Does The Next To Me Crib Fit Any Bed?

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Choosing the right crib for your newborn baby may be a nightmare, especially if you want to keep the baby very close to you at all times. Chicco Next to Me fixes this issue and allows you to have the baby next to you even at night, without the baby occupying your bed space. 

Chicco Next to Me crib will fit any standard-sized bed. It comes with straps that have to be attached around the bed, and the height is adjustable in 6-11 levels, depending on the specific model you have chosen. The height ranges from 35cm to 52cm, so it is easy to set up the crib at the exact height you need. 

There are three variations of the Chicco Next to Me crib that you can choose from, and each one of them offers different features that make that model the right one for you. Later on in the article, you will find these differences described, but let’s start by explaining what are this crib’s basic features first. 

What Is Chicco Next to Me?

Having a newborn can be really challenging and exhausting for a new mother. Newborn babies require to be fed almost every two hours. That basically means that the mother will be required to get up and take the baby out of its crib every time it needs to be fed. 

Chicco Next to Me is a crib that is designed in a way to act as an extension to your bed, so the baby can sleep and be within your reach. This means that you will be able to get the baby without getting out of your bed. 

Having the baby sleeping in your bed is not recommended, but this crib is a nice solution if you are thinking about whether the baby should sleep in the same bed as you or in its own crib. 

One of the sides of the crib can be detached and reattached with a zipped. In the beginning, you may not need to use this feature, but as the baby gets older and starts moving a lot around, you will definitely need to use it. 

Also, this means that you can close all four sides and move the crib somewhere else, so the baby can enjoy its comfort even during the day, for example. And like this, you would still have your baby within your reach. 

What Type of Next to Me Should I Choose?

Chicco Next to Me comes in several variations – Air, Dream, and Magic. All three of them are different in their own way, but all of them can be used from the baby is born until around the baby is six months old. 

It is totally up to you to evaluate when is the best time to stop using the crib. Chicco is recommending to stop using the crib once the baby starts to sit on its own, unaided. That is when the crib is no longer safe for the baby. 

Next to Me Air

The name of this crib justifies the way it was designed – it has mesh panels on all four sides of the crib. Most other cribs on the market have only one mesh panel, to allow the parents to see the baby if they choose to fully zip the crib. 

Chicco Next to Me Air allows greater airflow, meaning the baby will breathe more easily and will get more fresh air, while it’s in the crib. This also helps bring the temperature down during hot nights. This way, the baby will wake up less since it will not be disturbed by the heat. 

The construction of this crib makes it suitable for all types of beds, including divans. There are six different height positions you can choose from and a tilt option, so for sure, you will be able to find the right position for your bed. The tilt option is there to prevent reflux. 

Next to Me Dream

Chicco Next to Me Dream crib has one panel on the side that can be easily detached, so the baby is within your reach while you are in bed. What differentiates this model from the previous one is the rocking function.

This means that if you choose to use Next to Me Dream as a standalone crib, you will be able to activate the rocking function so that your baby is easily comforted and put back to sleep if needed. 

Also, there is another mesh window available on one of the crib sides. This will increase the airflow and breathability. 

There are eleven height positions to choose from, so if you are unsure about whether the Air model will fit your bed, this one definitely will. The heights range from 35cm to 52cm. Like the previous model, this one can be tilted as well. 

Next to Me Magic

Chicco Next to Me Magic is the most advanced model on the market, with many upgrades. It is based on the previous models, but with many extra features that were added. 

The first of them is a sliding panel, which will allow the easiest access to the baby you can get. There are no zippers to zip or unzip, just simply slide the panel to the side, and voila. The temperature is regulated by double-sided mesh panels and a special 3D mattress cover. 

If you are using the crib in standalone mode, it will also give you the possibility to turn on the rocking function. However, there is a simple button that activates this feature and is adjusted to soothe the baby to sleep. 

It is very easy to attach this model to the bed, thanks to retractable feet, and is suitable even for divans. Air and Dream models have foldable feet, for example, so this is definitely a new feature that was introduced. There is a total of eleven height positions, and the tilt feature was not left out, of course. 

Does The Next To Me Crib Fit Any Bed? 

When it comes to choosing the perfect crib for your baby, there are a lot of different options, however, not all of them work for every parent. They usually come with different features, but one of the most important is the availability of the crib to adjust to your bed, so you can use it properly and easily. So, does the Next To Me crib fit any bed, and in what ways you can use it so it is convenient both for you and your baby? 

Chicco Next2Me comes with different dimensions and different types, so parents can choose whatever is more convenient for their space. The Chicco Next2Me cribs are bigger than traditional Moses baskets, and they can be attached to any bed, including divans and ottomans due to the retractable feet. 

If you are trying to find the best sleeping crib for your newborn, then you have found the right article that will help you choose your best option. Here, I will discuss the Next2Me cribs along with their features, as well as their possibility to be attached to different kinds of beds. Once you read the information provided here, you will know what will work for you and your environment, and what you will get once you opt for one of the cribs. 

How To Use The Next2Me Crib? 

