Mamas & Papas Ocarro vs. Egg – Which Is Better?

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You want the best, safest, and most comfortable pushchair when you take your wee one out for a stroll. The Mamas & Papas Ocarro and the BabyStyle Egg both get solid reviews and are comparably priced. So which pushchair is better? 

The Egg offers tandem options which make it a better choice for parents with twins. Those taking their pushchair on rough paths will find the Ocarro better suited for bumpy terrain. But both the Egg and Ocarro are excellent products that will not disappoint. 

This article will examine the Egg and Ocarro pushchairs and discuss their different strengths and weaknesses. Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Read on, and when you’re done, you’ll know all you need to know about two of the finest pushchairs you can buy. 

What Is A Mama’s And Papa’s Ocarro Ocarro?

From its start in 1981, Mamas & Papas has become one of the UK’s largest infant and child products retailers. Today Mamas & Papas products can be found throughout the world, and the Ocarro, released in October 2016, has become one of its most popular pushchairs.

The Ocarro is a full-featured stroller with smart chrome and leatherette highlights. The Ocarro is not only stylish, it’s built for use in challenging environments like cobblestone streets and park lanes.  

The Ocarro’s rugged frame rolls easily over kerbs, and its front wheel brake will help you get your pushchair safely down a steep hill. Its all-wheel suspension and large, puncture-proof tyres ensure your baby’s comfort even across bumpy terrain, while the reflective rims protect you on dark or foggy days.

The lie-back seat lets your little one sleep naturally, while the padded chest pads and head hugger give both protection and naptime cushioning. The Ocarro’s extendable hood shields out the sun, while the rain cover stored in a mesh pocket will protect your baby in the event of a sudden squall.

You can stow away your shopping in the Ocarro’s generously sized basket. But the front part of the basket is more difficult to access, and you will have to load and unload your items from the back.   

When you want to put your Ocarro away, you can do it one-handed. You don’t need to remove the seat; you simply undo a hook then flip the pushchair into a standing position. The Ocarro collapses to a size that will fit in most boots and has adjustable handlebars. Mamas & Papas even includes a handle so you can move the hefty 13.3 kg frame more easily.

The Ocarro may be a burden to lift. But when you are pushing it, the Ocarro feels light as a feather. That extra weight makes the Ocarro more stable and better able to withstand shocks, while the smoothly balanced suspension makes even abrupt turns buttery smooth. And the spacious shopping basket will hold a changing kit and several grocery bags.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 13.7kg
  • Compositions: Hood Outer 100% Polyester, Lining 100% polyester, Seat 100% Polyester
  • Partial customer assembly required
  • Care & Maintenance: Wipe Clean Only
  • Dimensions: L101 x W59 x H101cm, Folded: L78 x W59 x H40cm


  • Woven Grey
  • Navy Flannel
  • Walnut
  • Carbon
  • Special Colours: Calico, Cashmere, Onyx, Simply Luxe, Ocarro x Moon 

Ocarro Carrycot 

The L76 x W39 x H59cm carrycot comes with a mattress and machine-washable fitted cover and can be colour-coordinated with your pushchair. Wee bairns can travel (and sleep!) in comfort and style until they can sit up unaided, and the Ocarro carrycot fits directly to the chassis with no adapters needed. 

It may be a hard carry for some parents and caregivers. It is considerably wider than the Egg carrycot, and some complain it won’t fit in their boot. And the carrycot’s extra depth blocks out a good bit of the shopping basket, making store runs awkward. But that size can be a blessing for parents with a larger child. 

You can purchase the Ocarro carrycot separately or as part of a starter bundle that includes car seat adapters and a universal cup holder.

Ocarro Footmuff

On a damp, cold day, you want your baby to be warm. After reviewing the Mamas & Papas Ocarra Cold Weather Footmuff. They praised the footmuff’s cosy padding, soft fleece, and magnetic poppers. You’ll praise its stain, wind, and water resistance.  

The Ocarra’s multiway zipper opens quietly so you can keep your dozing bairn from overheating without waking them. The multiple harness holes ensure your fast-growing young one will get a proper fit in the pushchair. You can purchase the Ocarro footmuff separately or as part of a six-piece bundle that includes a changing bag and everything found in the starter bundle. 

