How To Stop a Baby Playpen From Moving

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Whether you have an active baby, a slippery floor, or a combination of both, the playpen will slip and slide around. Not only can this mess up your floors, but it can potentially put your baby in danger too. There are measures you can take to prevent movement from happening and ensure the safety of your baby.

Here’s how to stop baby playpen from moving:

  1. Mount one side of the baby playpen to the wall.
  2. Use a mat underneath the baby playpen.
  3. Anchor the baby playpen to the floor.

In this article, you’ll discover the reasons your baby’s playpen keeps moving and how to stop it from happening for good.

Why Does My Baby’s Playpen Keep Moving?

Your baby’s playpen keeps moving around for various reasons. If the playpen is situated on a hardwood or slippery tile floor, any active movement from your baby will likely cause it to slide around.

Unless the playpen comes with rubber stoppers on the legs, the metal legs won’t have enough traction to keep it still.

Most playpens come with rubber stoppers, but if the playpen is old or doesn’t include them for whatever reason, you should look into adding them.

How To Stop My Baby’s Playpen From Moving

Aside from using rubber stoppers on the legs, there are a few other ways you can prevent your baby’s playpen from moving. Mounting it to the wall, using an under-mat, or anchoring it to the floor are the most effective strategies.

  1. Mount One Side of the Baby Playpen to the Wall

Mounting with a playpen barrier wall mount is the most practical option for keeping the playpen in place. However, not all wall mounts are created the same way, and the style you need will depend on the brand of playpen you’re using.

With that said, the general installation process is much the same regardless of the wall mount you’re using. If you bought the playpen new, it should’ve come with wall brackets. Installation for these is quite simple as you just position it where desired and then use screws to secure the playpen to the wall. 

For an example of wall mounting, check out this YouTube video:

  1. Use a Mat Underneath the Baby Playpen

If you can’t mount the playpen to the wall for some reason, you can use a mat underneath. A blanket could suffice too, but mats have rubber bottoms that allow them to adhere to slippery floors. Some mats fit the shape of hexagonal and octagonal playpens, as well as generic rectangular mats too.

Here are some mat options from that you may want to consider:

EduKit Foam Playmat

This playmat comes with 25 foam pieces that interlock together. It comes in grey with a neutral star pattern, making it a great gender-neutral choice. Customers recommend this one because it’s sturdy and doesn’t slide around on hard flooring. They’re also highly recommended because they’re easy to clean and thicker than other foam mats.

Minnebaby 8-Panel Playpen Mattress

If your playpen is octagonal, this mattress will suffice well. It comes in grey or blue and is made of a waterproof material too. The mattress is self-inflatable and has an anti-slip underside to keep it in place. Customers like this one because of the comfort and padding it provides.

BalanceFoam Kids Puzzle Exercise Playmat

This puzzle exercise playmat is suitable for parents looking for an unconventional mat for their baby’s playpen. While it isn’t technically a playpen mat, the foam puzzle pieces also have anti-slip material, and they provide a full sensory experience for your baby.

Although this mat isn’t ideal for wood floors, it works well for use on concrete flooring.

  1. Anchor the Baby Playpen to the Floor

When all else fails, you can use different household objects to anchor the playpen to the floor. Some parents have used side tables or wooden chests to keep the playpen in place. If this doesn’t strike your fancy, you could also try to find heavy door stoppers to place near the corners of the playpen.

You could also find some anti-slip material to place onto the feet of the playpen to keep it from sliding around. The best furniture pads for hardwood floors will have felt or anti-slip fabric on them.

I recommend these NOHJER Non Slip Furniture Pads from These furniture pads come highly rated by customers because they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They also stay in place really well and won’t ruin your floor when removed either.

Consider visiting your local home store and purchasing some anti-slip furniture pads for this. They’re typically quite inexpensive while being super effective.