Joie Versatrax vs. Ocarro – Which Is Better?

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When you’re in the market for pushchairs for your baby, it’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the options available to you to ensure you’ll end up with the perfect product. Joie Versatrax and Ocarro are two popular options you can choose from. Which of them should you go for?

Joie Versatrax is better than the Ocarro if you’re in the market for a midrange pushchair that can get the job done most of the time. The Ocarro is better if you want a sturdily-built, easy-to-fold, luxury pushchair. Both designs excel at the basics and will meet the needs of most parents. 

The rest of this article will look at both models more closely to help you choose between them.

What Is the Joie Versatrax?

Joie Versatrax is a pushchair from the Joie brand. It’s the latest addition to their Trax product line. The model is a multi-mode stroller highly rated for its functionality and design. 

The 4-in-1 approach to the design makes it the perfect travel system for children weighing up to 22 kg (48.50 lbs), and it pairs nicely with Joie’s collection of infant carriers. 

The Joie Versatrax retails for between £280 and £320 across major stores like Argos, JD Williams, and Uber Kids.

What Is the Ocarro?

The Ocarro is a luxury pushchair designed for comfort. It’s a hard-wearing and robust all-in-one travel system. The compact, one-hand fold design makes it a good choice for busy parents in suburban and rural environments.

The steering and suspension systems make it a true all-terrain pushchair. It’s another product designed for infants weighing up to 22 kg (48.50 lbs).

The Ocarro retails for between £800 and £950 across major stores like Very, Boots, and Samuel Johnston. You can also pre-order yours from the official website. 

The cost is for the pushchair only. Adding accessories like the car seat, liner, mitts, etc., can take the cost closer to £1,500. 

What Are the Differences Between the Joie Versatrax & the Ocarro?

You can find major differences between Joie Versatrax and the Ocarro in the build quality and the overall design. While the former is a standard, affordable pushchair, the latter’s cost reflects the luxury design. 

At 11.7 kg (25.79 lbs), the Joie Versatrax is more lightweight than the Ocarro (13.7 kg or 30.20 lbs). The Ocarro comes with more whistles and bells on the body of the pushchair compared to the plain design of the Joie Versatrax.

On the former, you can find handle catches, hood loops to hold baby toys, and wrist straps to keep the pushchair from running away from you when going downhill.

The shopping basket on the Joie Versatrax is also slightly smaller than the one on the Ocarro. Finally, in terms of build quality and looks, the Ocarro is visibly better than the Joie Versatrax. 

What Are the Advantages of Using the Joie Versatrax?

The main advantages of the Joie Versatrax include affordability, versatility, and ease of use. It’s also a pushchair you can count on for most terrains.

Below is a closer look at these advantages.

It Offers Excellent Versatility

The Joie Versatrax is a complete travel system for parents with babies and toddlers weighing up to 22 kg (48.50 lbs). You can pair it with a carrycot like the Ramble XL, as the chassis is designed to work with other infant carriers. You also don’t have to stick with Joie products at all times as the Versatrax is designed to with other car seats if you install the right adaptors. 

You can use the Versatrax right from when your baby is a few weeks old to when it’s time to ditch the carrycot. At this stage, you can take full advantage of the spacious seat unit in the pushchair. It features both forward and rear-facing modes, ensuring flexibility each time you step out with your baby. 

The Seat Is Comfortable

The seat in the Versatrax features an ergonomic design. Your baby will stay safe and in complete comfort. You’ll find soft calf support and harness strong enough to hold your baby in maximum comfort. The seat features three recline positions.

The full recline is comfortable enough to support your sleeping baby while on the go.

It’s Effective in a Wide Range of Terrains

Versatrax comes with foam-filled rubber tyres designed to take on all kinds of terrain. With the all-wheel suspension handle, the pushchair can glide across the grass, pavements, rocky surfaces, and more. If you fail to spot a pothole while out and about, it will handle itself well with minimal fuss.

So, for everyday use, the pushchair will always come out on top.

The Shopping Basket Is Sizable

As a parent shopping with your baby in the tram, having adequate storage space to hold your groceries is important. With enough space, you can cut down on the number of shopping runs you have to make per week. It’ll also reduce the number of times you have to walk to your car and back to offload purchases. 

The basket is also useful in other areas apart from shopping. For example, you won’t have to drag changing bags over your shoulder. 

Folding and Unfolding Is Easy

The model features the one-hand instant flash fold technology. You can collapse or unfold it without having to detach or reposition any parts. You can fold down the Versatrax and convert it into an upright trolley—useful for when you have to make quick stops while you’re out and about. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Using the Joie Versatrax?

