iCandy VS Egg – Everything You Need To Know

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iCandy and Egg are among the most sought-after pushchair brands in the UK and beyond. Egg strollers are products of BabyStyle, a recently established pushchair enterprise. On the other hand, iCandy is a long-lived family business that manufactures high-end pushchairs. 

iCandy is a luxury baby stroller featuring aeronautical technology, chic designs, and lux finishes. The premium pushchair targets parents in the urban setting. Comparatively, the Egg is a sleek baby stroller that has hit the headlines due to its versatility, comfort, and agility.

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss iCandy and Egg strollers in detail. Read on to learn their distinguishing features and which brand would suit your needs or preferences.

What Is an iCandy?

An iCandy stroller is a renowned Britain-made pushchair. It’s a high-quality buggy with outstanding features, including seat elevators, foldable chassis, and a sturdy frame. The iCandy is the choice for parents who love classy strollers that’ll last as the family grows.

iCandy strollers exhibit the company’s age-long British craftsmanship and use of advanced technology. So, it’s not surprising that these pushchairs are quite expensive compared to other brands. Moreover, they depict luxury and comfort, featuring well-thought-of essentials and accessories.

iCandy Pushchair Editions

iCandy pushchairs are available in several eye-catching color schemes and styles. You’ll be spoilt for choice from iCandy’s collection of baby strollers. iCandy fruit-themed pushchair editions include:

  • Orange: This stroller has additional features. For instance, its double seats face backward, allowing the parent to interact with their babies. Moreover, it has extra storage space. The pushchair comes in a complete bundle, entailing a duo pod, changing bag, and carrycot. It’s ideal for both city and country dwellers. Available colors include black, grey, orange, blue, tan, or sand.
  • Peach 3: This stroller has improved functionality, ensuring that your baby is comfortable and safe. It’s also convertible and can accommodate two babies. You can use this stroller as a high chair at home or in a restaurant. Its improved EVA wheels guarantee smooth maneuvering on various terrains. In addition, the pushchair has several designs, including the iCandy Peach Jogger, Cerium Edition, and Peach Forest All Terrain.
  • Strawberry: The iCandy Strawberry is all about optimum functionality and outstanding style. Though one of the earlier models, this edition is now available as Strawberry 2. The stroller features an improved leatherette handle for an enhanced grasp. In addition, it entails a bumper bar for safety and a variety of colorways.
  • Raspberry: It’s a lightweight and compact pushchair, making it the best choice for city dwellers. It features elevators, enabling you to adjust the seats’ position to either face forward or backward. Moreover, iCandy Raspberry can accommodate newborns, infants, and toddlers since it can comfortably carry any child weighing up to 15kgs (33 lbs). 
  • Lime: It’s a collapsible pushchair with a carrying strap. iCandy Lime is quite a sensation among parents due to its TotalFold feature. The integrated ride-on board for toddlers is also a life-saver and perfect for growing families. Parents can choose between the Moonrock or Chrome frames or go for the advanced Lime Plus edition.

What Is an Egg?

The Egg is a luxury pushchair by Baby Style, a UK-based company. This pushchair has a signature egg-shaped design, making it an eye-turner. Moreover, it incorporates high-tech engineering and innovation for improved baby comfort and safety.

Like iCandy, Egg pushchairs are available as bundles, though buyers may opt to purchase the basics only. Also, you can use them for a newborn as well as a toddler. Essentials that come with this pushchair include:

  • A chassis
  • A carrycot
  • Compatible car seats
  • Seat and rain covers
  • Insect net

Accessories include:

  • Footmuffs
  • Car seat adapters
  • Seat liners
  • Changing bags
  • A cup holder

Egg Stroller Editions

Just like iCandy, Baby Style has unveiled a remarkable collection of strollers. Hence, depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose a model that suits you best. Moreover, the strollers have unique features, making them worth the money.

