iCandy vs. Joolz – Everything You Need To Know

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When you’re welcoming a new baby into your life — whether your first or eighth — the amount of planning involved can be overwhelming. One of the biggest choices you need to make as a parent is which stroller is best for your family. Out of all the options, Joolz or iCandy strollers are often hailed as the best of the best. 

Strollers made by Joolz and iCandy are high-end, luxury items guaranteed to carry your baby safely and comfortably. Although both brands are excellent, there are differences between each and the models they sell. One might be a better choice for you, depending on the lifestyle you lead.

In this article, I’ll be discussing Joolz and iCarly strollers in great detail. I’ll highlight what each brand prides itself in most, the differences between them, and offer some thoughts on which stroller might be the best choice for you!

What Is a Joolz?

Before I had my own children, I had no idea what some of the leading products were and who was crafting them. One of the first brands I came across was Joolz. 

Joolz brand of luxury strollers pride themselves on their stylish and meticulously crafted products. They offer several different models meant to suit the needs of different families. Each model has unique features, differing size dimensions, and families in mind. 

The prices of different strollers vary from around $500 for the compact model and $1000 for a complete stroller system. 

Joolz also makes a large line of accessories for their strollers to accommodate any individual needs you might have. For example, they offer a few different rain covers for their strollers, perfect for those living in rainy climates.

What Is an iCandy?

Another huge name in strollers is iCandy. This brand is all about that handcrafted, luxury feeling that only comes with a family-operated business. 

The iCandy brand is family-owned and offers high-end, super smooth strollers with a reputation for their long history of British style and smooth handling. The iCandy brand’s specialty is traditional-looking strollers available in various models to accommodate different sizes of families. 

This brand makes no apologies for their price point because they know you get what you pay for. All strollers from iCandy are over $1000 but come with all of the bells and whistles that most brands sell separately. 

How Are Joolz and iCandy Different?

Both Joolz and iCandy strollers are different in their model styles, available accessories, and overall value. Both can serve your family very well and bring a lot of ease into traveling with your little ones, but each brand has significant differences in what their strollers bring to the table.

Models and Specialties

The models of strollers Joolz makes focus on the different settings and lifestyles the parents using their strollers might have. 

Some models have calibrated wheels to help maintain a smooth ride even on rough terrains, and others have been made to be as small and light as possible for easy storage. The main focus is to take the troubles some parents face and create a stroller that helps ease those areas of life. 

If you’re an urban family that does a lot of walking, their Joolz Day model was made with your family in mind. For those who need a light, compact stroller that can be assembled and taken down with one hand, the Joolz Aer is the model they crafted for your lifestyle. 

iCandy strollers, on the other hand, have less focus on the parent’s lifestyle. Rather, they direct their focus on the size of the families buying their strollers. They have three models total: one for a single child, one for an infant and toddler or older child, and one crafted with twins or closely aged children in mind. 

All of iCandy’s strollers are complete systems. The only differentiating factor steering your buying decisions is the size of your family or your plans to grow your family in the near future. 

If you have a new infant and are planning on having another soon, their toddler/newborn model is likely your best option. But if you know you’re calling it quits with the latest addition to your family, you’ll probably want to go for the single stroller!

Value and Price Point

The range of prices for a Joolz stroller is from $429 for the Joolz Aer — $628 if you need the bassinet version for an infant — to the Joolz Geo2 stroller for $1099. With the exception of the Aer, all models are complete systems. This means they can take your child from their very first day with you to their first trip to Disneyland as a child.

Additionally, the Joolz brand does offer a lifetime warranty. As long as you registered your purchase within six months from the day of purchase, then Joolz will cover any damage outside of the ordinary wear and tear. 

There are quite a few exceptions to the lifetime warranty. If you go with a Joolz stroller, be sure to note all of the rules surrounding the warranty so you don’t accidentally void yours!

The price range of iCandy strollers is from $1299-$1799, depending on whether you’re purchasing a single or double unit. All of these are meant to be able to transition through each stage of your child’s or children’s early years. 

iCandy strollers also come with a warranty. The warranty is shorter than the Joolz at five years instead of a lifetime warranty. However, what it lacks in longevity, it makes up for in scope. The warranty for iCandy is much more lenient and easier to use. 

Accessories Available

One of the biggest differences between iCandy and Joolz strollers is the accessories included at purchase or sold as after purchase additions. 

iCandy strollers come with almost everything you might need for the day, including adaptors for the car seat and newborns. Other accessories included are a rain cover and a sleeping system to keep your little ones cozy while they sleep. 

However, the Joolz strollers don’t come with as many bells and whistles. The lower price point might be at the expense of some of the features included with the iCandy. 

However, all of the accessories Joolz offers cover anything you might need. Rain covers, bassinets, leg rests, and car seat adapters are all sold individually and separately for the different models. 

Which Brand Is Better?

With all of the differences laid out, it seems like you can’t go wrong with either choice.

Between Joolz and iCandy, the better brand for you is the one that meets your needs for family size, place of residence, and lifestyle. Both are very high-quality strollers that can meet all of your needs and keep your baby cruising around safely and in style. 

If you’re a growing family in need of a stroller that can handle multiple children, then the iCandy is most certainly going to be the better choice for you. Multiple babies can sit snugly and comfortably in a single stroller engineered to make traveling with multiples as smooth as possible. 

However, if you only have one little in need of a stroller and want something lightweight, then the Joolz is going to be the clear winner.