The Chicco Next2Me cribs are quite popular among parents, and they are known to be very convenient since they come with great features and excellent adjustability to any bed. They are suitable for babies from their birth until 6 months, i.e. until babies have started to sit up without any aid. The great thing about this crib is that it is versatile, meaning that you can use it in three modes – a sleeping crib, a travel crib, or a stand-alone.

Another great feature is that the Next2Me crib comes with swivel wheels that contribute to easy maneuvering of the crib, as well as, easy and quick cleaning. Besides being able to be attached to your bed, you should also think about whether it is going to be easy for you to move the crib and clean it. It is a well-known fact that babies need special care and hygiene, therefore cleaning should be easy and quick for the parents. 

Since Next2Me is easily attached to any bed, you will not have to worry about it being the perfect choice for your bed properties. This crib allows you to use it at different heights, so it will match the height of your bed. What is more, the crib has the feature to raise one end higher than the other, so if your baby needs to sleep with raised head, the crib will enable great comfort for them.

On top of everything, Next2Me cribs come with long straps that go all around the base, meaning that you can secure them safely. Also, you can easily pack the crib away, or pack it as a travel crib since it comes with an excellent travel bag that is convenient and easy to transport. This way you will always know that your baby will be comfortable even away from home, so you will not have additional worries when travelling. 

Does The Chicco Next2Me Crib Fit Divan Beds? 

The Chicco Next2Me Air is the perfect option for those who have divan beds at their home. They include a zip side panel that has the possibility to fold down, making this crib’s features similar to those in the traditional side-sleeping cribs. This way parents can share space with their baby without worrying about safety during the night. 

This crib is not only suitable for divan beds, but also for many other types of beds. So, if this is something that suits your preferences, you can easily opt for it. You will have the option to adjust the crib to six different heights, as well as, use the tilt function that will aid if your baby is facing congestion, and that way provide the comfort your baby needs through the whole night. 

The Chicco Next2Me Air is designed to promote breathability and airflow, so you will know that your baby has the healthiest and the most comfortable sleeping conditions. Also, this crib comes with all-side mesh panelling, meaning that you can easily transport it to places, and keep the baby feel at home at all times. This is very convenient for babies who have a difficult time adjusting to a new environment, especially for sleeping. 

Does The Chicco Next2Me Crib Fit Ottoman Storage Beds? 

Since the Chicco Next2Me cribs are quite adjustable to any kind of bed, you can easily choose any type of Next2Me crib and not worry about whether it is going to fit or not. For instance, the Chicco Next2Me Magic comes with retractable feet, meaning that it can be easily attached to any bed. This is the most innovative and revolutionary crib on the market that provides great comfort for newborns but is also very convenient for parents. 

It comes with excellent, innovative features, and it includes a one-handed sliding panel that enables you to reach your little one easily at any time during the night. Besides using it as a sleeping crib, you can also use it as a standalone since the new rocking mechanism is activated by only one button. This mechanism provides soothing comfort for the newborn while they sleep. 

The Chicco Next2Me Magic comes with 11 adjustable heights, as well as a tilting option, so you can choose the conditions that are the most appropriate for your baby at a particular moment. The double-side mesh panels are characterized by excellent breathability and the 3D mattress allows regulation of temperature throughout the whole night. 

Can You Use The Chicco Next2Me Crib Without The Straps To The Bed?

The straps are designed to ensure that the crib is right next to the bed, i.e. in a perfect position, while also preventing the creation of gaps between the bed and the crib. In other words, their main purpose is to keep the baby safe while sleeping throughout the whole night. It also helps parents to be more relaxed because they know that their baby will not roll over during the night. 

However, if you have the perfect position of the crib right next to the bed, you can use the crib without the straps. You might not need them at all, or you might need them sometimes depending on the type of your bed and the place where you put the crib. The straps can be bought separately, which tells you that they are an additional part of the crib. 

How To Use Chicco Next2Me Crib With Any Bed? 

Since the Chicco Next2Me Crib is quite adjustable, you should not fear that it will not fit your bed. Even if you have unusual dimensions of your bed, i.e. unusual height of the bed, you should not worry because the Next2Me Crib has a minimum of six adjustable heights so it would definitely fit any type of bed. Depending on the type of Next2Me you choose, you will see at how many levels you can adjust the height of the crib.

If there is a gap between your bed and the crib, you have gaps that will provide ultimate safety, so you do not need to worry about that. People have been using this crib with divan and ottoman beds, so it practically works with every type of bed. However, if you are not relaxed during the night, you can use it with the lifted panels because they are designed to be breathable, therefore, your baby will feel comfortable anyway. 

If you happen to purchase the crib, and you see that it does not fit as you wanted, you can always use it as a standalone and a transport crib. However, the chances that it will not fit your bed are minimal, so there is no reason to worry about it. You can also read a lot of reviews online and see that people really use it with any kind of bed. 

The Next2Me crib is one of the greatest and revolutionary cribs on the market and they are proven to work miraculously for babies and parents. The comfort they provide for newborns is indescribable, and every parent would like to have something like this for their little one.