ErgoPouch vs. Love To Dream – Which Is Better?

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Buying a sleeping bag for your baby can be quite stressful, considering that there are a lot of options out there on the market. However, as some of the best-selling sleeping bags,  ErgoPouch and Love to Dream are the common choices among parents nowadays. So, what is the main difference between these two sleeping essentials for babies?

ErgoPouch and Love to Dream have many similarities, and both sleeping suits are characterized by layers that make the baby warm and cosy. They both have features that allow healthy development and growth of the baby; however, ErgoPouch has higher tog ratings, meaning it is warmer. 

Deciding between the two may be hard and you might be wondering which one is better or more suitable for you and your baby. If so I am here to help you work out what the differences are, the advantages and disadvantages of using either and hopefully help you decide the best one for you.

What Is An ErgoPouch? 

ErgoPouch is focused on designing ergonomic and warm sleepwear to provide the best sleep experience for babies and toddlers. This brand offers sleep solutions that are TOG-rated, meaning that they are proven to distribute warmth during sleep, and make babies feel comfortable when sleeping is the most challenging.

The sleepwear by ErgoPouch is suitable for newborns to 6-year-olds since this is the most difficult time for children when it comes to sleeping. 

ErgoPouch provides confidence and security to parents, so they can relax and have a good night’s sleep as well as their baby. When it comes to newborns and toddlers, all parents know that the sleeping journey of their children is divided into phases and it includes a lot of changes.

Therefore, it is essential to have the proper sleep solutions so both the baby and the parents could feel safe during the night. 

ErgoPouch sleeping bags are made of organic and natural fibers that secure comfort and warmth while still caring about the environment. ErgoPouch sleepwear is characterized by non-toxic and skin-friendly materials which will last for years, and you could use it for all the babies you intend to have. 

ErgoPouch will not make your baby magically go to sleep; however, it will provide great coziness, so your baby would feel safe and warm overnight. The sleeping bags are designed to support the development and growth of babies so that they will fulfill all their needs.

Since the child changes their way of sleep as they grow, ErgoPouch sleepwear will adapt to all of the changes, so you will not worry about deteriorating their physiology and any developmental stage. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using ErgoPouch?

ErgoPouch is one of the best-selling brands for sleepwear; therefore, it is proven to include a lot of advantages in its products.

Parents enjoy these brand’s items since they provide great security for their babies with their ergonomic features. Some of the favourite features of ErgoPouch among parents are listed below. 

Different TOG Ratings 

ErgoPouch sleeping bags are available in different TOG ratings, meaning that you can choose the temperature for your baby’s sleep. Since you can choose sleeping bags with short and long sleeves, you can decide which level of warmth would be the most appropriate for your child.

They also come with a thermometer, so you could always know how to dress your baby beneath the sleeping bag.  

Various Designs

The sleeping bags come in different designs, styles, and colors, so you can choose whatever you want for your baby. ErgoPouch also provides designs that are appropriate for different genders, so you could really have fun in choosing one. 

Natural Fabrics

ErgoPouch sleeping bags are made of natural, organic fibers and do not include any toxic materials. You can be sure that your baby’s skin will be safe since the fabrics are breathable and soft. 

Different Sizes

The sleeping bags by ErgoPouch come in different sizes, so you could choose from sleepwear for a newborn to sleepwear for a 6-year-old.

They are all adapted to the physical changes that come during the development of babies. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using ErgoPouch

As always, every item on the market is characterized by some drawbacks that people do not really enjoy. However, ErgoPouch is not characterized by a lot of disadvantages. 

No Breathability In Certain Items 

All of the products by ErgoPouch are made of soft and organic materials; however, some sleeping bags, especially those with higher TOG ratings, are not considered very breathable.

This can be a problem if you live in a humid and warm area since it can get really hot for a sleeping bag in summer. 

What Are Love To Dream Sleepwear?

Love to Dream is a company that provides sleepwear for babies that turns sleepless nights into comfy and simple pleasantries. It is proven to provide great comfort and warmth, and it is trusted among millions of parents. It is well-known for improving the baby’s quality of sleep and allows parents to stay calm and rested during the night. 

