Does A Sleepyhead Fit In A Snuzpod?

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The ultimate goal of every parent is to provide their baby with only the best products. This is why many parents are looking for ways to increase their baby’s comfort at all times. The two most used products for this purpose are the Sleepyhead pod and the Snuzpod crib.

Sleepyhead does fit into most standard Snuzpod models, however, you need to double-check this before buying both. Both manufacturers recommend using their products as standalone products, but if you do combine them, make sure that you safely use them. The baby needs to be under constant supervision when you are using these products. 

Keep reading to find out the best way to combine a Sleepyhead with a Snuzpod. Also, if you find a Snuzpod to be a little too pricey for your budget, at the end of this article we have listed the best six alternatives to the Snuzpod. 

What Is a Sleepyhead?

A Sleepyhead pod or nest is a pod that is designed to give the baby the comfort and that feeling of being snuggled while it is sleeping or resting. It looks like a nest with reinforced edges, so the baby can’t fall off the bed for example.

This pod can be placed on any surface – you can place it on your bed or couch and let the baby rest and sleep while you are occupied with other activities. Its function is not to replace the baby’s bed, but to allow it to feel safe when it’s out of it. 

What Is a Snuzpod?

A Snuzpod can have two functions – it can be a standalone crib, or it can be connected to your bed, allowing you easy access to the baby at night. This is done thanks to one mesh side that can be unzipped and fully open.

There are two reasons why one of the walls is made from mesh. The first one is to allow you to see the baby from a horizontal position if you choose to use the Snuzpod as a standalone crib even at night. You will not have to get up at all since you will be able to see the baby through the mesh side.

The second one is for the baby’s comfort since the mesh will allow greater airflow. This way the temperature inside the cot can be maintained, so the baby will not feel too hot while it’s inside. 

How Big Is a Snuzpod?

The exact dimensions of the Snuzpod can vary depending on the model you have got. Over the years, the Snuzpod has evolved, so there are different models and variations on the market. 

For example, Snuzpod Air is 95x56x83cm and weighs almost 14kg. Snuzpod 3 has the following dimensions – 100x49x95cm and it weighs 12kg. The next-generation model, Snuzpod 4 has the same dimensions but is 1kg lighter. Snuzpods 3 and 4 are around 20% bigger than the Snuzpod 2 model, for example.

As you can see, there are different dimensions, so you need to consider this when you decide to buy a Snuzpod. Make sure that you have checked the exact dimensions of the crib before you buy it, so you can make sure that it will fit into the space that’s available at your place. 

How Big Is a Sleepyhead?

Sleepyhead dimensions can also vary depending on the model, and the type of product you have chosen. Pods have dimensions that are different from nests, for example.

The standard dimensions for the pods are 75x46x46cm. The covers for the pods can be bought separately, and that is a fun way to change the looks of your pod from time to time. Pods can be used for newborns, as well as for babies that are up to 8 months old. 

One remark that has to be made here is that Sleepyhead is not supposed to be used in your car. Yes, it is easily transportable, but don’t be tempted to use it in the car meaning that the baby will feel more comfortable. The only way for the baby to be safe in the car is to use the car seat. 

Can A Sleepyhead Fit In A Snuzpod?

The opinions on whether or not you should use a Sleepyhead in a Snuzpod are very divided. Some people advocate for not combining these two products, while others say it is completely safe to do so. There are no official testimonials from both of the companies confirming or denying any allegations. 

The Sleepyhead states that it can be used on any firm surface – and the mattress in the Snuzpod represents such a surface, which easily leads you to the conclusion that yes, you can use a Sleepyhead inside the Snuzpod. 

However, Snuzpod has released very clear instructions on how to use their product, and there are no mentions of any insert items that should be used along with the crib. This brings you to another, very different conclusion, that the Snuzpod is made to be used without any additional items being placed inside it. 

The issue with any inserts inside any type of cribs is that they can block airflow and thus increase the temperature inside the crib. This is not an ideal situation and it can be harmful to the baby. 

Real-life has found a solution since many mothers report successfully using these two products together. The trick is to use the Sleepyhead when you are using the Snuzpod as the co-sharing crib, not as a standalone crib.

When you are using the Snuzpod as a co-sharing crib, one of its sides is completely opened, which is very suitable for the Sleepyhead. This way the airflow issue is solved and your baby is given some extra comfort Sleepyhead provides. 

Are There Any Alternatives To Sleepyheads To Use With Snuzpods?

Just like with any other product on the market, Sleepyhead pods also have their alternatives. There are many more or less familiar brands on the market that offer products very similar (or almost identical) to the Sleepyhead pods.

Some of the most popular ones along with their pros and cons are listed in the table below. 

NoNameAge groupProsCons
1.Babymoov Doomoo Cocoon0-6 months*adaptable size*padded back*velcro ties*organic cotton fabric*cover can be washed in a washing machine*no spare covers available*on the pricey side (but still cheaper than the Sleepyhead)
2.ClevaMama baby pod0-12 months*soft foam padded back that is preventing plagiocephaly*hypoallergic material*cover can be washed in a washing machine*it cannot be opened at the bottom
3.Tiny Star pod0-6 months*padded back and sides*can be washed in a washing machine*you can buy spare padding*no cover*less fashionable design
4.Babymoov Cosydream0-3 months*fabric most similar to Sleepyhead*baby cannot roll*no tummy time*only up to 3 months old
5.Luchild baby nest0-8 months*padded back and sides*cover can be washed in a washing machine*bigger than Sleepyhead
6.Purflo baby nest0-6 months* half the price of Sleepyhead*hypoallergenic material*no back padding