How Many Mattress Protectors You Need for Your Newborn

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Making sure your baby is safe and comfortable 24/7 may seem like a daunting task. However, overwhelmed parents can deal with this piece by piece and start with their baby’s most frequent hangout place – their crib mattress.

You need at least two mattress protectors for your newborns, so if any unexpected spills occur, you’ll always have a spare. Crib mattresses are efficient dirt and moisture absorbers, so mattress protectors are needed to repel messes and protect the bed from stains.

So, let’s discuss crib mattress protectors and how many you should keep on hand. I’ll also advise you on getting these protective covers on a budget and share my favorite ones with you. 

What Is a Crib Mattress Protector?

A crib mattress protector typically prevents dirt and moisture from leaking onto your baby’s mattress. Waterproof types provide more protection by repelling unwanted substances even when your baby has an accident.

Depending on the specific product you purchase, you’ll notice that they vary in their overall form

Crib mattress protectors either fit tightly around the entire mattress, cover only the topmost portion, or are easily movable and meant only to cover specific areas of the crib mattress.

One of these styles may work better for your crib mattress than another, but at the end of the day, they all do the same thing– prevent messes.

Are Crib Mattress Protectors Essential?

Crib mattress protectors are essential for cribs since they increase the durability of your baby mattress and prolong its life. They also repel dirt, bacteria, and fungi, keeping your baby’s mattress safe to sleep on. 

Babies tend to drool and sweat most of the time, and baby mattresses, if not protected, will collect and accumulate all of these fluids inside. Not to mention, the nappy accidents that happen from time to time and other kinds of dirt would make your baby’s crib a breeding ground for bacteria.

Just imagine the wear and tear your mattress, however expensive, would have to go through after repeated cleaning.

That’s where mattress protectors come in. They are placed on top of your precious mattress to shield it from the outside environment. 

Mattress protectors make cleaning dirt, spills, and accidents quicker and more manageable.

How Many Mattress Protectors Do I Need?

You need two crib mattress protectors if you want to keep your baby’s mattress clean. Having multiple covers guarantees that you’ll always have a spare handy, especially at night when accidents happen at the most inconvenient time.

Are There Mattress Protectors for Parents on a Budget?

The good news is you don’t need to spend so much to protect your baby’s crib mattress or save yourself from buying a new one anytime soon. 

There are crib mattress protectors for parents on a budget that only range from $15 to $20, so buying them would be no sweat! These protectors usually work just as well as fancier, more costly ones, but they may not always be as soft. 

Even if the protectors aren’t always soft, some are, and eventually, you’re going to be putting a sheet over it. So, usually, going the cheapest route is the best idea. 

The Bamuho Store offers their Bamuho Crib Mattress Pad/Protector (available on I love this one for its fitted form and waterproof covering. The store also offers the product in different size dimensions, so it’s likely for you to find one that best fits your baby’s crib mattress. 

Its tight fit securely keeps it in place and makes your baby safe from suffocation. In addition, the product is also highly absorbent. That means that even if your baby sweats a lot overnight, they will remain comfortable as the protectors absorb the moisture rapidly, keeping them dry. 

The Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector by Margeaux and May (available on is another fantastic option, especially if you want something with a soft, luxurious feel. It’s a waterproof mattress protector made of bamboo rayon fabric. 

The product is made with your baby’s sleep comfort in mind. The brand uses plush noiseless materials that differentiate it from other waterproof protectors (which often make loud plastic crinkle sounds whenever your baby moves). So, staying fresh and dry does not have to come at the expense of peaceful, quiet nights!

If you’re still looking into cheaper alternatives, then Eco Home USA will save the day. Their Premium Bamboo Crib Protector from Amazon provides you with peace of mind that your baby is comfortable and dry all through the night.  

Even with its relatively low price, good reviews are pouring for the product. Similar to its more expensive counterparts, it is also securely wound around the mattress and is soft to ensure your baby’s maximum comfort. The brand additionally claims that their item is waterproof, and reviews suggest this claim indeed holds water!