Is Glow Baby Premium Worth It?

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Parenting can be overwhelming, especially keeping up with the ton of things you need to do to ensure your baby grows healthy. Nonetheless, identifying a good baby app can offer some relief by helping you track your baby’s development and routine activities. Glow Baby is one of those apps. 

Glow Baby premium is worth it as it comes with additional features to the free version, including synchronized access to multiple caregivers, premium support, private messaging, etc. However, Glow Baby premium can get quite expensive when multi-user is concerned.

In this article, I’ll give you some more information about Glow Baby premium so you can also gauge whether it is worth your money or not. 

What Is Glow Baby Premium?

Glow Baby premium is the premium version of the Glow Baby app, the latest app from Glow company. This company has also created Glow Nurture, the pregnancy tracking app—Glow app, the fertility tracking app—and Eve, the all-around sexual health app. 

All apps created by Glow, including Glow Baby, are free on Android and iOS. However, you can upgrade to a premium version and have access to premium features of all the apps by Glow company (subscription applies to all Glow company apps). 

The free version of the Glow Baby app allows you to do the following: 

  • Monitor feeding schedules and daily routines.
  • Track the number and types of diaper changes.
  • Monitor pumping sessions. 
  • Track your baby’s growth and sleep cycles. 
  • Engage in a supportive community. 

The premium version of the Glow Baby app also allows you to do all the above. However, it comes with additional features, including: 

  • Premium support 
  • Profile customization 
  • Comparative insights 
  • Excellent premium features such as charts 
  • Premium articles 

What Are the Advantages of Having Glow Baby Premium?

The advantages of having Glow Baby Premium include having growth charts that enable you to compare your baby’s progress to the general population. Also, this premium version comes with premium support, which means you can access top-notch assistance whenever you need it.

Additionally, with Glow Baby Premium you can access premium insights that offer comparative statistics of your baby’s diaper and feed habits, as well as sleep, against all Glow users. This can help you spot unusual behaviors/trends in your baby’s day-to-day life. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Having Glow Baby Premium?

The disadvantages of having Glow Baby premium are the inconvenience of each user having to buy a Glow premium account if they intend to use Glow Baby premium—although its free version supports multiple users—and that  Glow Baby premium doesn’t have detailed sleep tracking options.

Additionally, with the Glow Baby premium, you won’t be able to adjust the beginning of your baby’s daily calendar. 

How Much Does Glow Baby Premium Cost?

Glow Baby premium costs as low as £2.91 per month (yearly model) and as high as £7.28 per month (3-month model), depending on the type of subscription plan you settle for. 

Opt for any of the following subscription packages: the yearly model, 3-month model, and lifetime model. You’ll get premium access to all of the Glow apps once you subscribe to any of these models: 

  • Yearly Model: This model will cost you the least amount. Your subscription will last for a year, and the subscription fee is billed annually. 
  • 3-Month Model: For this package, Glow company gives a discount for the first three months, which are counted as trial months.
  • Lifetime Model: This subscription package is the most expensive, billed once in a lifetime. This subscription will give you premium access across the Glow apps (Baby, Eve, Glow, Nurture).  

What Age Can You Use Glow Baby Premium Until?

You can use Glow Baby premium until your baby turns one year old. The first twelve months of your baby’s life are marked with crucial developmental milestones that Glow Baby Premium will help you track.

Glow baby premium lists 101 developmental stages that’ll help you keep up with your baby’s development. It will help you monitor whether your baby is growing normally or not so you can seek help early enough if the need arises. 

Are There Alternatives to Using Glow Baby Premium?

There are alternatives to using Glow Baby premium, such as Huckleberry and Nighp Baby Tracker. These are apps that also assist in monitoring your baby’s health as they grow from one stage to another. 

Here’s how the two alternatives compare to Glow Baby premium: 


Huckleberry is an excellent app you can use to track pumping, feeding, sleeping, diaper change, among several other things in the first 12 months of your baby’s life. It has two models of subscriptions: 

  • Premium memberships: This model grants you access to sleep plans and the Sweetspot feature, enabling you to predict when your child is likely to sleep next. You can opt for a monthly subscription at $14.99 or an annual subscription ($9.99 per month, billed annually). 
  • Plus membership: This model offers access to the Sweetspot feature only. You can choose the monthly subscription option billed at $9.99 per month or the annual subscription option at $4.92 per month, billed annually. 

Advantages of Huckleberry:

  • Supports simultaneous syncing of events across multiple users
  • Has better UI/UX than Glow Baby premium
  • Supports multiple users
  • Allows you to adjust the beginning time of your baby’s daily calendar
  • Has very detailed sleep monitoring options

Disadvantages of Huckleberry:

  • No option of exporting your data available
  • More expensive compared to Glow Baby premium

Nighp Baby Tracker

Nighp Baby Tracker is another alternative to Glow Baby premium that makes it simple to

monitor your baby’s crucial information for caregivers and doctors. In addition, the app allows you to share impressive milestones of your baby’s development with family and friends. 

Nighp Baby tracker doesn’t have a premium version. The free version has all the app’s features, and you only need to pay $5 to get rid of ads. 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Nighp Baby Tracker compared to Glow Baby premium. 

Advantages of Nighp Baby Tracker:

  • Has support for multiple users
  • Free version has all the features
  • Has ads, but users can eliminate the ads at only $5

Disadvantages of Nighp Baby Tracker

  • More simple and less attractive UI/UX than Glow Baby premium
  • Doesn’t support simultaneous tracking across multiple users

Is Glow Baby Premium Expensive?

Glow Baby premium is more expensive than the different alternatives of baby tracking apps available in the market, such as Huckleberry and Nighp baby tracker.

Although the premium version of Glow Baby comes with excellent features, it does not match up to the features you can get from, for example, Huckleberry or Nighp baby tracker at a slightly lower price.

How To Save Money on Glow Baby Premium

The best way to save money on Glow Baby premium would be by getting the lifetime subscription package. Although you’ll pay more for this package compared to other Glow Baby premium packages, you’ll only pay the expense once, with no need to renew your subscription.

If you’re not yet convinced whether Glow Premium is ideal for you, why not take the 7-day free trial first? It won’t cost you anything, and if you cancel before the 7 days are over, you still won’t get charged.

Is Glow Baby Premium Worth Having?

Glow Baby Premium is worth having if you’re looking for the additional features that it comes with over its free version. Among the outstanding features, it comes with access to premium articles and comparative insights. 

On the other hand, it’s not worth having if you’re on a tight budget. The idea of each user purchasing their premium plans in a multi-user scenario makes it more expensive compared to other alternatives available in the market.