How Many Nursing Bras Do I Need for Hospital?

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Nursing bras have gotten more popular over the last few years as they can support the breasts better than regular bras do during breastfeeding. As a new parent, you may wonder why you need a nursing bra and if buying one is worth it. If you decide that they’re necessary, you may also want to know how many nursing bras for hospital use you need. 

You need between two and four nursing bras for your hospital stay in order to have enough clean options for the first few days. Though you won’t change your bra after every feed, you’ll need a clean one every day as they will absorb some of your milk as it leaks or while you’re breastfeeding. 

Keep reading as I discuss more about nursing bras, how many of them you need for hospital use, and why they’re a good investment.

Do I Need Nursing Bras for Hospital?

When I had my first child, I didn’t think I needed a nursing bra. Babies are expensive, so it’s best to spend only on necessary baby items. The question is, are nursing bras essential? 

My thought was, I have regular bras that will work fine. I was wrong. Hear me out.

You need nursing bras for the hospital because they support your breasts better than regular bras can. Your breasts are sore and swollen as your milk comes in, and having that extra support is key to staying comfortable.

Not to mention nursing bras were made with nursing parents in mind, so they must have a point, right? 

The best thing about a nursing bra other than the added support is the clasps that allow easy access to your breast for breastfeeding, great for the hospital as you start to breastfeed. 

Do I Need More Than One Nursing Bra for Hospital?

You’ve decided to buy a nursing bra to wear in the hospital when your baby is born, but now find yourself wondering how many are necessary. 

It’s best to use more than one nursing bra for the hospital. Having two nursing bras is a good number to start with, and you can always buy more if you find you need them once you get home. 

You can wear one or two for the first day and another clean one before going home. 

Taking a shower and putting on clean clothes make you feel like a new woman after having a baby, and a clean nursing bra is a must-have. 

How Many Nursing Bras Do I Need for Hospital?

You want to make sure your bras stay clean and dry. Leaking is a part of breastfeeding, and when feeding on one side, the other side is sure to leak. 

Your nursing bra is susceptible to getting milk stains constantly. 

You may need between two and four nursing bras for hospital use. It’s not practical to change your nursing bra each time you leak milk, but it’s best to change it once a day. This will prevent milk from drying up on the inner lining. 

Having a backup bra allows you to stay comfy while you clean your bra.

Are Nursing Bras Worth the Cost?

You’ll most likely need to invest in a new bra for pregnancy and after birth due to your breasts growing substantially and filling with milk. 

That said, you’ll want to buy nursing bras over regular sports bras.

Nursing bras are worth the cost because they offer more than regular bras do. Along with their added support and comfort, they have handy snaps at the front for easier access, allowing you to help your baby feed with just one hand. 

You won’t regret purchasing a couple. However, it’s best to get two different styles so that you can try them in the first few days of breastfeeding and decide what you want and need in terms of comfort and support.

Is the Cost Worth It for Convenience?

It’s no secret that people will pay a lot of money for anything that makes their life more convenient. Sometimes it’s worth it, and sometimes it’s not.

For the convenience it offers, a nursing bra is worth buying. Being able to discreetly feed your baby in public with the convenience of clasps is worth the money. You can easily hold your baby and give them access without any extra effort.

Nursing bras make your life easier, and as a new parent, take as many easy things as you can. 

How Long Do You Wear Nursing Bras?

Nursing bras are great to use for the entire length of your breastfeeding journey. 

With that said, as you get into a routine and your body learns how much milk is needed, your sore breasts will ease, and you’ll become more comfortable. 

Wear nursing bras as long as your breasts need extra comfort and support. You could use them for a month and even an entire year. But, even if you wear them for a minimal amount of time, you won’t regret having them at the beginning of your breastfeeding journey.