ErgoCocoon Or Love To Dream – Which Is Best For You & Your Baby

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Newborns usually sleep 16 hours per day; therefore they need a comfortable and warm environment to feel safe and continue developing healthily. One way of giving a baby a great sleeping environment is by using swaddle bags, ErgoCocoon and Love To Dream are two of the leading brands in swaddle bags but which one is better?

ErgoCocoon is a swaddle bag similar to Love to Dream but they differ in some features, like fabrics and structure. The former is multiple-layered and has higher TOG ratings, while the latter is thinner but still very cosy. Depending on your baby’s needs, you will be able to choose between the two.  

In this article, I will discuss swaddle bags designed by ErgoPouch and Love to Dream. I will explain their features thoroughly, along with their advantages and drawbacks. Furthermore, I will point out the differences between the two brands, so you could make the right decision for your little one and provide them with the best solution for comfortable sleeping.

What Is ErgoCocoon? 

Right after they are born, babies spend most of their time sleeping; therefore, they need an environment that is characterized by comfort, warmth, and coziness. You, as the parent, would also feel safer and calm if you know that you have provided the best conditions for your little one. Therefore, obtaining something like an ErgoCocoon would be of great use and benefit for your baby. 

ErgoCocoon is a revolutionary swaddle bag that is suitable right after birth. It offers great comfort and coziness to your baby, and it is quite better than wrapping in multiple blankets. It is more practical and convenient, and babies love it since they feel secure in it. 

The Cocoon swaddle bag is designed to imitate the mother’s womb, so the little ones would not feel the big difference when sleeping. After all, babies are accustomed to their environment, so anything similar to that would work like magic. The swaddle bag includes a zip-up that encloses the baby’s arms and mimics the enclosed space of the womb. 

The ErgoCocoon is TOG-rated, which means that it provides significant warmth for the baby while sleeping, so additional blankets would not be needed. You just need to choose the right swaddle bag that suits the temperature of your room. If you choose the right TOG rating, from the offered three, you will just have to put your baby in the bag without any worries that it will be too hot or too cold. 

In the ErgoCacoon there are poppers included in the area of the shoulders that allow releasing of arms whenever the baby shows signs of rolling. Usually, around the 8th week, the baby will start moving more and more, which will mean that they are ready for a sleeping bag. Until then, the swaddle bag would be the ideal replacement for multiple blankets. 

Furthermore, the zip that is at the front of the bag makes the ErgoCacoon the most convenient sleeping essential since it allows easy changing of nappies during the night. Since you will not have to do the whole dressing again, your baby will be able to go back to sleep faster. 

The ErgoCacoon is made of non-toxic certified organic cotton, which enables your baby a healthier sleeping experience. The bottom of the swaddle bag has a bell-like finish, providing a lot of space for the movement of legs. Therefore, your baby will be comfortable and cozy during the whole night.  

Advantages Of Using ErgoCocoon

Since the swaddle bag is designed to mimic the mother’s womb, it is accompanied by a lot of advantages to ensure the best sleeping experience. 

Convenient Structure With A Zip 

The ErgoCacoon is designed to provide a healthy sleep, along with practicality for the parents. Accompanied by poppers, this swaddle bag limits the baby’s movement of hands but does not allow them to feel stuck or uncomfortable.

The finish in the form of a bell provides a lot of space so the baby could easily move their legs, and the zip at the front enables convenient changing of nappies during the night. 

Organic Materials

The ErgoCacoon is made of 100% organic materials that are safe for the baby, as well as the environment. The certified organic cotton with non-toxic features will enable healthy sleep during the first phase of the development of the baby. 

Different TOG Ratings 

You will not worry about your baby is hot or cold during the night since you have the opportunity to choose the TOG rating of the swaddle bag according to the temperature of your room. 

Disadvantages Of Using ErgoCocoon

Even though it is clear that this swaddle bag is characterized by great features, some parents and babies still find some drawbacks. 

Not All Babies Like It 

According to many reviews all over the internet, it can be said that not all newborns like the ErgoCacoon swaddle bag. Some babies feel too restricted, so they fight it all the time and try to get out of it.

