Next2Me Crib or Moses Basket – Which Is Better for You?

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There comes a time in one’s life when one becomes a parent, and the fun of shopping for new baby items begins. At some point, you may find yourself having to choose between a Next2Me crib and a Moses Basket. In such a case, it would help to consider your needs to pick the better option.

A Next2Me crib is generally better for you if you need a bed your baby can use longer, have more bedroom space, and don’t mind its higher price. On the other hand, a Moses Basket is better if you need a more portable and affordable bed and have less storage space.

Next2Me crib or Moses Basket – which should you choose? Read on for more insights into the differences between these two items, so you can decide which is best for your baby.

What Is a Next2Me Crib?

A Next2Me crib is a bassinet that attaches easily to the side of your bed, allowing you easy access to your new baby. Usually, this crib style has wheels on the bottom, so one can easily move it around without any problems.

The height of these cribs is often adjustable (optional), and many attach with clamps for easier installation.

Here’s a photo of a Next2Me Crib:

What Age Can You Use Next2Me Crib?

The general age range for Next2Me cribs is roughly from birth up until six months old. However, as soon as the baby can sit up unaided, it’s probably time to move them into a bigger crib.

That said, most babies will need to switch to a toddler bed as soon as 18 months (this could extend up to 3.5 years).

According to Healthline, here are some of the signs that your baby needs to transition from a crib to a toddler bed:

  • They can escape from the crib. This is a significant risk that you shouldn’t take. If your baby can crawl out of or climb over the crib, they need to be moved as soon as possible.
  • They’re over 35 in. (89 cm) tall. When your child can touch the top rail from standing up inside it, it’s time for a new bed
  • You’re potty training them. If your baby is already training, it’ll help to let them sleep in a toddler bed since it’s easier for them to go when nature calls.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Next2Me Crib?

Some of the advantages of using a Next2Me crib include better sleep for you and your baby, it’s comfortable and simple to assemble and use, and it lowers the risk of SIDs.

Let’s go over the many benefits of using this crib.

Better Sleep for You and Your Baby

You don’t have to worry about climbing out of bed to tend your baby each time they cry at night. This allows you more sleep and saves you from getting up multiple times during the night.

Besides, if you’re breastfeeding, it’s much easier to pick up your baby and feed them without getting out of bed.

The Crib Is Comfortable

Next2Me cribs are designed with extra padding. Therefore, they’re very comfortable for your child.

Besides, they feature mesh sides that are breathable. They won’t suffocate your baby even if they’re sleeping very close to the sides of the crib.

Since it’s at your bedside, you can quickly check on your child if they’re fussing, which allows you to sleep more soundly.

The Crib Is Simple To Assemble and Use

Next2Me cribs are pretty easy to assemble, even if you’re sleep-deprived. All you have to do is attach the crib at the side of your bed and tighten some screws so that it doesn’t move around during use.

However, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for the best results.

Creates a Stronger Bond Between Mother and Baby

Having your baby sleep next to you in the same bed is a good way for both of you to bond.

You can feed your baby whenever they’re hungry, easily play with them, caress them and even kiss their forehead during daytime naps since they’re easily within reach.

Lowers Risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

SIDS can occur when a baby suffocates because they aren’t breathing properly, so they need to be in an environment with plenty of fresh air.

A Next2Me crib allows plenty of air to circulate around your baby and provides a safe sleep environment.

Reassures You and Makes Your Child Feel Safe

You don’t have to worry about anything when you use a Next2Me crib.

Having your little one sleep beside you gives you peace of mind, especially if this is your first baby. You know what your child needs and can quickly check on them when they wake up at night. Your child will also feel more secure if they have their mother close.

The Crib Lasts Longer Than a Moses Basket

As this discussion thread highlights, a Next2Me crib will last for six to twelve months, while a Moses Basket typically lasts only three or four months.

Because of that, a Next2Me crib is a more cost-effective choice for most parents.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Next2Me Crib?

Some of the disadvantages of using a Next2Me crib include opening and closing the side part can be fiddly, it requires more space than a Moses Basket, and the straps don’t fit larger beds. 

Here’s a rundown of the disadvantages of using this crib:

Opening the Side of the Crib Can Be Fiddly

Some parents have found that opening and closing the side of a Nex2Me crib can be a bit fiddly.

Nevertheless, it takes only a few minutes to attach your Next2Me crib each day, which isn’t an insurmountable problem.

The Crib Requires More Space Than a Moses Basket

A Next2Me crib requires a little more space than a Moses Basket. This may be a problem when you only have a small bedroom.

However, it shouldn’t be too inconvenient if you use the crib only at night and during daytime naps.

It’s Harder for You To Get Out of Bed

If you want to get out of bed in the middle of the night, it’ll be slightly more difficult because the Next2Me crib is attached to your side of the mattress.

You’ll have to wake up and then move the baby so that you can climb over them. However, this inconvenience is still pretty minimal compared to other disadvantages such as never having enough sleep or potentially smothering your child by sleeping too closely together.

Babies May Find the Mattress Too Firm

Some parents have found the Next2Me crib mattress is too firm or hard for their baby’s comfort. 

If you notice your baby is uncomfortable sleeping in the Next2Me crib, it might help to get a softer mattress for the crib.

Generally, though, this can be a matter of personal preference, so it’s not that big of a deal in most cases.

