How Often Should You Change Your Reusable Breast Pads?

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Reusable breast pads are a convenient and cheap way to control leaking. In fact, most mothers are turning to them as environmentally-friendly alternatives to disposable pads. But many women wonder how often their reusable breast pads should be changed. 

You should change your reusable breasts pads regularly throughout the day to maintain your comfort and cleanliness. Some people may need to change them less often if they have lighter flows. However, those with heavier flows will likely require more frequent changes. 

Read on to learn more about reusable breast pads to determine what schedule may work for you. 

Do Reusable Breast Pads Absorb As Much As Disposable Breast Pads?

Disposable breast pads tend to absorb more than reusable breast pads. While reusable pads do offer a good amount of absorbency, it is unlikely they will be able to absorb as much as disposable because of their material. 

The fabric in a reusable breast pad is comfortable, easy to conceal, and washable, but it will not be able to absorb as well as disposable. Disposable pads are usually made of cotton or some type of paper, while reusable pads are made of cloth. This makes reusable pads easier to conceal but less absorbent.

Disposable pads also tend to be more absorbent because you can choose the absorbency of the pads that you buy. Cloth pads do not have the ability to increase or decrease absorbance. This doesn’t mean that cloth pads will not absorb, because they will. Rather, disposable pads will give you more absorbency which helps them last longer. 

Do Reusable Breast Pads Need Changing Often?

Your reusable breast pads may need to be changed often, depending on how fast they soak through. A heavy flow will require you to change them more often, but there is no need to change them more often if you aren’t leaking enough. 

You should change your reusable breast pads once they get damp. You’ll be able to feel when it is time to change your pad, as they tend to become uncomfortable when damp. When you feel this discomfort, it is time to change your pad. 

Some bodies produce more milk than others, which makes it so hard to determine how many times you should change your pad throughout the day. There is no set period of time to change your pad. So, change it when you can feel the damp pad. 

How Often Should I Change My Reusable Breast Pads?

Change your reusable breast pads throughout the day when it feels damp and becomes uncomfortable. You should also change them frequently to maintain cleanliness. 

Reusable breast pads are great for finding a cheaper way to control leaking. These can be cleaned and used again rather than just disposed of when you are done. Some factors can determine how often you change your pad besides just flow. 

Keep Your Pads Clean

Make sure that cleanliness is a priority when it comes to changing your pads. Just like changing a tampon or period pad, reusable breast pads should be changed regularly. Not only will changing your pads keep you clean, but it will also keep your clothing clean. 

Your goal should be to change your breast pads as often as possible, especially when they cause discomfort or feel damp. Never be afraid to change your pads too often. In fact, it is better to change them more than necessary rather than leaving them for long periods of time. 

If You’re Used to Disposable Pads, Change More Often

Disposable pads tend to be more absorbent because of the material they are made of. Unfortunately, reusable breast pads are made of cloth which can only absorb so much.

But the cloth is a lot more discreet and washable. If you are used to disposable pads, you will need to adjust how many times you change throughout the day. 

Remember To Wash Them After Every Use

Make sure you buy enough pads to get you through the day. You will need to wash them after use. So, unless you want to do laundry every day, consider buying enough for multiple days at a time. 

Also, pay attention to the label as not all reusable pads are machine washable. Most breast pads can’t be put in the dryer. So, you will need to leave time for them to air dry before using them again. 

Make Yourself a Schedule

The best way to determine how often you should change your reusable breast pad is to try different schedules. Try changing it at regular intervals throughout the day, checking how much you have leaked at that point. 

Some people prefer to change their pad whenever they use the bathroom during the day. Others may prefer to change it less often, like before each meal. The most important thing is to make a schedule for yourself. Just like other things regarding motherhood, changing your breast pads should be done on your own time. 

Make Sure You Buy the Right Size

The number of times that you have to change your pads can be affected if they aren’t the right size. Normally, reusable breast pads come in two or three different sizes. Make sure you are taking the time to find the right size for your breasts. 

Buying the wrong size could mean that there is not enough fabric to cover your breast as it should, which could mean more leaks. It could also lead to pads not lasting as long as they should because the sizing is off. So, make sure you get the right size for you to prevent needing to change them more often.