Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro vs Flip XT3 – Which Is Better?

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Walking around while your baby is lying safely and happily in a stroller can be a priceless experience for every parent, provided that the pushchair offers a nice, smooth ride. Ocarro and Flip XT3 are two great pushchairs by the well-known brand, Mama’s and Papa’s; but you may wonder which one is better?

Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro can be a better choice although each one has strengths and weaknesses. It’s super sturdy but also compact when folded. Besides, it can be used on different terrains. The ride is very smooth and the push is effortless. You can use the pushchair until your baby is 4 years old. 

Read on to learn more about these amazing pushchairs. We’ll review each in detail and go through the pros and cons to help you make a smart choice according to your needs and expectations. 

What Is Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro?

The Mamas And Papas Ocarro is the signature product of the Mama’s And Papa’s pushchair line and comes in 4 different formats to purchase.

  • Only the pushchair.
  • The 4-piece Starter Kit: a pushchair (with rain cover), carrycot, adaptors, and a cup holder.
  • The 6-piece Essentials Kit: a footmuff and a changing bag in addition to the starter kit parts.
  • The 8-piece Complete Kit: the Essentials Kits parts with the addition of CYBEX Aton M car seat and an ISOFIX base.

According to Mama’s and papa’s advertisements, Ocarro is a suitable pushchair for parks, city, and also rough off-road paths. Its seat not only can face forward but also toward the parent. Besides, you can attach a separate carrycot to it.

What Is Flip XT3?

The Mamas And Papas Flip XT3 is also one of the best Mamas & Papas pushchairs. It is gorgeous and well-designed, and just like Ocarro, it comes in 4 formats for different budgets and needs:

  • Only the pushchair.
  • The 4-piece Starter Kit: a pushchair (with rain cover), carrycot, adapters, and a cup holder.
  • The 6-piece Essentials Kit: a footmuff and a changing bag in addition to the above.
  • The 8-piece Complete Kit: the Essentials Kit with the addition of Cybex Aton 5 car seat and an Isofix base.

Despite the Flip XT3’s delicate design, it’s absolutely robust, especially during city rides. The seat is well-padded, and its generous hood provides shade and privacy for your baby.

The adjustable handlebar and leg rest are also great features of Mama’s and Papa’s Flip XT3.

What Age Can a Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro Be Used Until?

The Ocarro’s seat mattress is comfortable and has an option to lie completely flat. So, you can use it from the child’s birth. You can also attach the carrycot to the Ocarro. What’s more, you can use the Ocarro until your baby is aged 3 or 4—as long as he doesn’t weigh more than 22 kg (48.50 lbs). 

What Age Can a Flip xt3 Be Used Until?

The seat unit of the Flip XT3 pushchair can lie completely flat, which makes it great for newborn babies. Besides, you can get a carrycot for newborns to lie down comfortably. The pushchair’s seat is totally fine for babies from birth until they weigh around 15 kg or 33.06 lbs (almost 3 years old).

A great thing about the Flip XT3 is that the seat is longer than average seat units, making it comfortable for larger babies.

What Is the Difference Between Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro and Flip Xt3?

Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro and Flip XT3 are similar in many ways. They’re both stylish, well-hooded, and sturdy. However, you can find a few notable differences between the two.

The first difference is their weight, and Flip XT3 is about 2 kg (4.40 lbs) lighter than Ocarro. Another difference is their size. The Flip XT3 is a bit smaller than the Ocarro. 

Here are their exact dimensions: 

  • Ocarro: 110 x 58 x 96 cm (43.30 x 22.83 x 37.79 in) and 37 x 58 x 76 cm (14.56 x 22.83 x 29.92 in) in folded mode.
  • Flip XT3: 100× 59× 96 cm (39.37 x 23.22 x 37.79 in)  and 36 x 59 x 73.5 cm (14.17 x 23.22 x 28.93 in) in folded mode.

The difference between numbers may seem insignificant, but in reality, Flip XT3’s more delicate design is noticeable.