The Egg stroller editions include:

  • Egg Pearl. Featuring a soft-padded newborn insert and a cozy car seat, this is the perfect stroller for newborns. The egg-shaped pushchair comes with a luxury cream fur liner, and Tru-ride engineered wheels for ultimate comfort and agility. The safe travel system also entails a matching backpack, footmuff, car seat adaptors, stroller, and car seat covers.
  • Egg 2 Stroller Jurassic Grey. It’s an advanced sleek-designed Egg stroller with a Gunmetal grey frame and fabrics. It also features a compact one-hand fold chassis and a larger seat/carrycot for extra comfort. The stroller is also available as a bundle, entailing accessories like Maxi-Cosi pebble and family fix base.
  • Egg Stroller Special Edition. This all-black luxury stroller with smooth curved lines and soft fabrics for enhanced comfort. It also features Tru-Ride engineered wheels for easy maneuvering and durability. Moreover, the stroller is convertible, as it entails multiple car seat adaptors.
  • Egg Stroller Carbon Grey.  It’s a stylish stroller with a gunmetal frame and luxuriously soft carbon grey fabrics. The Egg Stroller Carbon Grey features a foldable chassis with three recline positions for comfort. Its leather handle and bumper bar ensure your baby’s safety and the Tru-Ride Technology tires guarantee comfort and durability.

How Are iCandy and Egg Different?

The iCandy and Egg are different in their designs, mainly. For instance, the Egg stroller has a signature egg-like structure that contributes to its stunning design. On the other hand, iCandy is renowned for its sophisticated chic design.

Here are some more differences between the two baby stroller brands.

Stroller Design

One of the distinguishing features between the iCandy and Egg strollers is their unique designs. The Egg pushchair has a signature egg-shaped sleek appearance entailing smooth contours, an egg-shaped carrycot, and a seat. Contrastingly, iCandy strollers have chic designs with lux finishes that vary among the editions.

Seat or Carrycot Sizes

Both strollers have standard seat and cot sizes. However, iCandy pushchairs appear to have larger carrycot mattresses. On the other hand, Egg stroller mattresses seem smaller, as they are oval-shaped with narrower ends. Watch this YouTube video demonstrating how the two pushchairs differ:

Pushchair Handles

iCandy and Egg strollers have adjustable handles. Although the iCandy handle can go up to 1.8 metres (6 feet) high, the Egg stroller has a slightly higher handle–about 2 cm (0.78 in) more. But, in some editions, the Egg stroller handle touches the wheels when folded. So, it can be quite messy if you’re pushing your Egg stroller on a muddy pathway.

Storage Space

Storage space is one of the features that most parents look out for in baby strollers. Both iCandy and Egg pushchairs have a shopping basket below the seat. However, you’ll have more storage space with the iCandy pushchair (on the single-mode) than the Egg stroller.


Both iCandy and Egg strollers target high-income earners. So, the iCandy pushchair prices range from £632.50 to £1627. On the other hand, Egg pushchairs go for £799 to £1549. However, Egg stroller prices can be hefty since the carrycot, tandem seat, and adaptors aren’t part of the basic package (as with the iCandy pushchairs).

Which Is Better – iCandy vs. Egg?

Both iCandy and Egg are luxurious, stylish, and high-quality pushchairs. Hence, choosing between the two can be hectic for current or potential parents. However, one variety may suit you better than the other, depending on your need, taste, and preferences.

An iCandy pushchair is recommendable if:

  • Luxury and class are your topmost priorities – iCandy is the only pushchair company in the UK to have won a Queen’s award.
  • You prefer lightweight pushchairs – Egg strollers are heavier (about 13.5kg or 29.76 lbs).
  • You are shorter – The Egg stroller’s handle is slightly higher.

On the other hand, the Egg stroller would be ideal if:

  • Style and ‘curb’ appeal are your top priorities.
  • You’re looking for a tandem mode – iCandy strollers have limited storage space in the double mode.
  • You don’t mind the price – Egg strollers are considerably more expensive, especially when you buy extra accessories.