The Straps Don’t Fit Larger Beds

The Next2Me crib straps that secure it to your bed aren’t long enough to go around the corner of larger beds.

This can lead to safety issues if the Next2Me crib moves when your baby is sleeping in it, so I advise checking if a crib will fit your bed before buying it.

What Is a Moses Basket?

A Moses Basket is a simple bed, typically made from wicker or fabric and designed to hold an infant. It was named after the Hebrew prophet Moses because of the basket he was placed in as a baby by his mother.

Unlike a Next2Me crib, a Moses Basket is portable and can easily be moved around the house.

What Age Can You Use Moses Basket?

A Moses Basket is typically used when a baby is between 0-4 months. Alternatively, if the baby weighs more than 9 kg (20 lbs), then it’s best to stop using the basket and move them to a cot.

Typically, here are four signs that show your baby has overgrown their Moses Basket:

  • They can turn themselves around using their arms.
  • They can sit up by themselves.
  • Their head is above the rim of the basket.
  • They are over 9 kgs (20 lbs).

What Are the Advantages of Using Moses Basket?

The main advantages of using a Moses Basket are its portability, it’s more affordable than a Next2Me crib, and it requires less space than a Next2Me crib.

Let’s go over these advantages in a little more detail.

The Crib Is Portable

A Moses Basket is portable, so you can carry it around the house. This makes it easier for you to look after your baby while they’re awake or if other family members want to take over. Additionally, they’re very light, which means you won’t struggle too much when moving them around the house.

It’s More Affordable Than A Next2Me Crib

A Next2Me crib will cost around £125 – £160, while you can get a Moses Basket for £33 – £109. However, remember that you can use a Next2Me crib for longer, so you get value for the extra cost.

It Requires Less Space Than A Next2Me Crib

A Moses Basket is a good choice if you have less space for your nursery. The smaller size of the baskets allows them to be easy storage solutions or alternatives in tight places like rooms and apartments, where Next2Me cribs may not fit well.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Moses Basket?

The primary disadvantages of using Moses Baskets are that your baby will only use them for up to four months, and they offer less room for the baby to play.

Let’s look at these disadvantages in a bit more detail.

Your Baby Will Only Use A Moses Basket For Up To 4 Months

Your baby can use a Next2Me crib for up to six months, but a Moses Basket is only great for babies between 0-4 months old. If you choose to use a Next2Me crib, then you can continue using it for longer.

There’s Less Room For The Baby To Play

A Next2Me crib has more room for your baby to play in, while Moses Baskets don’t have as much space. This is especially important for babies who learn to crawl and play with toys during the first few months of their lives. In general, Next2Me cribs provide babies more room to play and discover new things.

What Is the Difference Between a Moses Basket & Chicco Next2Me?

The main difference between a Moses Basket and a Chicco Next2Me is in the size and the overall design. While the former is a basic sleeping cot made from natural materials and fitted with beddings, the latter is a more complicated design with many moving parts.

Babies outgrow Moses Baskets within 2-4 months, depending on their weight, size, and activity level. A Chicco Next2Me can hold your child during sleep for up to six months.  

The design of the Moses Basket is a plain compartment for your child with removable beddings.

The Chicco Next2Me features a more intricate design, with additional built-in features to aid the crib’s versatility. 

Next2Me Crib or Moses Basket – Which Is Better for You?

A Moses Basket is a better pick overall if you need a simple, portable bed that doesn’t take up much space. In contrast, a Next2Me crib is the ideal option if you want your baby close to you as you sleep. Besides, a Next2Me crib is better if you want a bed your baby will use for a longer time. 

In a nutshell, here are the crucial factors to consider before settling on either a Moses Basket or a Next2Me crib:

The Bedroom Space Available and Portability

The amount of space available in your bedroom will be crucial in helping you decide on a Next2Me crib or Moses Basket. Consider how much space you’ll have for each kind of bed, and based on that, decide which one will work best for you.

In terms of portability, Moses Baskets are more portable than Next2Me cribs and can be moved around the house easily. If you’re looking for a bed that you can carry with you, then consider getting a Moses Basket.

The Baby’s Age

If your baby is a newborn, you can’t go wrong with either a Next2Me crib or a Moses Basket. Both are suitable options.

However, if your baby is over four months, it’s best to get a Next2Me crib rather than a Moses Basket because they’ll have outgrown the latter.


A Next2Me crib has a longer lifespan than a Moses Basket. In addition, Next2Me cribs have more room for your baby to play and grow.

In general, a Next2Me crib is the ideal choice if you want a bed that your baby will use for a long time.

However, if you’re in the market for a bed your baby will only use until they reach 4 months old, buying a Moses Basket would be better because it’s cheaper and smaller.

That said, this video provides additional insights into what to consider for when choosing your baby’s crib:

Here’s a table you can use as a reference guide when deciding between a Next2Me crib and a Moses Basket:

CriteriaChoose a Next2Me crib if:Choose a Moses Basket if:
Bedroom space availableYou have more space to accommodate the crib.You have limited space.
PortabilityYou don’t mind the portability of the crib.You need a portable bassinet.
Baby’s ageYour baby is a newborn or more than four months old.Your baby is under four months.
DurabilityYour baby is growing fast and you need a more durable option.You don’t mind durability.
PriceYour budget is not limited.You have a tight budget.