Ocarro Car Seat

Mamas & Papas provides a helpful guide to car seats on its website and sells car seats from most leading UK brands. The adapters in the Ocarro starter bundle have been tested with the following infant carriers:

  • Aton
  • CYBEX 
  • Aton Q
  • Maxi-Cosi Pebble
  • Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix 
  • BeSafe iZi Go  

Mamas & Papas has several bundles that include tried and tested car seats. Buying these bundles ensures that your car seat is a proper fit for your Ocarro. 

What Is A BabyStyle Egg?

In 1999 BabyStyle released a pushchair with curved, sweeping lines that looked radically different from anything else on the market. That pushchair, the Egg, has become BabyStyle’s hallmark brand. 

Often imitated but never duplicated, the Egg scooter is the pushchair of choice for style-conscious parents who want their baby gear to perform well and look fabulous. 

Egg recently upgraded its classic Egg scooter. The new Egg is a tiny bit longer and wider than the previous edition. Still, almost all classic Egg accessories will fit comfortably in the new Egg, and BabyStyle continues to support classic Egg owners. 

Unlike the Ocarro, the Egg is expandable. If you have twins, the Egg2 Tandem Adaptors will let you double up in six approved combinations. You can place a seat unit, car seat, or carrycot in the upper position, facing forward or parent facing as you prefer. You can do the same with the lower position. If your pushchair needs room for two, the Egg wins the competition by default. 

The revamped Egg has a slightly higher chassis than the previous model. This higher position gives you a better view of your infant and makes it easier to check a nappy or soothe away a fuss. And the recline options let you get your child into the position they favour for snoozing. 

Though BabyStyle’s website promises a “one-hand fold,” in practice getting the Egg folded requires engaging the parking brake, unlocking the front wheels, and removing the seat. This is considerably more involved than storing an Ocarro. And at 15.2 kg, the Egg is even heavier than the 13.3kg Ocarro.  

You can, however, pop the Egg’s wheels on and off easily. When you must keep your pushchair in a small space, this may prove very useful. With wheels out, the folded Egg chassis is a mere H69 x W50 x D30.5cm. 

The Egg’s 21-litre shopping basket is sizable enough for several bags of groceries. While you can only access items from the back of your Ocarro basket, the Egg lets you get things out from the front as well. When you need your changing bag immediately, the Egg gives you easy access no matter where you are sitting. 

Like the Ocarro, the Egg has puncture-proof front and rear wheels and can handle most kerbs and small obstacles. But if you are going to be spending a lot of time driving your infant along rustic trails or pea gravel roads, the Ocarro’s dual suspension will make the experience more pleasant for you and your wee one. 

Product Specifications

  • Stroller Weight: 15.5kg
  • Partial customer assembly required
  • Care & Maintenance: Sponge Clean Only
  • Dimensions: H113 x W59 x L84.5–96cm; H71 x W59 x L32cm (Folded)


  • Feather 
  • Monument Grey
  • Olive
  • Paprika
  • Cobalt
  • Quartz
  • Special Editions: Jurassic Grey, Diamond Black, Just Black

Egg Carrycot

When a stroll is the only thing that will put your wee one to sleep, the Egg carrycot will provide the environment they need for a good slumber. And if you need some rest afterwards, the carrycot will serve on occasion for overnight sleeping. 

The Egg carrycot has interior measurements of L80 x W42 x D17cm and is suitable from birth to 9kg. While the Egg’s carrycot is not as deep as the Ocarro’s, it has similar interior dimensions. And the shallower depth means that, unlike the Ocarro, the Egg’s carrycot does not block off the grocery basket. 

Egg Footmuff

The Egg footmuff has a soft plush lining and a well-styled exterior. It’ll keep your bundle of joy warmly bundled when the first frost comes. You can bring the footmuff’s pull-down front up to keep your child warm on especially cold days. 

Egg footmuffs can be colour-matched to your scooter and attached via the 5-point safety harness. Their zip front lets you lift your baby in and out of the footmuff. Be advised that some parents have noted the footmuff and seat liner don’t play well together.

Egg Car Seat 

BabyStyle has its own car seat designed especially for the Egg, the cleverly titled Egg Shell. The Shell has side-impact protection and padding, which gives newborns muscle support while travelling. You can remove this padding as your baby grows, making the Shell suitable for children up to 13kg.

Egg’s multi-car seat adapters will also let you use your Egg stroller with other popular car seat brands. Here are the car seats tested and approved by Egg. (Italics indicate this seat can’t be used in tandem mode. 

