes Shnuggle Baby Bath TubAngelcare Baby Bath Support
Price Inexpensive Entry-Level Variants£4-£2 >/= Shnuggle’s Top Variant
Warranty 1 Year1 Year
Baby’s Age Up to 12 Months & Smaller ToddlersUp to 6 Months
Design Practical Mini BathtubErgonomic
Function Standalone BathtubSupport/Mesh/Seat/Chair
Size Can Fit into a Bathtub or SinkRequires an Adult Bathtub
Materials PP or Polypropylene Frame with Foam Backrest and Rubber FeetPlastic Frame with TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer Mesh
Special FeaturesBum Bump and PlugWater Level Indicator and Hook
Weight CapacityUp to 12+ Months with No Stated Weight Threshold9 kg (19.84 lbs) for Support/Mini
11 kg (24.25 lbs) for Seat/Chair
Safety Non-Toxic Polypropylene
No BPA or Phthalate, 
No BBP, DBP, DEHP, or Latex

What Are the Advantages of Using an Angelcare Baby Bath?

Advantages of using an Angelcare Baby Bath Support include an open base, large apertures on the sides, and mesh that ensure effortless draining. There’s a built-in hook for easy storage and a water level indicator for optimum safety. Plus, the lightweight, ergonomic design makes for convenient use.

Other advantages are:

  • Ideal for newborns and babies yet to sit on their own.
  • Little wiggle room due to the cradling mesh, hence safer for super active babies.  
  • Plenty of room for parents while bathing their babies.
  • The soft mesh warms up swiftly as you fill the bathtub with tepid or hot water.
  • Easy to clean with a handheld shower. 
  • The plastic frame and soft mesh dry quickly.

In addition, Angelcare claims the material they use to make the support is mould-resistant.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using an Angelcare Baby Bath?

Disadvantages of using an Angelcare Baby Bath Support are that you can’t use it without a tub, and it requires heavy water use. It’s also difficult to give your baby holistic cleanses as the whole back rests on the mesh. Furthermore, the mesh isn’t ideal for babies capable of sitting.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Shnuggle Baby Bath?

The advantages of using a Shnuggle Baby Bath include the bum bump, a ridge that prevents babies from sliding down into the tub. Also, the foam backrest is comfortable and slightly warm to the touch. The self-contained enclosure minimizes water usage and can be used in any room, not just bathrooms.

Other advantages include:

  • Standalone bathtub for newborns until their toddler days.
  • Infants can lay back on the backrest.  
  • Slightly older babies with steady necks and heads can sit up.
  • The
  • The cooler plastic frame and base turn warm upon contact with tepid or hot water.
  • Compatible with stands so you can have an elevated baby bath.
  • Usable till a baby outgrows the bathtub’s size.

The plug is a handy feature, but you need to carry the Shnuggle baby tub to a bathroom or a sink to drain the water.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Shnuggle Baby Bath?

Disadvantages of using a Shnuggle Baby Bath include limited space, which is a problem for bigger infants and parents with large hands or arms. Also, infants who are a few days to weeks old may need some support and extra attention in the tub. 

Additionally, the confined water may get dirty, requiring you to refill, and the tub must be cleaned after each use.

Shnuggle Baby Bath vs. Angelcare Baby Bath – Which Is Better?

Shnuggle Baby Bath with Plug & Foam Backrest and Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath Support are premium-quality products and reliably durable. Both brands offer a 1-year warranty, but the distinct designs and different uses will determine which is better for you. 

Utility & Relevance

It is nearly impossible to generalise the utilitarian distinction of these two solutions because parents and babies have varying preferences. Some babies prefer a more upright posture. The Shnuggle will be suitable. Babies comfortable in a more laid-back position will be happy with the Angelcare mesh.

Many babies love to have their toys around during a bath. Baby bath toys are a whole segment as a result. The Shnuggle will keep the toys immediately around a baby. Moreover, older infants can sit with or without any support and have fun in the mini bathtub water.

Angelcare is tricky if you have a large bathtub and the toys float beyond the baby’s reach. Besides, an infant aged 6 months or younger is usually unable to reach out for toys while cradled in a mesh.

The only significant drawback of the Angelcare support is its relevance for only 6 months. The Shnuggle remains utilitarian for up to 1 year. Babies older than 1 year can still use the Shnuggle depending on their weight and growth.

Comfort & Convenience

Angelcare’s mesh and Shnuggle’s foam backrest are comfortable and warm when you use tepid or hot water. The plastic frames in both products get warm, too. However, Shnuggle’s compact enclosure may keep the water warmer for a while longer.

You can use the Shnuggle bathtub in any space other than your bathroom. The bathroom is not the warmest place, especially during the winter months. In this context, Shnuggle’s baby bathtub has the edge over Angelcare’s mesh support or seat.

On the flip side, Angelcare does not require you to fill up water in a separate vessel or container. You can place the support or seat inside the regular bathtub in your house. If you have a massive sink, the Angelcare can fit in there, too. Shnuggle demands a bit more effort unless you use it in the bathroom.

Shnuggle’s bathtub has a smaller base, so you may be able to fit it in a medium-sized sink. You may also get a stand and use the bathtub in your baby’s nursery. Furthermore, you can take the bathtub outside on a sunny day. Angelcare’s support doesn’t offer such liberty.

Individual Challenges

Superhuman babies growing rapidly may make the Angelcare mesh support redundant sooner than the expected 6 months. The Shnuggle should be useful for at least 1 year.

While the Angelcare support requires more water in the tub than the Shnuggle, the latter can get tedious if you need multiple refilling.

Also, if you are using the Shnuggle in a room or space with another child playing nearby, you must exercise caution not to let the bathtub wobble or trip over inadvertently. Angelcare is designed for use in the adult bathtub. Hence, you will be in a relatively controlled and separated space.

You may encounter other or no individual challenges depending on your circumstances. Parents should also consider their preferred or mastered bathing techniques while choosing between a Shnuggle and an Angelcare.