This usually happens if you start using the bag too late, i.e. once the baby starts growing and moving more. 

What Is Love To Dream? 

The swaddle bag designed by Love to Dream has been proven easy to use, and it is characterized by softness and coziness. The design of the swaddle bag enables the baby to move more inside the bag, and it is structured to fit the shape of the baby’s body. The sizes are constructed according to weight rather than age. 

The zip that is included enables easy changing of nappies during the night, so you will not wake up your baby completely and they will be able to go back to sleep easily. The sleeves are removable, so you can decide to put them according to the weather and the room’s temperature. 

Another unique feature of the Love To Dream swaddle bag is the position of the arms in which the bag puts the baby’s arms. The ‘arms-up’ position is the natural position of babies during sleeping, and it provides great comfort and coziness. 

It is proven that the Love to Dream swaddle bag improves the baby’s sleep, as well as the piece for the parents during the night. You can easily put on and put off the bag, and it is way easier than swaddling the baby in blankets. Also, it is far more comfortable than wrapping in multiple-layered blankets.

The swaddle bag is made of non-toxic and organic materials making the sleeping environment for the baby quite healthy. During the first stages of their development, babies are the most sensitive, so they need to be well-taken care of. The first step towards good care is providing a healthy area for sleeping. 

Furthermore, the Love to Dream swaddle bag is very convenient for maintenance. It is easily washable, and it dries quite quickly. That means that you will be able to use the swaddle bag at all times without any special cleaning steps. 

Advantages Of Using Love To Dream

Since it contains unique features, the Love to Dream swaddle bag offers a lot of benefits for the baby’s sleep, but also for the parents as well. 

Quality Materials

The swaddle bag is made of amazing fabrics that contribute to the soft and soothing feeling during sleep. Organic cotton and bamboo are known to impact the quality of sleeping during the whole night ensuring a healthy environment for the baby.    

‘Arms-Up’ Position During Sleep 

The revolutionary ‘arms-up’ structure allows babies to sleep in their natural position, ensuring they move their arms inside as they need to. The bottoms are flexible, enabling easy moving of the hips and legs, so babies do not feel any discomfort while sleeping. 

Different TOG Ratings 

The Love to Dream sleepwear is characterized by different TOG ratings, meaning that they offer different levels of warmth.

Depending on the weather and the temperature in your room, you can choose whatever TOG rating you think is required for a healthy environment for your baby. 

Zipper Benefits

The twin zipper put on the swaddles makes the change of diapers easy without having to take the sleeping bag off. This means that you will be able to put your baby back to sleep during the night easier than usual.

These zippers also make putting on and off of the swaddle bag quite easy and fairly quickly.

Disadvantages Of Using Love To Dream

Although Love to Dream swaddle bags are proven to work magically for newborns, some people might think that there is room for improvement. 

No Option For Letting The Arms Out

Some babies prefer to have their arms free, and they cannot relax with the high position of them through the whole night. Therefore, some parents believe that no option for letting the arms out might cause discomfort for the baby. 

What Are The Differences Between ErgoCocoon And Love To Dream? 

Both brands enable great comfort and cosiness for babies during their sleep. However, they have some differences which can make your decision about which one to buy difficult. For example, Love to Dream is characterized by a special position of the arms, but the swaddle bags are thinner and consist of a single layer. 

On the other hand, the ErgoCacoon does not have the natural position of the arms; however, it includes poppers that allow a certain amount of movement of the arms but prevents rolling over. ErgoCacoon swaddle bags are also multiple-layered, meaning that they are warmer. 

Which Is Better – ErgoCacoon Or Love To Dream? 

Both brands offer amazing and cozy swaddle bags for babies, so it is not easy to decide that one is better than the other. The parents are the ones that can decide what is necessary for their baby; therefore, they could only answer the question depending on their baby’s needs. 

Therefore, since all babies are different, they also have different needs, meaning that ErgoCacoon or Love to Dream can be suitable for one newborn, but not work well on another, and vice versa.

It is of essential importance that you consider the sleeping conditions of your baby. During their first months, they spend most of the time asleep, so it is important that you choose the right tools for a healthy sleeping environment.