Do Primark Do Maternity Clothes & What We Bought!

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Though we are on our first pregnancy I know from friends and family that finding maternity clothes can be really hard, not many high street stores stock maternity anymore and so it was harder and harder to find decent clothing and a decent price. That was until recently when supermarkets started selling a small selection of maternity wear in stores.

Another brand to shout about is Primark, they launched their maternity (parenthood as they have called it) brand in stores in 2021! This has been a massive move as they have been able to create functional clothing for those going through major body changes and also managed to stick to reasonable prices. Primark have often been a beacon for those looking to buy clothing that isn’t over expensive, especially if not erquired for a long period of time.

We were both so pleased when Primark launched their maternity range as we have just got pregnant and unfortunately due to some extreme bloating, I was finding it hard to fit in anything I owned so I was desperate to get my hands on some reasonably priced clothing which would give me room to grow and space to eat!

What You Should Know About Primark’s Parenthood Range

What we discovered at first was that it isn’t in all stores, we first searched our local store and as it was a smaller store they weren’t stocking items. We then drove another mile or 2 to a slightly larger store to find some of the items we had seen in advertisements and struggled. They had the joggers, bras and maternity vest tops.

We really got spoiled for choice when we headed to a larger store at Meadowhall, there we found a larger section and it was identifiable by the Parenthood banner and merchandising labels above the racks.

We found much more such as:

  • cropped jeans with the pregnancy bump band in
  • summer ripped jeans with the band
  • leggings
  • joggers
  • t-shirts
  • Vests
  • Jumpers
  • Breastfeeding bras

If you are looking for more comprehensive shopping head to the larger stores as smaller stores will need the space for general clothing to make sales. You can find more range and choice in larger stores along with better sizing options as they have the space to spread out and put out a better range.

What Is The Primark Maternity Range Quality Like?

The quality of the clothing is very typical of Primark so if you already like primark or know what to expect than you will have no problems shopping the maternity range. I found the summer ripped jeans a better quality so far than I expected, they are very comfortable and forgiving in the legs and waist area which I was pleased about.

The clothing range has clearly been thought out and Primark have created simple garments which can be used throughout pregnancy, teamed up with jeans, leggings or joggers and are very simple. This is something I liked the most as many maternity garments can often look frumpy, mumsy and unattractive. They have plain t-shirts or striped prints, nothing is too overbearing, bright or even tacky which I appreciated.

What We Bought

Here is a wuick breakdown of what we bought, why and what I think so far!

Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt

The striped t-shirt I bought wasn’t made with the gathers at the side for the bump but made to be baggy and out of stretch fabric so it can adjust with the body. I found this one of my favourite buys as currently I can wear it with tights or leggings as a dress but will turn into a tunic style once I get bigger.

It is quite versatile which I like and can wear that up until after I give birth.

Summer Style Ripped Jeans

These were my favourite purchase out of everything we bought as I was struggling to wear anything that cut off my stomach around the waist. As most of my trousers and jeans were high waisted this made it hard for me to feel comfortable even in the early days (I was on Progesterone from IVF which caused bloating).

Once I spotted these jeans I found my size ( I went one larger to give myself extra room) as I was measuring my hips and not my waist which is important to remember when buying maternity trousers.

I really liked the relaxed feel of the jeans as I knew I could throw ona t-shirt and feel comfortable. I also appreciated that they were rolled up on the hems, rips down the legs and very summery. As I am going to spend most of my pregnancy or atleast the height of it in the summer months I wanted clothes that would be wearable throughout the summer months.

Hello Baby Black Jumper

As I mentioned before I am going to have the peak of my pregnancy through the summer months so I won’t need too many cold layers, though there will be nights or days where the weather isn’t so nice (it is England afterall) so I decided to get myeslf the Hello Baby Black Jumper. It is a simple black jumper that is larger on the bottom half to produce room for a bump.

It has a small logo saying ” Hello Baby” on the top left hand corner and has long sleeves. It is a pullover jumper so you don’t have to worry about getting it to fasten up over your bump which I can appreciate.

Maternity Bras

I hadn’t bought any new bras yet and so I decdied to pick some up to review and get out the quality. They were £8 for 2, one white and one black. They came with the fastening at the top which came down to enable breastfeeding.

They are very comfortable and stretchy and easy to wear, though if you have a larger chest and need a little more support and stability I wouldn’t buy these as they aren’t massively stable or made to be ultra supportive.