How Much Do Baby Wipes Cost per Month?

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Baby wipes are an inevitable part of your everyday life. Not only you use them to clean the mess your baby has made, you can also find many different alternative usages for the wipes, at home, in your car, at work…

Baby wipes cost somewhere from £7 to £45 per month, on average, which brings it up to a cost of £85 to £540 per year. This means you will use somewhere between 500 and 750 wipes per month. This depends on the brand used and quantity used per month.

Of course, these are just rough estimations, because your habits will determine how many wipes you will spend per month. If you are very fond of them, you will tend to use more wipes per month, while some prefer to avoid using the wipes at all, due to some environmental concerns. 

How To Choose The Best Baby Wipes?

Choosing the right type of baby wipes can be challenging since there are no unified products on the market. Not all the wipes are made the same way, so naturally, they are different in quality and price. 

It doesn’t have to mean that the highest price will ensure the highest quality, but usually, there is a reason behind the high number. However, there are several factors you need to look for to make sure you are getting the maximum for your money. 

The quality of the wipes will also determine the quantity you will need to use, and thus directly determining the monthly cost of the wipes. 

The first thing to look at is the durability of the baby wipes. The cheaper the wipes are, the more chances they will be of poor quality, meaning they will easily tear while using. This will result in you using more wipes compared to a better quality brand. 

Another thing to check is the size of the wipes you are buying. Although this is not always clearly marked on the package, somewhere in the small letters, you will find the size of each individual wipe. 

This may not seem like important information, but if you are having a big mess to clean up, larger wipes will probably do the better work, and you will need to spend less amount of them to finish the cleaning. 

Also, wipes come in different packages, meaning that there is a different amount of wipes in each package, so this is also something you need to pay attention to. If you compare only the price, but not the number of wipes you are getting, you might end up paying more. 

One of the factors that you need to look for is the texture of the wipes. Although this is not something most parents will look for primarily, it can really play a role when cleaning a mess. Wipes with grippy texture will be more effective in cleaning the mess, but they also may be less comfortable for the baby. 

How Many Baby Wipes Will You Use per Month?

The amount of wipes you will use per month depends on the frequency of usage. If you tend to use more wipes on a daily basis, of course, you will spend more than someone who doesn’t have a habit of using the wipes at all.

Some people prefer not to use baby wipes since they are associated with pollution, cause very often they can take a lot of time to disintegrate in nature. Lately, this issue is being solved by introducing organic wipes, which are supposed to degrade much faster. 

Roughly speaking, you will spend around £7 to £45 per month, on average, which brings it up to a cost of £85 to £540 per year. This means you will use somewhere between 500 and 750 wipes per month. 

If you use a lot of wipes, it is best if you can make some compromises and use more affordable brands, like the store brands. Another solution is to buy in bulks or to await certain promotions where you can get a really good deal. 

In the table below, you can see some of the most popular baby wipes brands which are being listed from the most affordable to the most expensive when you look at the price per one piece of the wipes. 

This is an easy way to compare how much money you will spend on certain brands of wipes. Since all of them have packages that are different in size, the only way to compare them is to calculate the price per piece and see where they stand at. 

NameSize of the packagePackage pricePrice per wipe (p)
1Mamia (Aldi)64 wipes0.45p0.007
2Pampers Pure Aqua52 wipes0.85p0.016
3Little Angels (Asda)64 wipes0.54p0.008
4Huggies 56 wipes£1.150.02
5Water Wipes60 wipes£2.990.049
6Eco by Naty56 wipes£1.850.033
7Fred & Flo (Tesco)60 wipes0.65p0.010
8Little One’s (Sainsburys)64 wipes0.65p0.010

How to Save Money on Baby Wipes?

Believe it or not, even the size and the type of the package of the wipes will affect the price drastically. The most obvious difference is between those with a flip-top opening and those with just a regular sticker. 

The ones with the flip-top are considered better because you can seal them better after use, thus preventing the wipes from drying out too soon. This will prolong the usage time since you have no use of the wipes once they go completely dry. 

The best way to save money on wipes is to take control over how many wipes you are using and to try to buy them in bulk. Although buying several packages at once is a bigger expense than just buying one package, those bought in bulk have a better price. 

Once you buy them in bulk, make sure to store them properly, in cool and dry places. If you store the wipes somewhere too hot, the heat will destroy them since the heat will affect the moisture and dry them up. 

If you are really keen to have a plastic casing for your wipes, it is a nice way to save money as well. Buy the wipes with the plastic package and then later on just buy refills. This way you will not have to spend money on fancy packages since you will be having one on your own. 

Another good way to save money is to sign up for a subscription service. There are few innovative companies that offer you a subscription for various items you need on a monthly basis for your baby, amongst which you can find the baby wipes as well. 

These services often offer a sign-up bonus that will considerably affect the final price of the wipes, and you will not have to worry about staying without the wipes or buying them, since the services will automatically ship a new order for you each month.