Do You Need SnuzPod Fitted Sheets?

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SnuzPods are some of the best co-sleeping cribs on the market, and they’re a top commodity for many parents. However, they aren’t cheap, and neither are the sheets that go with them. So, do you need to purchase fitted sheets from the Snuz company, or are there cheaper alternatives?

You don’t need SnuzPod fitted sheets from the Snüz brand. Snüz brand sheets always fit the best, especially for models 3 and 4, but some generic brands can accommodate a SnuzPod’s length and width. These sheets are cheaper than the branded ones, but they tend to be narrower and more elongated. 

So, let’s take a look at what kind of sheets you can use with your SnuzPod and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying branded sheets. I’ll also tell you about some alternatives I’ve used in the past and let you know how well they worked. 

Do You Need To Buy SnuzPod Branded Fitted Sheets for the SnuzPod?

SnuzPods are a type of crib that parents can situate in different parts of the house with ease, including strapping to the parents’ bed, making it easy to comfort and check on your baby at night.

As a premium brand of baby care goods, Snüz products can be pretty costly, although they are rather luxurious and safe. 

You don’t need to buy SnuzPod branded fitted sheets for the SnuzPod. While buying sheets from SnuzPod will keep your purchase experience simple, it is not the only place or brand you can buy. 

Some parents have had luck keeping the measurements of their mattresses and finding different sheets on Amazon and in local stores. 

So, if you want to buy sheets for the SnuzPod, you have many options. Those other options are often cheaper (keep reading to learn about the best ones). 

When buying off-brand sheets, the trick is to know the measurements of the SnuzPod mattress you have, then search for fitted sheets that come close to those measurements. 

Some mothers even use slightly larger sheets but tightly tuck in the excess fabric under the mattress. You can also use elastic and some safety pins to secure the loose ends underneath the bed, allowing you to customize the size of almost any sheet. 

Do SnuzPod Fitted Sheets Fit All Models of SnuzPod?

Like with the alternative sheets, the main idea is to match the measurements when buying fitted sheets for the SnuzPod from Snüz.

SnuzPod fitted sheets don’t fit all models of SnuzPod since there are different sized fitted sheets for every crib model. SnuzPod 2, 3, and 4 mattresses are all different sizes, and Snüz sells various sheets for each one.  

Here is how the sizes of each SnuzPod mattress differ: 

  • SnuzPod 2 is 36.5 cm by 80.5 cm (14.4 in by 31.69 in)
  • SnuzPod 3 is 44 cm by 80 cm (17.3 in by 31.5 in)
  • SnuzPod 4 is 40 cm 75.5 cm (15.7 in by 29.7 in)

So, generation 2 fitted sheets will not stay on SnuzPod 3s and 4s. However, since model 3 SnuzPods fall somewhere between the other two generations, their sheets usually fit model 2s and 4s with a bit of excess material.

Some forum users claim they have had luck with Snüz’s Moses and Pram sheets on SnuzPod 2s, but the measurements suggest that wouldn’t work because the mattress is 5 cm (2 in) too long. 

However, if you happen to have that combination, you could test yourself to see if the stretch of the fabric and the softness of the mattress are just enough to squeeze together yet remain flat. 

Can You Use Alternative Sheets for the SnuzPod?

If you go with an alternative sheet, you may have to test it to see if you can get the excess length of the material secured underneath, or you may have to negotiate with a tight fit.

You can use alternative sheets for the SnuzPod. As long as the sheet is not so small that it pops off of the mattress, you should be able to use it. Generally, you’ll have to secure the excess material underneath the bed since loose fabrics can be dangerous for your baby. 

If your SnuzPod is a 2 model, it stands a better chance of fitting alternative sheets. 

You can also use ASDA Moses basket fitted sheets for your SnuzPod since the measurements are similar. However, there are plenty of other options. 

Still, why would you need an alternative, and why wouldn’t you? Let’s take a look:

Advantages of Using SnuzPod Sheets

  • You can ensure that they will fit your SnuzPod.
  • Using the proper size sheet is safer since loose material may wrap around your baby at night. 
  • The material is always premium quality.

Disadvantages of Using SnuzPod Sheets

  • Snuzpod branded sheets are pricey, and you’ll only use them early in your baby’s life. 
  • They come in a size that doesn’t often fit other mattresses or pillows. 

What Are the Best Alternative Sheets for the SnuzPod?

The best alternative sheets for the SnuzPod, which are all available on Amazon, are: 

So, let’s take a closer look at these sheets and see how they measure up: 

TL Care Jersey Knit Sheets

My favorite alternative sheets for my SnuzPod are these TL Care Jersey Knit Sheets (available on They’re 18 inches (45.7 cm) wide and 32 inches (81.28 cm) long, so they’ll fit any model SnuzPod. They also come in various colors and have a soft jersey feel that stretches around undersized mattresses. 

These sheets have gotten me through several kids, and I can’t recommend them enough. 

Mika Micky Waterproof Sheet

Initially made for another bassinet, this sheet is about 18 (45.7 cm) inches by 33 inches (82.3 cm) long. So, it’ll fit your SnuzPod mattress with a bit of extra fabric. If you want a waterproof sheet that’s still soft, this one’s the way to go. 

TILLYOU Jersey Bassinet Sheets

These bassinet sheets are ideal for SnuzPod 2 and 4, but they don’t quite fit model 3 very well. They’re 33 inches (82,3 cm)  by 16 inches (40.6 cm), so they’ll give you an excellent snug fit on some SnuzPod mattresses. Still, since you won’t have to secure these with extra elastic or safety pins, they’re the perfect sheet for SnuzPod 2 and 4 owners. 

They also come in 2-packs in various colors and fun patterns, which I love!