Besides, Flip XT3 can hold up to 15 kg (33.06 lbs) thanks to its delicate design, but Ocarro is sturdier and can bear up to 22 kg (48.50 lbs).

Another significant difference between the two pushchairs is their wheels. While the Flip XT3’s wheels are made of solid rubber, the Ocarro’s are plasticky.

Price is also a noticeable difference between them. Ocarro’s price is about £800 while the Flip XT3 costs around £600.

What Are the Advantages of Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro?


The first outstanding thing about Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro is its eye-catching look. It’s so stylish that it makes you feel like you’re riding a luxurious pushchair. The frames are sturdy, the seat is excellently padded, the bumper bar and leatherette feel nice, and the hood looks great.

Great Fold

Unlike most pushchairs, Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro folds easily with one hand and gets into a compact form. And guess what, the seat is still attached, in either direction, while you fold it!

As a Parent, you may need to travel by plane or train, and the one-handed folding of the Ocarro pushchair makes it easy for you to fold or unfold it while handling your luggage. It also folds in one piece, and there’s no need to detach some parts. 


Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro is super easy to piece together, and it’s almost intuitive. You will not even need to look at the instructions, and it takes only about ten minutes to put it together. 

Once you get the hang of it, everything seems so easy-peasy. Most parents know how to set it up at their first encounter and they’ll be fine with it. 

Smooth Ride and Easy Push

One of the most significant advantages of Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro is the smooth and pleasant ride that won’t disturb your little one’s sleep, which they do a lot on this comfortable pushchair.

This fantastic pushchair has stood the test of time. You can ride Ocarro on a variety of terrains, from pavements, asphalt, and concrete in cities or parks, to rougher paths like dirt roads. 

Pushing Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro is also nice and easy, and parents can lock the front wheels to help it get steadier on rocky roads. Its chunky wheels can tolerate various terrains. 

Big Shopping Basket

As a busy parent with lots of errands to run, love this option. Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro has a large shopping basket that enables them to carry plenty of stuff when shopping with their babies. Besides, the shopping basket has elastic sides, so you can always find space to add more things.

Lie-Flat Seat

The lie-flat seat is a great advantage that makes the seat even more comfortable for babies. Unlike other pushchairs that just tilt back and not further, you can make the seat completely flat when your baby falls asleep on the Ocarro pushchair.

Besides, this lie-flat seat is great for newborn babies, and you probably won’t need to get a carrycot for the pushchair.

Great Hood

Ocarro’s hood is one of its strengths. Not only is it graceful, but it also opens and pushes back effortlessly.

Its hood is made of polyester and cotton and protects your baby from the sun or even rain. Besides, there’s a zipper on the hood’s edge that you can unzip to be sure that the sun won’t bother your loved one. 

There’s also a window on it that allows you to see the baby’s head while walking. During hot days, you can use the vent panel and ensure proper ventilation.

Other Clever Options

You see many clever touches on Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro that are definitely the result of thoughtful design and countless hours of dedicated work. 

For example, you can hang your change bag from the handle using the catches on it; or hang toys from the loop inside the hood.

What’s more, you’ll find a strap on the handle that you can wrap around your wrist while walking down steep terrains. If you get stuck, you can see a schematic of the steps to fold the pushchair on the strap.

What Are the Disadvantages of Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro?

Plastic Wheels

Well, this can’t be exactly a disadvantage, but most parents get disappointed at first sight when they see their pushchair’s wheels are plastic. Yes, the Ocarro comes with plastic wheels rather than rubber.

While it can be a real turn-off to see, once you start riding it around, you’ll totally forget about them. These wheels work as well as their rubber counterparts.

Heavy Weight

Another disadvantage of Ocarro is its relatively heavy weight. It weighs 13.3 kg (29.32 lbs), which makes it a bit heavy for a pushchair, especially when it folds, and you want to lift it up with one hand to put in the car boot.

However, it’s not so heavy that you need help lifting it. If you still feel it’s heavy to raise, you can take off the seat unit and lift the chassis and seat separately.

