How To Wash A Snuzpod – Everything You Need to Know

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When you get a brand new Snuzpod, washing it is at the bottom of your priorities list. Parents seem to forget that the babies are very likely to stain it very soon, meaning it will need to be washed so you can continue to use it.

Also, some parents want to wash their Snuzpod because they got the second-hand one, and that is completely fine. No matter the reasons why you need to wash it, parents are concerned they will damage the fabrics and thus the whole crib.

Snuzpod’s mesh and fabric walls need to be washed separately. This can be done by using baby wipes, or you can hand wash it. If the stains are persistent, the soaking method is recommended. Snuzpod parts are not supposed to be washed in the washing machine or dried in a tumble drier. 

If you properly follow the manual and wash and dry the fabrics correctly, there are no risks associated with further use of the Snuzpod. The only way to ensure the baby is safe in the Snuzpod is to follow the guidelines you were given, and try not to find shortcuts. 

Can You Wash a Snuzpod?

Snuzpod is a product that is made of metal or wooden frame, and a mesh that is supposed to act as the walls for the cot. Also, with every Snuzpod you will get the corresponding mattress that fits into the crib. 

The mesh and all the fabrics are removable and washable, while the mattress itself is not supposed to be washed. This is because contact with water is not predicted, so the only thing you can wash is the mattress cover. 

It is recommended to wash the fabrics and the cover every now to ensure the cleanliness and freshness of the fabrics. Also, it is a hygienic thing to do. 

How To Wash A Snuzpod?

As already explained, you can only wash the fabrics and the mattress cover. To remove those from the Snuzpod, just follow the same procedure as when you were assembling the crib. 

The mesh wall is supposed to be zipped down and washed separately from the rest of the fabrics. All components are supposed to be hand washed – they are not suitable for machine washing, even at low temperatures. 

The rest of the cot (the frame) can be washed and maintained by using a damp cloth. Just simply wipe all the dust or dirt from the frame, and let it dry (or you can use a dry cloth to finish the washing). Never treat the frame with any abrasive substances, since they can damage the finishing. 

Also, if you are cleaning only the frame with water, make sure that it is fully dry before you put the baby back in the crib. A wet frame can create a slippery surface and it is not stable enough to ensure the baby’s safety. 

Method No 1 – Use Baby Wipes

The easiest way to clean the Snuzpod fabric is by using baby wipes. Baby wipes can be used to clean the dirt that is still fresh and the fabrics didn’t have time to soak in the liquid that was spilt. 

The Snuzpod fabric is made from durable material, so it will not instantly stain, so once you notice something is spilt, act immediately, and with the use of a baby wipe clean as much as you can. 

If the wipes are not wet enough, you can also try to put the wipe under running water for a few seconds. This will increase the effectiveness of the wipe. Just make sure that the wipe is not too wet for use. 

This is a very simple method, but it only works with fresh stains. If you don’t have any baby wipes available, you can also try to use a cloth that has been dumped in the water. Try not to use any detergent at this stage, since you will hardly remove the chemicals from the fabric if you don’t fully wash the entire Snuzpod.

Also, make sure that you have squeezed out the excess water from the cloth so that you don’t wet the fabric too much. If you do so, you will need to remove it and let it dry.

Method No 2 – Hand Wash It

If you have reached a stage where you have to wash the entire fabric, remove it from the frame and prepare the following ingredients. You will need a mild detergent – the most suitable is the baby one. Also, you will need to make the right heat settings for the water – lukewarm water is the best for washing the Snuzpod fabric.

Apply a few drops of the detergent of your choice and try to reach all the parts of the fabrics. If needed, apply some more detergent. Once you feel like you’ve done it enough, rinse under lukewarm water. 

One round is usually enough, but if you notice that the stains haven’t come out yet, then just repeat the process once more, to remove any remaining dirt. If the stains haven’t come off after the second round, it is time to try the third method as described down below. 

Method No 3 – Soaking

If the stains are persistent, the most likely is that they need a little bit of “persuasion”. To remove hardcore stains, the Snuzpod fabric would need to sit soaked in a detergent solution, just like any other clothing item would sit. 

First, you need to prepare the solution. Fill a small tub a lukewarm to slightly hot water and pour the detergent of your choice. You can also add a few drops of any stain remover you might have. Make sure that the stain remover or the detergent is not too strong. 

Soak the Snuzpod fabric in this tub for around half an hour to an hour, so that the detergent has enough time to penetrate and break down the stains. After the fabric has sat in the solution, rinse it off under lukewarm water. 

How To Dry A Snuzpod?

Once you have washed your Snuzpod fabric, make sure to fully dry it before you put it back on the frame. It is important to let the fabric dry on air, and not fall into a trap of using a tumble dryer. A tumble dryer can damage the fabrics and make them not suitable for further use. 

Leave the fabrics hanging for several hours until it is fully dry. Don’t leave the fabrics exposed to direct sunlight during the hours when the Sun is the strongest (usually around noon time). 

The mesh wall will require less time to dry than the fabric walls, so you will need to remove the mesh wall sooner from the sunlight. 

What Should I Know Before Washing A Snuzpod?

Washing a Snuzpod is a no-brainer, however many parents are skeptical to do it thinking they will damage the fabrics and make the Snuzpod unusable. The truth is that there are certain risks connected to this matter, but only if you don’t wash the fabrics properly.

If you wash them in the washing machine, the fabrics will come out damaged and weakened, so they will not be usable anymore. However, if you follow all the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual, as well as the washing manual as aforementioned, there are no reasons to fear washing the Snuzpod.