Do You Need a Sleepyhead and a Moses Basket?

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New parents can feel overwhelmed with all the advice and product recommendations they receive from friends and family. Your aunt swears by a Moses basket, but your friend says she couldn’t live without a Sleepyhead. You may be left wondering, “Do I need Sleepyhead and a Moses basket?”

You probably don’t need both a Sleepyhead and a Moses basket. Sleepyheads are expensive and not recommended for overnight use. A Moses basket is safer and more affordable, but it will only last your baby a few months at most.

Where and how your baby sleeps is an important personal decision for you and your partner. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Sleepyheads and Moses baskets, so you can make an informed purchase. Parents with lots of money to spare may want both, but the average family will probably want to choose one or the other. 

What Is a Sleepyhead?

A Sleepyhead is a “pod” or “nest” made by Dockatot. The Sleepyhead has since been rebranded as the Dockatot Deluxe+. However, some parents use the term “Sleepyhead” to refer to all baby pods and nests. 

A Sleepyhead is a cosy place to set your baby down for lounging or naptime. It has foam bumpers that surround your baby, helping him feel secure. You can easily move it from room to room so that your baby has somewhere to lie down no matter where you are. 

Depending on how large your baby is, you should be able to use the Sleepyhead from birth until about eight months. Dockatot produces a larger version for when your baby outgrows the original, but it is very expensive.

You should only place a Sleepyhead on flat surfaces, and it is not recommended for overnight use. However, some parents use the Sleepyhead for overnight use, either for co-sleeping in the same bed or by placing the Sleepyhead in the baby’s cot. If you choose to use the Sleepyhead overnight, keep in mind that you are going against NHS and Lullaby Trust recommendations.

What Is a Moses Basket?

A Moses basket is a small, portable cot for a newborn baby. It is much smaller than a regular cot and fits easily in the parents’ bedroom. It often has wicker sides for a safe, breathable sleeping environment and can attach to a stand to make it easier to pick up and set down a sleeping baby. 

Moses baskets are also known as bassinets. They are an efficient use of space and will not crowd your room, unlike many other room-sharing options. 

They are also notable for their portability. It is easy to move the Moses basket from one room to another so that you can keep an eye on your napping baby anywhere in your home. 

You can only use Moses baskets for four months at the most. Additionally, there’s a chance your baby may outgrow their Moses basket sooner, depending on how quickly he becomes taller and heavier. Because Moses baskets have such a short period of usefulness, some parents choose not to use them at all.

Can You Use a Moses Basket and a Sleepyhead?

If you’re using a Sleepyhead as it was intended (for supervised naptime and lounging use), you can use both a Moses basket and a Sleepyhead without any redundancy. The Moses basket can be in your bedroom for nighttime, and the Sleepyhead can go from room to room so you can keep an eye on your baby. 

From birth until about three months, your baby will probably be able to nap almost anywhere. That means you can set the Sleepyhead on the floor in any room and give your baby a comfortable place to nap. 

Around three months, you should consider laying your baby down for a nap in their own room with fewer distractions. Your baby can continue to enjoy the Sleepyhead as a lounger until they is mobile enough to roll out of it, around six months. You will also need to consider a different overnight sleeping arrangement when your baby outgrows the Moses basket by four months of age.

If you decide to use the Sleepyhead for overnight use, you do not need both a Sleepyhead and a Moses basket. No matter whether you place the Sleepyhead in your baby’s cot or in your bed with you, you will not need the Moses basket for overnights. And, because the Sleepyhead is portable, you don’t need the Moses basket for naptimes, either.

Do You Need To Use a Moses Basket With a Sleepyhead?

If you want to follow the NHS and Lullaby Trust recommendations for infant safety, you need to use a Moses basket together with a Sleepyhead. The Sleepyhead doesn’t meet the current safety standards for overnight or unsupervised use, and your baby will be safer sleeping in a Moses basket.

You could also choose to purchase a bedside crib or travel cot instead of a Moses basket. Both of these options take up more space than the Moses basket, but they will last your baby much longer than four months.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Sleepyhead and a Moses Basket?

Having both a Sleepyhead and a Moses basket can be convenient. You can leave the Moses basket in your bedroom for overnight use and move the Sleepyhead around the house for naps and lounging. Sleepyheads are lighter in weight than Moses baskets and so are easier to carry.

Having both products will also give you a better idea of how your baby sleeps best. By the time your baby is ready to start sleeping through the night, you’ll know if she prefers the secure confines of the Sleepyhead or a more open bed with room to stretch. You can use this knowledge to help your baby sleep comfortably all night long.  

What Are the Drawbacks of Having a Sleepyhead and a Moses Basket?

The biggest drawback to having both options is the cost. Sleepyheads are pricey, and can usually cost a few hundred pounds. A Moses basket and stand are much cheaper. Additionally, neither is a long-term sleeping solution for your baby, so you’ll need to have another sleeping option as well.

Your baby will outgrow both the Moses basket and the Sleepyhead well before his first birthday. The Moses basket will last you four months at most, and the Sleepyhead eight months at most. If your baby is on the larger side, he will outgrow them much sooner. You will need to consider where you will store these items once your baby has outgrown them and what you will replace them with.

Another drawback of having both products is that your baby might prefer one over the other. For example, if your baby sleeps in the Sleepyhead for supervised naps and the Moses basket overnight, she may prefer the snug foam bumpers of the Sleepyhead and sleep worse in the Moses basket. 

In this situation, you’ll be stuck with a baby who only wants to sleep in a product she isn’t supposed to use unsupervised. You will have to go against the safety regulations or train your baby to sleep in the Moses basket.

Do You Need a Sleepyhead and a Moses Basket?

Most parents don’t need both a Sleepyhead and a Moses basket. If you’re looking for a snug, portable bed for your newborn baby to use at naptime, either will do. That said, a Moses basket is the more economical choice and has the added benefit of being safe for overnight or unsupervised use. 

If you want to use a Sleepyhead overnight, keeping in mind the safety hazards it poses, you don’t need a Moses basket. Just be prepared to spend more for a bed that your baby will outgrow by eight months, if not sooner. 

Moses baskets and Sleepyheads are nice to have, but neither is strictly necessary. If you’re tight on money and want a product that will last your baby a long time, consider a co-sleeping crib or a travel cot instead. These options are smaller than a normal cot and should fit in your bedroom. They’re also safe to use for at least a year, depending on the model you purchase. 

Most travel cots are also quite easy to move around, so you can carry them from room to room, as needed. You can also pack them up to go on trips. If your baby enjoys sleeping in a travel cot, this can be a great way to ensure he gets enough sleep, no matter where you are. 

If you opt for a travel cot over a Sleepyhead or Moses basket, I recommend the Graco Compact Travel Cot from It’s compact, secure, and even comes with a nifty carry bag for easy storage and packing.