Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro VS iCandy Peach – Which Is Better?

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You want to go for a walk, but your little one is just too heavy to carry comfortably. Or perhaps you have other items, such as bottles and toys, that you need to bring with you as well. Maybe it’s just one of those days when a sling simply won’t do.

Mama’s And Papa’s Ocarro is a perfect blend of style and features for those who enjoy accessories and comfort at a moderate price. But for those who prefer luxury and simplicity, the iCandy Peach may be more worth the investment.

In this article, we’ll compare the Mama’s And Papa’s Ocarro and the iCandy Peach, two of the most popular baby strollers around. We will examine each product for its cost, average ratings, features, and functionality. By the end of this article, you should have all the information you need to decide between the two.

What Is a Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro?

The Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro pushchair has a rustic, homely feel. It comes with accessories such as umbrellas and extra storage, which are intended to make caring for your little one even more manageable. They’re perfect for parents who like to bring their little ones outdoors.

The company has designed several pushchairs, including the Ocarro series, and other parenting products that appeal mainly to rural and suburban parents of newborns. 

What Is an iCandy Peach?

The iCandy Peach has a modern, chic look that turns heads. With black and white fabrics encased in chrome finish, this stroller was designed with extraordinary care and style in mind.

iCandy specializes in luxury strollers and is a firm believer in quality over quantity.

What Age Can a Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro Be Used Until?

The Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro can be used until age four, at best. Specifications for these prams clarify that they can safely accommodate up to 15 kg (33.06 lbs) — approximately four years old. 

Weight varies from individual to individual, so there’s no hard age up to which you can carry your child in an Ocarro stroller. They may grow faster or slower than others or be naturally bigger or smaller than others. This will affect how long you can carry them in your stroller, so take the estimation of four years old as just that: an estimation.

What Age Can an iCandy Peach Stroller Be Used Until?

The iCandy Peach can be used to accommodate up to 25 kg (55.11 lbs). On average, children reach this age around six years old, but some get to this weight as late as ten years old. This provides you with plenty of extra wiggle room for fast-growers.

What Is the Difference Between Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro and iCandy Peach?

They’re both luxurious, all-terrain, British-born, and highly rated. So what’s the difference between the Ocarro and iCandy Peach? 

The Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro differs from the iCandy Peach because it carries several accessories. Additionally, the iCandy Peach is about 100 pounds pricier than the Ocarro despite a limited accessories catalog. However, the iCandy Peach has more space and can carry more weight.

So while the two are pretty similar, they’re not the same.

What Are the Advantages of Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro?

As one of the most popular prams out there, Mama’s And Papa’s has undoubtedly done something right with their Ocarro series. How else would their pushchair earn an average user rating above 4.5 stars?

Advantages of the Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro include comfortable seats, adjustable features, and numerous add-ons. In addition, they have a natural feel and appearance. Perhaps most importantly, they offer convenience and safety. 

Comfortable Seats and Adjustable Features

It seems they thought about both children’s and parents’ comfort with this product. With soft, plush seats, little ones often fall asleep in this stroller. And with the option of a mesh covering, you can take your baby out on sunny days without cutting off their view of the world.

Additionally, the seat can be placed to face both forward and backward. This means parents have the flexibility to either interact with their child or let them enjoy the scenery nearby. 

As a bonus, the handlebars themselves are adjustable. So whether you’re 150 cm (59.05 in) tall or 195 cm (76.77 in) tall, you can comfortably push the stroller along.

Numerous Add-Ons Make Your Stroll Even Smoother

In addition to a mesh sun cover, you can purchase several other add-ons with your pushchair that can give you extra storage, keep your baby warm, and enhance their safety when in the car:

  • Carrycot: Includes a soft apron and mattress to keep your baby from getting fussy.
  • Car seat: The car seat comes with additional protection from side collisions.
  • Adapters: Can’t use the car seat without these! They’re intuitive and stress-free to clip in.
  • Cupholder: Whether it’s a morning cuppa or an extra bottle of formula, having an accessible place specifically for a liquid container frees up your hands.
  • Parasol: Not only will this protect your little one’s skin from the sun, but it will also shield them from rain and other elements.
  • Warm sheepskin accessories: These accessories will keep your baby warm, namely mitts, footmuffs, and a liner. They’re adjustable, so you can keep using them even as your baby grows.
  • Changing bag: With lots of storage and several ways to comfortably carry it, you’ll be able to bring along any supplies you need without overloading your pram.

These items can either be bought separately or as part of a pushchair kit.

Convenient for Those on the Go

Not only can you fold the entire stroller together—seat included—but this pram takes up less room than you would anticipate. You can easily dismantle and stuff it into the trunk of a small car.

Natural Feel and Appearance

This pushchair comes in several earthy colors, including sage green and light beige, and boasts a laid-back, cozy demeanor. Additionally, its handlebars come in wooden and bronze tones.

Two-in-One: Room for Shopping Bags

The storage doesn’t stop with the changing bag. The Ocarro series also comes with additional room for grocery and other shopping bags. As such, this stroller will save you the hassle of maneuvering both a pram and a separate shopping cart at the same time.


Your baby doesn’t only need protection in their car seat—they also need protection on the sidewalk. As such, the Ocarro series comes with reflective wheels that let cars see your stroller during dark hours. You won’t have to postpone or cancel your stroll just because the sun has set (or, for you early birds, hasn’t risen yet).

What Are the Disadvantages of Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro

Disadvantages of the Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro include plastic wheels and a hefty price tag. Even superior products come with downsides. Luckily, though, they generally aren’t severe enough to warrant avoiding it as an option.

