How Many Snowsuits Does A Baby Need?

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Despite the extreme cold, winter is an exciting time, and you can have a great time with your whole family, including the baby. You’ll only need to get snowsuits for your baby, so they are warm enough, even when they are out in the cold for a while. But, how many snowsuits will your baby need?

The number of the snowsuits depends on how often you’ll be out in the cold and how long you’ll be there. However, you can have at least one snowsuit, especially if you only go out with your baby for a few minutes of fresh air and then go back to the house. 

Snowsuits come in different sizes to suit your baby as they grow. Since they are only usable during cold weather conditions, you may have to store them for the rest of the year. This article discusses snowsuits, their different sizes, and how many you may need for your baby. 

What Are Baby Snowsuits?

Baby snowsuits are warm waterproof (or not) clothing designed to cover the whole body. It has a fitted hat that holds well on the head so that your baby doesn’t pull it out. Some are made with a waterproof material, while others are made of cotton, which can easily soak in water. 

They are quite warm and keep your baby safe from hypothermia while you’re outside. However, some parts like the face are not covered. So, when you notice a change in the baby’s face skin color, it’s time to go inside. 

A snowsuit is not suitable to use inside the house because it can easily overheat the baby. Therefore, once you enter the house, you can remove the baby snowsuit and dress your baby in less heavy winter clothes. 

What Age Can You Use Snowsuits?

If your baby is a winter baby, you can dress them in a baby snowsuit at week three after birth, and you’ll be ready to go into the snowy weather. This is only if your baby was born at full-term and has no health complications. However, if your baby was born pre-term or has a condition that puts them at risk, you’ll need to talk to a paediatrician. 

Since winter happens once a year, snowsuits remain in the closet for the rest of the year. If you buy a small fitting size for your baby one season, you’ll need to buy a new one the next since the baby will be already a year older. Babies grow very fast in their first year of life. 

Some parents choose to buy snowsuits that are bigger so that the baby can use them for at least two seasons.  Different manufacturers pack them such that they are sold in sets depending on the age range. For example, sets of 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, etc. 

Usually, the baby snowsuits are designed to fit babies up to 24 months old. Getting a size that fits your baby’s age will keep your baby well secured and warm. 

Are Snowsuits Expensive?

The prices of baby snowsuits vary depending on the season. You’ll notice that in summer when you don’t need one, the prices are pretty low and the discounts are many. When it’s winter, and you need snowsuits for your baby, the prices increase in most retail shops. 

You can get baby snowsuits in shops or online where the price ranges from £10 to £50 per set, depending on the size you’re buying. The different platforms offer discounts to customers, with or without conditions.

You may notice that the prices are much lower in local supermarkets around the UK. So if you have time to go out and check the markets, you can get one good snowsuit at a considerably low price. 

You can find higher brand snowsuits at places such as John Lewis, Nike and other quality brands which will be for older babies that are walking and exploring more.

How Many Snowsuits Does A Baby Need?

Snowsuits are heavy and not meant to be worn every time. For an infant, you may have at least one for wearing only when you’re going out to get some air. You know you can stay inside all day even when it’s very cold. Since your baby will wear it for only a few minutes, one can suffice. 

A toddler may need more, especially if they’ll want to play in the snow. That means they may get wet and so they can wear a different one when they are going out again. 

When buying a snowsuit for your baby, you may want to consider factors like your baby’s age, the snowsuit’s weight, the ease of wearing or removing it, and how your baby will use it. 

It’s recommended to get a snowsuit that suits your baby, especially if they are already crawling or walking so that it’s easier for them to move around. The weight of the snowsuit also matters because a toddler may have a difficult time trying to move around in a heavy snowsuit. An infant can wear a quite heavy one because they make less movement. 

You should also consider the ease of wearing and removing the snowsuit, especially because you often change your baby’s diaper. If you get one that is quite difficult to pull on or one with hard-to-pull zippers, you’ll have a hard time when it is time to make the diaper changes. 

For infants, you can only buy a size that will last for one winter season because they grow so fast in their first year of life. After that, they start moving around. You can get one that can go for another season. It all depends on what you want for your child. 

Think about the time of year in which your baby will be born or the age when they hit the winter months. As this will indicate what size you are best buying. As winter only last a couple of months you are likely best getting one snowsuit that will fit them for that time. Once they grow out of it you can sell it or donate it to charity.

I would say you only need one snowsuit per age group as babies are unlikely to need more than one, especially as the time they wear it will be limited, along with cleaning will be limited as they are most likely to be in a pushchair and they will grow out of them rather quickly.