Is SnuzPod Worth It? – What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

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When you are expecting a baby, the first thing that comes to mind and the first thing you actually buy is the place where the baby is going to sleep. The SnuzPod is an excellent crib that provides great comfort for the baby and easiness in co-sleeping for the parents. However, is the SnuzPod really worth it? 

SnuzPod provides a lot of benefits both for the baby and the parents. It is convenient for moving and attaching to the bed, and as a co-sleeping crib, providing a lot of space for the baby. Though you may find cheaper alternatives that are just as good and have just as many features.

In this article, I will thoroughly explain what SnuzPod is and in what ways it is used. I will discuss its benefits, as well as cons, so you will be informed entirely before purchasing one. Generally, SnuzPods are quite convenient and worth every penny, but that still might depend on parents’ needs and the budget that they can afford. 

What Is A SnuzPod? 

SnuzPod is one of the best-selling bedside cribs that provides soothing comfort for the baby and enables you to take good care of the baby at any time. It is convenient for feeding and co-sleeping, offering the opportunity to be closer to your baby and bond with them at a new level. SnuzPod is characterized by great safety based on bedside crib testing standards, and it fits almost all types of beds. 

The SnuzPod contains dual-view mesh windows along with a zip-down wall that enables easy access and practical use at any time, especially during sleeping. It offers a great space for the baby, so you will not worry whether they have a cozy and comfortable space or not. When it comes to babies, the first thing you need to provide is an appropriate space for a good night’s sleep, and SnuzPod provides exactly that. 

In What Ways Can You Use The SnuzPod? 

Besides being a really comfy bedside crib, you can use it as a bassinet, as well as a stand-alone crib. Since it is quite safe, and it goes with windows, you can freely put your baby inside while you do some chores around the house, of course, as long as they are not crying. You can monitor the baby easily through the windows, and you can relax because they will be quite cozy inside the SnuzPod. 

As a bedside crib, its main purpose, it is quite convenient, firstly because it is easily moved, and it fits most beds. The only problem will be if you have a bed with a frame that is way further than the mattress. In that case, you might not be able to put the SnuzPod right next to you. 

Another great feature of the SnuzPod is the fact that it comes in multiple colors, so you have the option to choose something that will really match your bedroom. It also includes a lot of extras that can be purchased along with the crib, and which you might find quite convenient. Of course, these additions are not necessary, so you are not obliged to buy anything that you cannot afford, or you think that it will not be necessary to you. 

What Age Can You Use A SnuzPod For? 

The SnuzPod can be used for babies that are newly born up until six months. Due to the spacey area that it provides for the baby, this bedside crib can be used quite more than the regular bassinets and cribs. That means that you will not have to buy a lot of new furniture during this period, which actually saves you some money. 

It is a fact that the size of the baby varies; however, the SnuzPod is designed to suit the average size of a six-month-old baby. Therefore, you can be sure that your baby will be cozy and covered for half a year. 

Is SnuzPod Expensive?

When it comes to price, before you start using it, you might think that it is a bit pricey for a crib that you will use for such a short time. However, considering its benefits, it could be said that it is worth it, so the price is just right. Furthermore, whether it is expensive or not, also depends on the budget you are able to spend on baby furniture. 

You can find SnuzPod on their official website, as well as on Amazon. The prices are relatively the same. However, some offers might include extras, so the price would be higher. You can also buy Snuzpods at places such as Mama’s and Papa’s and John Lewis if you wish to look at them in person before buying.

If you decide to make a purchase on Amazon, consider that all the extras go separately, so you cannot usually find a package. Therefore, there is not a fixed price for those features. 

So, when you see the numbers of the prices, they might seem a little much. However, the prices for cribs are generally similar. Therefore be prepared to spend around on a bedside crib. In addition, there are even more expensive offers from other brands, so the SnuzPod’s price could be considered quite reasonable. 

Are There Cheaper Alternatives To SnuzPods? 

If you decide that you do not need a SnuzPod or it is quite pricey for you, then you can opt for something more affordable. There are some alternatives that are cheaper, but still very convenient. For instance, many parents decide to rent a bedside crib instead of buying one. 

It is proven that this way you will save more money, and you will get rid of the crib the moment you do not need it anymore. It is a known fact that baby furniture can occupy a lot of space, and you might end up throwing it after all since you do not know what to do with it, especially if you do not plan to have another baby. 

Therefore, according to reviews and comments from people, one of the most common options for renting is Bednest, which offers both purchase and rent. So, this company offers you the chance to rent a crib for the amount of time you need, and it will enable you to save some money on baby furniture. 

You can also use an alternative co-sleeping cot such as a Chicco Next To Me, Maxi Cosi Iora, BabyLo Co-Sleeper, Silvercross Voyager and many more. There are many different brands of co-sleepers you can choose from which go to the older age range, have more features and some have less but are significantly cheaper.

Benefits Of Using A SnuzPod

If you have read everything from above, you are probably aware that SnuzPod has a lot of benefits. Even though it might be pricey, it is very convenient, it provides comfort for your baby, and it is quite practical for multiple uses. 