The main disadvantages of the Joie Versatrax are the iffy build quality and the width. Some parents have mentioned having issues with the open and close mechanism.

Below is a closer look at these disadvantages.

The Build Quality Is Not the Best

One of the first things you’d notice about the product is that the build quality isn’t the best. It may come as no surprise, especially when the quality is compared to the cost. However, even at its price range, a few products look more strongly built with less wobbling and flapping. 

The handlebar gives off a rattle which makes the product feel too cheap. The adjustable straps also feel like they should be of higher quality because the current design makes the adjustment process more tasking than necessary. 

The Open and Close Mechanism Is Shifty

Although the instant flash fold technology makes the Versatrax easy to control, the mechanism feels like it could be better and less wobbly. Once closed, the unit doesn’t stay firmly closed.

It flaps around a bit, making it more difficult to put in your car trunk, for example. Similarly, the seat can get dirty if you close it and sit your baby on the pram. 

The Width Makes Narrow Doorways a Challenge

The Versatrax is a wide model. If you take your baby to an office or residential space where the doors aren’t wide enough, you’ll have to slow down to carefully navigate the pass.

Otherwise, the unit could get stuck. In such situations, it’s best to carry your baby and then fold the tram. You can reopen once the other side. 

However, it should have no problems getting past standard-sized doorways. 

What Are the Advantages of Using the Ocarro?

The main advantages of using the Ocarro include the clean fold, the ease of use, a generous hood, and a sizable basket. The drive experience is also impressive.

Below is a closer look at these advantages.

It Has a Clean Fold

The Ocarro collapses into a strong and compact fold. You can complete the fold with one hand, and the seat unit can face any direction when it’s folded. The folding mechanism allows parents to take it along on a flight.

You can drive it right to the check-in desk with no problems. When folded, the tram takes the shape of a suitcase with wheels allowing you to push it along. The compact fold allows it to fit seamlessly in most car trunks. 

The Drive Experience Is Smooth

As an all-terrain tram, the Ocarro glides along seamlessly on most surfaces. You can count on a smooth ride for your baby on playing fields, gravel surfaces, concrete, or grass pitches. The unit will also hold up nicely when you veer off the beaten path briefly. The tires and wheel mechanism are designed to offer excellent support for most rides. 

The Shopping Basket Is Spacious

The shopping basket on the Ocarro is some of the biggest you’ll find on a tram. You can count on it to excellently carry your shopping or your baby supplies when you’re out and about.

The compartment features strong polyester and a strong connection to the unit, making it a sturdy basket. 

The Hood Is Generous

The hood on the Ocarro is generously designed to keep the sun out while outdoors with your baby. With the seat reclined, you can unzip it to give your baby even more protection from the sun. The design guarantees protection for your child regardless of where the sun is currently facing. 

It Features Some Practical Add-Ons

Practical additions like the peek window give you a good view of the baby as you drive along. You’ll also find handle catches, loops for toys, wrist straps to keep you in control of the unit at all times, and more. The additions are perhaps the clearest sign of a design team in tune with the customer base. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Using the Ocarro?

The main disadvantages of the Ocarro are the unit weight and the low-quality appearance of the wheels. Some parents may find the seat too low for the baby, and the chrome finish isn’t a favourite for many. 

Below is a closer look at these disadvantages.

It’s Heavier Overall

Although the Ocarro folds up nicely, you still have to put more energy into lifting it from one position to the other. The standard design is heavier than others in this category. For instance, it’s 2 kg (4.40 lbs) heavier than the Versatrax. The weight difference quickly becomes apparent if you choose to accessorize your unit.

The Wheels Are Made of Plastic

Once you unbox your Ocarro, you’ll notice the wheels immediately. They stand out from the rest of the unit because they’re made of plastic.

They get the job done (and you’ll probably forget them as soon as you’re ready to use the tram), but for the price, most people would expect to see proper tires on their unit. 

The Low Baby Seat and Chrome Finish May Be Problematic

Taller adults may find the baby seat too low to reach. A higher seat would make reaching the baby and the shopping basket easier. Also, you need to watch for scratches as you move the unit around.

The chrome finish on some parts is one of the few approaches used by the company to keep the price down. However, it means that the unit can scratch easily. 

Joie Versatrax & the Ocarro – Which Is Better?

The Joie Versatrax and the Ocarro both have their audience. Choosing the better option is a subjective decision. While the Ocarro is the more durable and luxurious option, it’s hard to justify the price difference compared to the Joie Versatrax.

Many parents will find the Versatrax functional enough. Go over your specific needs (in line with your budget) and choose the option that ticks the most boxes for you.