Is The Chicco Next2Me Worth It?

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Chicco Next2Me is one of the most popular choices when it comes to co-sleeping cribs. With a special panel that you can remove when the crib is next to your bed, you can sleep next to your baby without sharing your bed. So, is Chicco Next2Me worth it?

The Chicco Next2Me is well worth it if the co-sleeping experience is a high priority. Its signature design allows you to co-sleep safely with your new baby. Although it might feel expensive for a few months of use, you can find many used models of the Chicco Next2Me second-hand. 

In the rest of this article, I will explore the advantages and disadvantages of the Chicco Next2Me. I’ll also provide some popular alternatives to help you decide if this co-sleeping crib is right for your baby.

What Is A Chicco Next2Me?

Chicco Next2Me is a baby crib that offers the co-sleeping experience without the baby entering your bed. Its signature design allows one of the sides to be detached and serves as a platform between the crib and the bed. 

This design allows your baby to sleep fully in its crib but also next to you at the same time. 

When this panel is attached, the Chicco Next2Me is a regular freestanding crib. With its four sides up, it can be placed anywhere in the room to let your baby sleep peacefully. There are even more advanced versions of the Chicco Next2Me that can rock back and forth. 

How Long Does a Chicco Next2Me Last?

The Chicco Next2Me will last approximately six months for most parents. The weight limit for the Chicco Next2Me is 9 kilograms, and many babies reach this weight at about six months old. It may be slightly more or less depending on the size and development of your newborn. 

What Are the Advantages of Using a Chicco Next2Me?

The advantages of using a Chicco Next2Me include the ability to have the co-sleeping experience with your baby, adjust the crib to the height of your bed, trust in the crib’s stability and quality, and choose from a few different models. 

The biggest advantage for most users of this crib is the co-sleeping experience. Having your baby sleeping by your side without actually being in your bed is very appealing to many new parents. This feature makes staying close to your baby throughout the night a sweet and safe experience. 

The crib is also well made and of high quality. It is a sturdy crib that you can use without worry. It is also fully adjustable, making it easy to fit the crib to the height of your mattress. With this function, you are able to seamlessly set up your Chicco Next2Me next to your spot on the bed.

The mattress of the Chicco Next2Me is quite firm, making for safe sleeping for your baby. While you might not think it would be comfortable if you had to sleep on a mattress that firm, it is ideal for the sleep safety of your newborn baby. 

Additionally, the Chicco Next2Me comes in a few different models. There is the classic version, which we have been exploring here. If you are looking for more options in your crib, you can consider the Chicco Next2Me Dream.

This model comes with all the advantages of the standard Chicco Next2Me plus a few additional features. It has more adjustable options, more breathability in its construction, and can also rock back and forth. However, it does tend to have a higher price tag than the original version. You can check out the Chicco Next2Me Dream Baby Crib on

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Chicco Next2Me?

The disadvantages of using a Chicco Next2Me include its weight and price. It’s on the heavier side, which makes it difficult to carry and move around the house. It can also be a bit expensive for some families, considering it will only be used for a few months. 

Since its design is quite stable, the Chicco Next2Me can feel heavy and bulky. If you are planning to move your crib around often, you may find this difficult with a Chicco Next2Me. 

It is better suited to a stationary and sturdy crib in your home. Most users of the Chicco Next2Me set it up in the bedroom and leave it there throughout the first months of their baby’s life.

Depending on your budget, you might find the price of a Chicco Next2Me to be too high for only a few months of use. This will depend on your priorities and budget when it comes to raising your newborn baby.

What Are the Alternatives of a Chicco Next2Me?

The alternatives to the Chicco Next2Me are the Snuzpod 4 and the Tutti Bambini CoZee Air. These have the main features of the Chicco Next2Me and are similarly priced. 

While the Chicco Next2me is a great and popular choice for a co-sleeping crib, it’s certainly not the only option. Let’s take a look at some alternatives you may want to consider:

Snuzpod 4 Bedside Crib

This bedside crib by Snuzpod is another popular option. Its appearance is a bit more stylish than the Chicco Next2Me, with several finishes and colors.

If you are looking for a bedside crib that has all the benefits of the Chicco Next2Me with the benefit of complementing your interior design, you can check out the Snuzpod 4 Bedside Crib on The Snuzpod has a minimalist and modern design that will look great, no matter where you put it.

Tutti Bambini CoZee Air Bedside Crib

This model gives you the full adjustability you are looking for in a bedside crib. It is also designed to fold up more readily than the Chicco Next2Me. Its design is quite cute with natural wood finishes and natural fabric colors. You can check out the current designs of the Tutti Bambini CoZee Air on 

Is Chicco Next2Me Expensive?

The Chicco Next2Me can feel expensive. Its removable panel that allows for co-sleeping is its main selling point, and this design has become well-loved by new parents. Because this design is in quite high demand, the Chicco Next2Me is pricier than a traditional crib.  

Depending on the retailer where you purchase yours from, you can easily spend a lot of money on this crib. Finding a sale or choosing a less popular color can help save you a few pounds, but this crib is still a bit of an investment. 

When purchasing sheets for your Chicco Next2Me, it can be a challenge to find generic sheets that fit this crib. Fortunately, Chicco makes sets of comfy fitted sheets, such as the Chicco Bedding Sets Stars (available on These sheets are sized perfectly for the Chicco Next2Me and come with an adorable star design, so your baby can sleep as comfortably as possible. 

Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a more affordable Chicco Next2Me by buying it second-hand. Since most of these cribs are only used for a few months, it can be possible to find gently used second-hand cribs at a much lower price.

You can check different online marketplaces to see if there is one available in your area or if you can have one shipped to you. You also have the option to sell your Chicco Next2Me when your baby has outgrown it. This option allows you to help a family with a new baby as well as earn back some of the initial investment. 

If you do purchase your Chicco Next2Me second-hand, you will still want to invest in a new mattress and clean sheets. This investment will allow your baby to sleep safely in a clean and sterile environment. Overall, the amount of money you spend will be less than if you purchased everything brand new. 

Is a Chicco Next2Me Worth It?

The Chicco Next2Me is worth it if you plan on co-sleeping with your baby. Its design will give you a special experience each night with your newborn baby. Even if you are having a baby on a budget, you can search for a more affordable version of the crib second-hand. 

If co-sleeping is not a priority to you, Chicco Next2Me is not a necessity. Its main selling point is the ability to open the crib safely next to the bed. If you are not interested in using this function, you can choose from one of many more traditional cribs. You can find a crib that will be more portable or have more suitable functions at a lower price point.