The SnuzPod is characterized by different uses, not only a bedside crib. Since it is quite light and easily movable, besides using it for your baby’s good night’s sleep, you can use it as well as a bassinet and take it in every room where you would like to take your newly born. 


The design of the SnuzPod is quite unique and of a contemporary style. The crib comes in different colors; therefore, you can match it to any kind of furniture, and it will perfectly fit any kind of room. 


Unlike bassinets and other regular cribs, SnuzPod is characterized by great longevity, meaning that you will be able to use it for up to six months. Babies grow fast and they quickly need a bigger area for sleeping, therefore, you will be required to change the regular crib for something more spacey in a blink of an eye.

However, since SnuzPod is designed in that way, to suit a really small baby, as well as a toddler, you will not have to spend more money on baby furniture. 

Soothing Features

This amazing bedside crib is designed with a rocking feature. So, instead of rocking your baby in your arms so you can get them to sleep, you can just put them in the SnuzPod and rock it side to side. It gives the very soothing effect that babies love and gets them easily to sleep.

Storage Space

The SnuzPod has an in-built shelf below the crib. It is amazing for storing diapers or other baby essentials, so you will not be required to use extra space for them. It is really convenient to have everything in one place close to your baby. 

Babies Love It

According to many reviews and parents’ experiences, it has become quite known that babies really enjoy the crib. Since it is very cozy and soothing, they really feel comfy in it, so they can spend a long time in it, without starting to cry. Since there are windows, they can always see you through them, and acknowledge that they are not alone, so they feel safe even when you are not next to them. 

Drawbacks Of Buying A SnuzPod 

It is known that everything in life has good and bad sides, and this rule is not excluded when it comes to the SnuzPod. There are some features that people might find inconvenient when it comes to this bedside crib. However, for most people, these are not things that can seriously bother them. 

Cleaning And Maintenance 

The delicate fabric of the SnuzPod can get grubby over time because of the cleaning. However, you can use blankets and sheets as additional cover to avoid this problem.

Also, the walls of the crib can get dusty quite often, and since they are not easily removable, it is difficult to clean them thoroughly on a daily basis. 


As I already said, the SnuzPod is a little bit pricey but many cribs come at a similar price nowadays. However, SnuzPod also comes with a lot of extras that involve additional costs. Even though you are not required to buy them to use the crib, some people believe that they are necessary to get the full effect of it.

How To Save Money On SnuzPods

SnuzPods have become really popular nowadays so that you can find them easily. Of course, it is very easy just to place an order online, and you will have it in no time. However, you might find the purchase really costly, even though you believe that you would have great benefits from it.

You should not despair since there are ways to get a SnuzPod for a lower price. There are websites that allow you to rent one, or to buy it second-hand. You can also find SnuzPods at a lower price in a lot of outlets close to you. 

Buy Second Hand

A great way of saving money on buying any baby item is to buy it second hand. This applies to prams and pushchairs, slings, beds and bedroom furniture. Becuase these items can be very costly to start with many people save up or get them given as gifts and will often only use them for 6-12 months at the least.

Buying second hand can save you so much money and you might even find more convenience in buying locally and getting it either delivered to the door or being able to pick it up without too much fuss.

We actually bought our own Snuzpod3 for just £30 on Facebook Marketplace, it came with instructions, 2 fitted sheets and mattress which was fantastic. You can also look on local selling pages gumtree and eBay for products you need.

Buy From Outlet Stores

Mama’s and Papa’s have outlet stores dotted around the country and so these are great places to find bargains and goods going for way less than RRP. The one local to us actually sells brand new snuzpods without mattresses for 1/2 or even 1/4 of the originial price.

You may even find alternative baby outlet stores which hold similar furniture and just as good bargains.


If you are really tight for funds or you simple don’t want to fork out £200 on a bed for 6 months worth of sleeping you can look into borrowing. My sisters have had 2 children each along with many friends who have recently has babies and have a tonne of stuff they are happy to give or let me borrow. One in fact was happy to lend me her Next To Me crib after her daughter is done using it.

This was perfect for us if we didn’t manage to find one we wanted or wanted to pay big money for before our first born arrived. If you have a similar situation where you have friends and family that have children and baby furniture spare ask if you can borrow theirs for the short time you need it. Likelyhood is that they won’t mind if they aren’t currently using it and you can save some money in the meantime.

The only downside to this is that you might not truly feel it is yours and you might be worried of using it and getting it dirty or broken for when you return it.

Use Coupons & Discount Days

Not that there are many places to physically shop for baby items anymore but you might find shopping the sales, end of line items and using coupons a great wya of saving money on the more expensive items you require for your little one.

You can find a whole host of coupons online and using some of the baby apps etc have great deals for you. Take a look and make sure you do your research before buying to make sure it is a good deal and it isn’t cheaper anywhere else first.

Is SnuzPod Worth It?

Considering all the benefits that you get from it, it is safe to say that a SnuzPod is quite worth it. However, some people believe that they can go just with a regular crib and save their money for something else. So, it can be said that the worth of the SnuzPod partly depends on the needs of the parents.

As you could see, a SnuzPod is a revolutionary crib that will bring a lot of benefits to you and your baby. Although it may seem pricey, you will be surprised by the comfort it will provide to your little one.