  • Britax Römer Baby-Safe 3 i-Size
  • Britax Römer Baby-Safe iSense
  • Cybex Aton Q
  • Cybex Cloud Q
  • Cybex Cloud Z
  • Maxi Cosi CabrioFix
  • Maxi Cosi Pebble, Plus and Pro
  • Maxi Cosi Marble
  • Maxi Cosi Coral
  • Maxi Cosi Tinca
  • Recaro Previa
  • BeSafe Izi go
  • BeSafe Izi go Modular

What Age Can an Ocarro Be Used Until?

Mamas & Papas state the Ocarro is suitable for children up to 22kg or four years of age. An Ocarro’s sturdy frame can handle the extra weight and the seat is broad enough for a strapping toddler.  

An Ocarro is a sizable investment, but one that will last until your baby no longer needs a stroller. 

What Age Can a BabyStyle Egg Be Used Until?

The Egg is suitable for children up to a maximum weight of 25kg. In tandem mode, the Egg can hold up to 15kg per seat. 

In practice, the Egg’s cradling lines might prove to confine for a larger child. Your toddler might feel more secure accompanying their new sibling on Egg’s wheeled ride-on board. 

What is the Difference Between an Ocarro and an Egg?

The biggest difference between the Ocarro and the Egg is their appearance. The Egg’s distinctive curved design sets it apart from Ocarro’s more conservative style. Appearances aside, the Ocarro and Egg are both superb pushchairs produced by well-respected companies. 

Both firms started as importers: Mamas & Papas brought in nursery goods from Italy while BabyStyle shipped strollers from Sweden. And both became industry leaders thanks to their fashionable and functional design. 

The Ocarro and Egg pushchairs are both parts of a travel system that includes carrycots, car seats, and other accessories. You can use them as pushchairs or add items to suit your needs. And both pushchairs have excellent manoeuvrability on different sorts of terrain.

Though they may look different, the Ocarro and Egg share much in common. Let’s take a closer look at both to see what sets each apart from the other. 

ٌWhat Are The Advantages of Mama’s And Papa’s Ocarro? 

Because Mamas & Papas has shops across the UK, you will have an easy time finding service should something go wrong with your Ocarro.  Mamas & Papas has a high reputation for its customer service and for standing behind its products.

The Ocarro is a sizable pushchair with room for a child and groceries. But despite its healthy size the Ocarro can be folded with one hand and stored away in a comparatively tiny space.

ٌWhat Are The Disadvantages of Mama’s And Papa’s Ocarro? 

The Ocarro is built to handle rugged terrain and hard use. But that means it is considerably heavier than many pushchairs. If you want a tandem stroller the Ocarro will not work for you. It is a wonderful chair for one baby, but you cannot make it a pushchair for two. 

What Are The Advantages of BabyStyle Egg? 

The Egg’s stylish design will turn heads wherever you go. But the Egg is more than just a beautiful pushchair. BabyStyle’s designers include lots of extra details like removable wheels that let you store a large carriage in a small space. 

The Egg also has tandem adapters which offer six different ways to turn your Egg into a double carriage. 

ٌWhat Are The Disadvantages of BabyStyle Egg? 

The Egg is more difficult to fold than the Ocarro and is even heavier. And though it will provide you with a smooth ride in most circumstances, the Egg is less suited to the roughest terrain than the Ocarro. 

Ocarro vs Egg – Which Is Better?

The Ocarro and the Egg are both excellent pushchairs that will keep your baby safe and comfortable in almost any situation. There are only a few situations where one stands out over the other.

  • If you have twins, the Egg’s optional tandem adapters will let you walk two babies in one carriage. This isn’t possible with an Ocarro, so the Egg isn’t just the best choice for tandem strolling; it’s the only one. 
  • If you frequently take your pushchair on difficult terrain, the Ocarro will be a better choice for you. While both the Ocarro and Egg receive high marks for maneuverability, the Ocarro’s dual suspension makes it more suited to travel on rough paths. 
  • If your car has a small boot and you are using a carrycot, you may find the Egg a better fit than the Ocarro’s larger and bulkier carrycot. And the Egg’s removable wheels make it even easier to store in a tight space.  
  • If you’re looking for a lightweight pushchair, you may want to expand your search to other models. The Ocarro and Egg are built for durability, and that comes at a cost in weight. The Mamas & Papas Armadillo is 4 kilos lighter than the Ocarro, and the BabyStyle Oyster comes in 3.75kg under the weight of the Egg.