Plastic Wheels Might Make for a Rough Ride

Opinions are contradictory here. Some have qualmed that the stroller’s plastic wheels stick to gravel and other debris on the path, making the stroll anything but smooth.

Others, though, have said the ride was smoother than most other prams. Given the generally stellar reviews, this likely isn’t a huge deal.

Baby Exposed at Fully Reclined Position

When laying flat, the stroller’s seat remains somewhat exposed, which can spell trouble for babies’ sensitive skin. However, with the availability of parasols and mesh covers, you should be able to fix this quite easily.

Pricier Than Other Prams

Unfortunately, higher quality often means a higher cost. It may be difficult for those on a tighter budget to purchase this pram, whose cheapest model cashes in at around 900 pounds.

An 11-piece kit costs around 1,550 pounds, though buying all the accessories separately would increase that to nearly 2,000 pounds. Price will likely be the largest obstacle, but for many, it will be worthwhile.

What Are the Advantages of the iCandy Peach?

The iCandy Peach has advantages ranging from a larger capacity to sleek style, that may make it worth your while. This is a spacious and comfortable option that holds more weight than other strollers, and the company offers flexible payment options.

iCandy Strollers Are Spacious and Comfortable

As a luxury brand with so few products, iCandy makes up for its lack of quantity with an emphasis on quality. From a spacious seat to flexible payment options, you’ll enjoy this pushchair for many reasons. But mostly luxurious style.

They Have a Higher Capacity Than the Ocarro

Just like the Ocarro, the iCandy Peach comes with additional space for shopping bags. The built-in shopping cart can carry up to 10 kg (22.04 lbs) of weight, and the seat can carry children up to 25 kg (55.11 lbs).

iCandy Peach Pushchair

On the other hand, the Ocarro can only carry children up to 15 kg (33.06 lbs) and has a smaller seat.

“Buy-Now, Pay-Later” Payment Plan Available

As much as you adore your little one, paying hundreds of pounds out of pocket can be difficult. iCandy allows customers to request an interest-free payment plan so that they can enjoy the pram without feeling stripped.

What Are the Disadvantages of iCandy Peach?

The disadvantages of the iCandy Peach are in terms of logistics and price. Though luxurious and highly rated, it has fewer available accessories, which is a double blow considering how much you pay. In addition, it can be a bit difficult to fold and carry around. 

Difficult To Fold and Carry

iCandy Peach may look lovely, but for those in a time crunch, it can be frustrating. One of the most common complaints about this particular pram is how difficult it is to set up and take down.

If you don’t mind a little extra work or if you’re in no rush, though, this may not be a big deal for you.

iCandy Is Still Quite Expensive

iCandy’s cheapest pram cashes in at around 1,000 pounds. And, for their most expensive pram—the iCandy Peach Blossom Twin, made for parents with two little ones—you’ll have to fork out over 1,300 quid. Even though you can pay over time, finding the money for such an expensive stroller may still be quite challenging.

Fewer Available Accessories

iCandy Peach comes with a bassinet, carrycot, and rain cover. You can also purchase a separate parasol for about 44 quid. However, it does not come with mitts and footmuffs, a mesh cover, a cup holder, or a changing bag. These items are also not currently available on the website as of October 2021. So you’ll spend about 100 extra quid for fewer items.

Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro vs iCandy Peach – Which Is Better?

The Mama’s And Papa’s Ocarro is better as the more accessible, flexible choice when considering the price, the number of features, and overall usability. However, the iCandy Peach Stroller may be better based on your priorities, budget, and lifestyle. 

More expensive than the average pushchair, both the Ocarro and iCandy Peach fall into the spectrum of luxury strollers.

For those willing to pay more, though, there are a few considerations to make:

  • How many accessories do I want? Do you want a pram that includes additions like a changing bag and warm mittens? Or do you prefer a simpler, pragmatic stroller with less stuff to worry about?
  • How long do I want to use my pram? If you want the flexibility to push around your little one for more than a couple of years, or if you just like the idea of having extra space for your baby, then an iCandy would be an attractive option. 
  • How much room do I need? Will you be shopping with your baby quite often, or will you mainly be strolling around the neighborhood? Do you need a bag to carry baby supplies in, or will a simple pocket suffice? If you need additional storage, the Ocarro may be a better option. If you find extra storage quite cumbersome, however, the iCandy Peach is more ideal.
  • How much can I extend my budget? If both options appeal to you, then consider how much you’re willing to spend. One hundred pounds could be just out of your comfort zone, or it could be no big deal. If cost matters a lot, you may be better off with the Ocarro (or with a cheaper pram altogether). 
  • Where will I be using the stroller? Both the Ocarro and iCandy Peach are all-terrain, meaning you can take them on dirt, pavement, grass, and everything in between. But besides going for walks, where will you use the stroller? The grocery store, work, or running several errands? Will you need to fold up and drive the stroller around, or will you only need to access it from home?

Both prams are great for those seeking comfort and good looks. Consider your preferences and compare them with each stroller’s features to determine which is best for you.


The Mama’s And Papa’s Ocarro series is great for those on the go who like additional features. It carries less weight and, despite riding a bit unsmoothly, it’s an overall fantastic choice for most lifestyles.

The iCandy’s Peach stroller is a bit more expensive and comes with fewer items, but it’s perfect for parents who enjoy the sleeker, more straightforward concept. Additionally, you can opt to pay for the stroller over time rather than all at once, which alleviates the stress of seeking out cash sources.

Ultimately, which pram works best for your family is up to you!