Hard Access to Shopping Basket

Ocarro’s seat is well-positioned; so, you can easily access the shopping basket under it, and there’s no problem. 

But when you attach the carrycot, you’ll notice how low it is and access to the shopping bag would be difficult – if not impossible.

Sticky Brakes

The Ocarro’s brakes can be a bit stiff to unlock, and there’s also a slight delay between its release and wheel movement. Besides, using brakes while you’re wearing sandals can be a bit tricky.  

What Are the Advantages of Flip Xt3?

Chic Look

Nobody can ignore the chic look of Flip XT3. From shimmering pops of color to leatherette features, its design is super classy and has the wow factor. You can see graceful details almost everywhere.

Besides, the pushchair design is compact, whether in the folded or unfolded state. And the good news is you can fold it only with one hand.


One of the great features of Mama’s and Papa’s Flip XT3 is its low weight. It weighs about 11.3 kg (24.91 lbs), which makes it a reasonably lightweight pushchair among prams. You can easily lift it when folded and put it in the car – no assistance needed! 

Easy To Fold and Recline With One Hand

Mama’s and Papa’s Flip XT3 offers a one-handed folding feature, meaning you can fold or unfold the pushchair with one hand, which can be quite a convenience for parents.

It gets pretty compact when you fold it, and you can do this while the seat unit is still attached, no matter what direction it faces. A robust clip keeps the folded pushchair steady, and a handle allows you to carry it around easily. 

Large Hood

Another great feature of Mama’s and Papa’s Flip XT3 is the large hood that you can extend to provide more shade for your loved one. There’s also a peekaboo window on the hood and a vent for better airflow on hot days. 

Smooth Ride

Riding the Flip XT3 is a pleasant experience, especially on smooth surfaces. It doesn’t need a lot of effort, and you can handle it even with one hand. 

However, on rough off-road terrains like grass, sandy paths, or dirt tracks, the ride can be bumpy and unpleasant for your baby.

As advertised in the first place, Mama’s and Papa’s Flip XT is designed for city rides, not off-road adventures.

Spacious Shopping Basket

Its shopping basket is one of Flip XT’s strong points. It’s big enough to hold a lot of stuff, including nappy packaging, and is positioned well to access it easily.

However, it can only hold up to 3 kg (6.61 lbs), so be careful about the weight of stuff you put inside of it.

Rubber Wheels

The Mama and Papa’s Flip XT3 features sleek, solid rubber wheels that won’t puncture. The front wheels are adjustable, and you can remove the big rear wheels to make the pushchair more compact when folded.

There’s also a silver trim around its wheels that not only makes it beautiful but is also reflective and provides more safety for your baby in dark hours.

What Are the Disadvantages of Flip Xt3?

Awkward Unfolding

While one-handed folding of Flip XT3 is totally straightforward, it’s a bit fiddly to unfold, which can be troublesome for grandparents or even the parents themselves. 

Not Suitable for Rough Terrains

Despite the Flip XT3’s smooth ride on paved roads and city streets, it’s not a suitable pushchair on different terrains, which can be a big issue.

Not all parents live in urban environments, and some may travel a lot and visit various places. Besides, most parents like to walk in the parks with their babies, so they need a pram that can tolerate rough paths and have a smooth ride.

That said, many parents have used it on not-so-smooth terrains and have no complaints about the ride!

Tricky To Take the Seat off the Chassis

While Flip XT3’s seat unit is very adjustable and can face both directions, it’s a tad hard to take off the chassis, especially in world-facing mode.

Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro vs Flip Xt3 – Which Is Better?

We have to say that Both Ocarro and Flip XT3 are great products by Mama’s and Papa’s company. They offer you lots of valuable features that would definitely make your life easier. 

If we’re going to pick one between the two, it would undoubtedly be the Mama’s and Papa’s Ocarro. It’s stylish in design and made of high-quality materials. Besides, it has a sturdy chassis that can endure more weight than the Flip XT3 and can ride smoothly on various terrains.