iCandy VS Bugaboo – Which Is Better?

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When you are expecting a baby, you will spend a lot of time choosing baby equipment. In this ocean of products and varieties of choices, it is easy to lose focus, which makes it harder for you to choose the right one for your needs. 

One of the products that will take the most time is the pushchair. There are so many options on the market that it is even hard to differentiate one from another. One thing is sure – you will not make a mistake if you choose an iCandy or Bugaboo stroller. 

iCandy and Bugaboo pushchairs are high-end products that offer high functionality for the parents and great comfort for the baby. Their price is almost the same. The differences reflect in the design (although it is very similar), their intended purpose, folding mechanism, and weight. All other features are the same between both of them. 

All these differences and similarities are explained in more detail further in the text. Once you finish reading you will have a better understanding of what both of them represent, and you will be able to make the final decision easier. 

What Is A Bugaboo?

Bugaboo has settled in on the market with its high-quality pushchairs, and variety of choices. They offer a high functionality product with a perfect minimalistic design. The newest product in the Bugaboo family is the Fox pushchair. 

A pushchair can be used from the newborn stage, until the baby reaches the weight of 37lbs (17kg). This is a little less compared to what the newest iCandy stroller can withhold. 

The newest feature a Bugaboo Fox pushchair offers is all four wheels suspension, which is supposed to offer you a seamless ride across any bumps on the road, and maximum comfort for the baby. 

The new suspension feature is also connected to the easy steering. Another good thing about the construction of the Fox pushchair is that you can fold it while the seat is in place. This is a very useful feature, especially when you need to fold the pushchair easily and fast. 

What Is An iCandy?

iCandy Peach pushchair has been on top of the best pushchairs lists since it first appeared. This premium pushchair is all about design and functionality, and its twin pushchairs are one of the best twin pushchairs you can find on the market. 

The latest fifth generation of the Peach pushchair has received numerous updates compared to its predecessors. The first update is the increased capacity of the shopping basket (now is 22lbs/10kg), and they have added a shopping bag you can remove from the pushchair and take with you to the supermarket. Once you finish shopping, you can easily reattach it to the pushchair.

Another update is regarding the weight of the baby the pushchair can hold. In the past, and has been heavily criticized for not being suitable for older children. Now they have changed this, and the Peach 5 pushchair can withhold kids up to 55lbs (25kg). 

The seat can be reclined and transformed into a carrycot, and the button mechanism is replaced with a one-hand recline, which makes it a lot easier for the parents to handle. However, one of the biggest flaws is still there – the pushchair cannot be folded while the seat is attached to the frame. 

How Are They Different?

Although both of these pushchairs are considered to be high-end class, and they may seem to even look very similar, there are several differences that set them apart. The major differences can be reflected in the items that come in the package, the main purpose of the pushchair, and the folding mechanism.

Another very important difference is the weight of the pushchair. This can be the breaking point for many parents who are putting the weight on the top of their priority list of things a pushchair needs to have. 

What Is Included in the Package?

Although both of these pushchairs have almost the same price (it fluctuates +/- $10-20 between different selling points). Down below you can see a table where it is explained what is included in the package. 

Bugaboo FoxiCandy Peach 5
Car seat adaptorsyesyes
Handlebars gripsyesno
Wheel trimsyesno
Rain covernoyes

The biggest difference between these two is the rain cover that comes with iCandy Peach, while it is not included with the Bugaboo Fox pushchairs. However, you can purchase the original Bugaboo rain cover for an additional $50 or you can opt-out and buy a generic (cheaper) one. 

What Are They Meant For?

When first they were invented, the pushchairs had only one purpose – to transport the baby from point A to point B. Nowadays, you can find many different pushchairs that are designed for specific purposes. 

For example, the Bugaboo pushchairs have reinforced construction with improved suspension, which makes them ideal for all terrains, even the off-road ones. On the other hand, the iCandy pushchair is really all about comfort and great design, so it may not behave well off-road. 

But, when it’s on the road, the iCandy pushchair will provide great comfort to the babies – in fact, the cot that comes with the pushchair is perfect for overnight sleep when you are not at home. 

If you are on a trip or visiting friends, and you don’t know where the baby will sleep, it is perfectly safe to leave it to sleep in the pushchair, since it is also designed for that purpose. 

Different Folding Mechanism

Both of them offer easy steering, but the most noticeable difference reflects in the folding mechanism. Although it is very easy to fold both of those pushchairs, there is a difference that will influence your final decision about which one you should get. 

The iCandy pushchair cannot be folded until you remove the seat, as already explained. Although the mechanism itself is improved, and now it can be folded only with one hand, without the complicated use of a button, it makes it harder for parents when they have to remove the seat first. 

On the other hand, the Bugaboo Fox can be folded with the seat attached, which is very convenient for parents when they are traveling on their own, and need to fold the pushchair easily and fast. 

How Much Do They Weight?

Another very important thing to consider when buying a new pushchair is the weight. If the pushchair itself is too heavy, it will be hard for the parents to maneuver with the stroller, and to lift it and store it in the car, for example. 

If you are living in a building with no elevator, you should definitely first check the weight of the pushchair, especially when the baby is smaller and you have to carry both of them from the entrance to your apartment. 

The Bugaboo stroller wins this one since it is lighter than the iCandy pushchair by a little over 10lb. If the weight is not something you are taking into consideration, then you can just disregard this fact. 

However, be careful to really think through whether the extra weight will really play no role for you when it comes to the everyday use of the pushchair. 

Bugaboo and iCandy Similarities

Now that you are familiar with the differences, let me introduce you to the similarities that are shared between these two pushchairs. In the table below you can see the most relevant points described, so you can easily analyze and conclude what is the same. 

Price on Amazon£1300£1299
Adjustable reclineyesyes
Handle with height adjustmentyesyes
Infant to toddler convertibleyesyes
Single to multiple convertibleyesyes
Stroller to bike convertiblenono
Storage basketyesyes (with additional detachable shopping bag)
Weight22lbs (10kg)32lbs (14.5kg)

As you can see from the table, all the major functionalities that are important for parents are offered by both of these types of pushchairs. 

Which One Is Better – Bugaboo or iCandy?

It is hard to make a definite decision on which pushchair is better, Bugaboo or iCandy. The thing is that in the end, it comes down to your personal preferences and taste. You will need to decide which one you like more. 

As for the baby, you can be sure that both of these strollers will provide maximum comfort and a seamless ride while the baby is using the pushchair. However, since you as a parent will also be using the pushchair, you need to take some of the aforementioned things into consideration before you make a final decision. 

For parents who are very active and always on the go, and for those who like to explore nature and different terrain types, the Bugaboo is the one to go for. This is because of the special suspension system that is adjusted and created for all types of terrains. 

For parents who are loving long walks around the neighborhood and throughout the town, then the iCandy is a perfect choice. iCandy is designed for those long city walks. 

As already mentioned, if you are living in a building with no elevator, make sure to consider the weight of the pushchair as well. If the parents are not having issues with carrying some extra weight upstairs, then it doesn’t matter which pushchair you will choose. 

But if you are struggling with carrying too much weight, then the Bugaboo may be a better choice, since it is lighter than the iCandy. Also, if you don’t mind having to remove the seat before folding the frame, again the iCandy is your go-to pushchair.