It unique because, unlike the regular sleeping bags, the Love to Dream sleepwear is designed to keep newborn babies’ arms above the chest, making them feel cozy and safe while sleeping. In other words, it enables the baby to sleep in a natural position, allowing the babies to touch their faces and move their arms. 

Love to Dream sleepwear is characterized by soft and soothing materials, and it is way safer than regular blankets. The ‘arms-up’ position reduces the risk of the baby rolling over and falling down, meaning that you will be relaxed during your sleep. It is also practical because it is easy to dress your baby in it, and it gives the easier movement of hips and legs. 

It is made of soft fabric and a single, breathable layer that is proven to work better than adding layers by putting multiple blankets over your baby. You can be sure that your baby will be warm over the night, and their skin will be able to breathe even in warmer temperatures. 

The Love to Dream sleepwear is made of organic cotton and bamboo, so your baby will be covered in great natural fabrics. Also, you can choose sizes for three stages of growth – swaddling, transitional and independent sleeping. Therefore, you can enable safe sleeping for your baby from birth until the age of 6. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Love To Dream

Love to Dream sleep essentials for babies are one of the most commonly chosen among parents. That means that this brand is characterized by a lot of benefits and advantages. The things that parents enjoy the most are listed below. 

Quality Materials

The swaddles and other sleepwear are made of quality fabrics that contribute to the soft and soothing feeling during sleep. Organic cotton and bamboo are proven to impact the quality of sleeping during the whole night. 

Natural Position During Sleep 

The ‘arms-up’ construction allows babies to sleep in their natural position, especially newborns. This structure also allows easy movement, such as touching the face or raising the arms.

The bottoms are also flexible enabling easy moving of the hips and legs, so babies do not feel ‘stuck’. 

Different Levels Of Warmth 

The Love to Dream sleepwear is characterized by different TOG ratings, meaning that they offer different levels of warmth. Depending on the weather and climate in your area, you can choose whatever level you think is needed for your baby’s environment. 

Twin Zipper Benefits

The twin zipper put on the swaddles makes the change of diapers easy without having to take the sleeping bag off.

These zippers are also convenient for car seats or capsules, as well as letting your baby’s skin breathe when the temperatures are higher. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Love To Dream

Since Love to Dream is one of the best-selling brands for products for baby sleeping, it does not seem to have many drawbacks. However, some parents have complained about a few things. 

The Arms Restriction

Some babies tend to have their arms free, and they cannot stand the high position of them through the whole night.

This might lead to frequent waking up of the baby during the night. Therefore, you will have to check this with your child before purchasing one.


Compared with other swaddles and types of sleepwear, Love to Dream products are quite pricey, so not many parents are prepared to spend that amount of money on something that might not be used a lot.

However, some people do not mind the price since baby sleeping can be one of the most difficult parents’ tasks and responsibilities. 

What Are The Differences Between ErgoPouch And Love To Dream? 

Since both brands offer similar products, there are not a lot of differences between them. However, one main difference is the design of the sleepwear and the position they enable for the babies.

For instance, Love to Dream has the revolutionary position of the arms above the chest, while that is not present in the sleepwear of ErgoPouch. 

Also, ErgoPouch is known to offer more levels of TOG ratings, meaning that their products are characterized by a higher level of warmth. This is important for those parents who live in a variable climate, so they need to be prepared for the rise and fall of the temperatures. 

Which Is Better – ErgoPouch Or Love To Dream? 

Both of the brands offer great and comfortable sleepwear for babies, so it is almost impossible to give an answer to this question. Generally, this would depend on the parents and the necessities of their babies. Some people choose materials over design, while others consider the structure of the sleepwear mainly. 

Therefore, it can be said that it is impossible to choose one over the other since they differ in some features that can be crucial for some parents. 

ErgoPouch and Love to Dream offer great and high-quality products that will enable comfortable and warm sleep for your baby. However, they are distinct in some features that might be of essential importance to you, so you should check all of the features before deciding and buying sleepwear for your baby or toddler.