Do Travel Cots Need Sheets? – Everything You Need To Know

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First-time parents should definitely invest in a travel cot for their new baby. However, simply purchasing a travel cot isn’t enough. While you may want to invest in a thicker mattress or attachments for your travel cot, you will definitely need to purchase sheets. 

Travel cots need sheets – not only do they help protect the travel cot mattress, they also give your baby a soft, smooth surface to sleep on. Ideally, you should purchase two sets of sheets so that you have a spare handy in case your baby makes a mess of one set.

That said, there are some things you need to keep in mind when purchasing sheets for your travel cot, including making sure that you buy sheets that fit your brand of travel cot. Keep reading to learn more about the bedding you’ll need to make your travel cot safe and comfortable for your baby. 

Do Travel Cots Need Sheets?

Purchasing sheets for your travel cot may seem unnecessary at first. After all, you probably already have a cot, mattress, and sheets for your nursery. You may even have bedding for your baby’s Moses basket or co-sleeping crib. Do you really need to buy even more sheets for another piece of baby furniture?

Travel cots need sheets because they help ensure your baby’s safety and comfort. Having sheets on a travel cot can also make cleaning up easier for you.

Travel cot mattresses are thin and firm. They have to be foldable so the whole cot can be stored in a bag. Unfortunately, this also means that travel cots are less comfortable than traditional cots.

A set of soft sheets will help make the travel cot mattress more comfortable for your baby. Cot mattresses are not always smooth, especially if they have a waterproof covering. Sheets will protect your baby’s soft, sensitive skin from the potentially rough mattress.

Sheets also make it much easier for you to clean your travel cot when it inevitably gets messy. Nappies leak overnight. Babies spit-up. Toddlers spill snacks. No matter whether you use your travel cot just for overnights on holiday or as an everyday playpen and cot, your travel cot will get dirty sometimes. 

When messes happen, just remove the soiled sheets and wipe down the mattress underneath. The sheets will absorb most of the mess, so all you have to do is run them through the wash. Put a fresh set of sheets on the travel cot, and your cot will be as good as new.

What Type Of Sheets Do I Need For A Travel Cot?

Your travel cot needs fitted sheets made specifically for its mattress. While it is possible to use off-brand sheets or even sheets made for your baby’s regular cot, the safest choice for your baby is to use sheets fitted to your travel cot.

Your baby should sleep on a firm, flat mattress with as little excess bedding as possible. Loose sheets and extra blankets can be a suffocation hazard and may cause your baby to overheat. Therefore, you must use sheets that are well fitted to your travel cot. 

If you can’t purchase sheets made for your travel cot, use a small, flat sheet, such as one made for your baby’s regular cot. Make sure all edges of the sheet are tucked under the corners of the mattress – there should be no loose edges for your baby to pull on. Try to keep the sheet as flat as possible, with few or no wrinkles on the mattress.

You should avoid using fitted sheets made for your baby’s regular cot because the mattress for your travel cot is not the same size. A fitted sheet that is too large or too small may come loose and pose a safety hazard for your baby.

Do All Sheets Fit All Travel Cots?

Not all sheets fit all travel cots. This is because travel cots come in different shapes and sizes, and so do their mattresses. They also tend to be smaller than regular cots, and they come in a range of sizes depending on the brand. 

The safest choice is to use sheets made specifically for your travel cot. If you want to purchase a different brand of travel cot sheets, check the reviews from previous buyers. See if any other parents have had success using those sheets on your brand of travel cot. 

I’ve created a list of some of the most popular travel cot brands and sheets so you can compare their sizes and materials. If you already have a travel cot, you can measure its dimensions and find a set of sheets that best fits your cot’s mattress.

The most common travel cot sheet size is 65 by 95 cm (27.6 x 37.4 inches). However, there are plenty of other sizes available as well. If your travel cot mattress is different from the ones on this table, you should see if the cot manufacturer also sells sheets.

BrandSheet SizeMaterial
Mamas & Papas Travel Cot Fitted Sheets (Pack of 2)65 cm x 95 cm (25.59 x 37.40 in)Cotton
BABYBJÖRN Fitted Sheet for Travel Cot60 cm x 105 cm (23.62 x 41.33 in)Organic cotton
DK Glovesheets 100% Organic Cotton Fitted Large Travel Cot Sheet75 cm x 105 cm (29.52 x 41.33 in)Organic cotton
COSMOPLUS Stretch Fitted Pack n Play Playard Sheets – 2 Pack61 cm x 96 cm (24.01 x 37.79 in)Microfiber

How Many Sets Of Travel Cot Sheets Do I Need?

If you only plan to use your travel cot for travelling, you won’t need more than two sets of sheets for your travel cot. While you may think that one set will do the trick, your baby might wet the bed or spit up, and a second set can come in handy.

When you’re travelling, you may also not be able to easily access a washing machine to do the laundry, which is why it’s always best to keep a spare set of travel cot sheets in case of an emergency.

Some parents use their travel cot in place of a Moses basket, playpen, or regular cot. If you plan on using your travel cot for everyday use at home, you should have at least three sets of sheets. The more time your baby spends in the cot, the more likely it is that she’ll make a mess in it. 

Three or more sets of travel cot sheets may seem like a lot, but consider how often you’ll use your travel cot. From naptime to overnight to playtime, your baby could be in the travel cot multiple times a day, increasing the likelihood that sheets may get dirty. 

Given the fact that a travel cot can last you up to three years, spending money on an extra set of sheets rather than a new item of furniture for your baby is actually a bargain!  

What If I’m Using A Different Mattress For My Travel Cot?

Some parents find that the firm, flat mattress that comes with a travel cot is too uncomfortable. Your baby doesn’t actually need a thick and plush mattress—in fact, an extra soft mattress may be dangerous for your baby. The travel cot mattress is perfectly safe, and it is made to fold up with the rest of the cot for easy transportation and storage.

However, if you want to use your travel cot around the house and are dissatisfied with the quality of the mattress, you may decide to purchase an extra mattress.

If you’re using a different mattress for your travel cot, make sure that it fits snugly in the cot. There should be very little space between the mattress and the edge of the cot, or else your baby could get stuck in the gap. Make sure to test the stability of your travel cot with the new mattress.

Travel cots are designed to be used with the original mattress, and a new mattress may set it off balance. You should also measure the distance from the top of the mattress to the top of the cot. If it is less than 50 cm (19.68 in), your baby could be in danger of climbing out.

Once your new mattress is safely and securely placed in the travel cot, you can then add the sheets. Refer to the measurements of the mattress, not the cot, when you purchase sheets. It is important that the sheets fit the mattress and do not have any loose edges that could endanger your baby.