Do Partners Go To Antenatal Classes? – What To Know Before You Go

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Bringing a baby to the world is magical and one of the most important experiences in your life. However, preparing for the baby to come is not only the mother’s job since the partner needs to be properly prepared so they can deal with any kind of situation. Therefore, should partners go to antenatal classes, and what would be the reasons for that?

Antenatal classes are a way for both parents to discover what they should expect once the baby comes. The partners need to be prepared for labour and signs to be aware of. Antenatal classes are open to everyone who is going to be supporting the expectant parent in labour and beyond.

In this article, I will talk about the benefits that new parents get out of antenatal classes, and the importance for the partners to take part in them. These classes can get you ready for an experience that you are going to be faced with once your newborn comes, and make you feel ready for this exciting moment.

Do Partners Take Part In Antenatal Classes? 

Antenatal classes are an amazing way of learning to expect the birth of your baby, as well as what you are supposed to do once the baby arrives. For new parents, expecting a baby can be stressful and unpredictable, especially if they did not have previous experience with babies from someone in their family. That is why taking part in antenatal classes could be beneficial and helpful and make parents more relaxed about the whole pregnancy journey. 

However, many people believe that antenatal classes are intended for mothers only. Believing that she is the person who carries the baby, she is the only one who needs to be prepared for the birth. Nonetheless, pregnancy is an experience for both parents, so they both need to be ready for what is about to come. 

Therefore, it is only natural for the partners to participate in the antenatal classes so they could be involved in the pregnancy journey as much as possible. Both pregnancy and birth are emotional experiences, and partners should be aware of every step of the way of giving birth. These classes are intended to teach you the proper ways of handling every situation during and right after pregnancy. 

Once the baby comes, both parents need to take care of the baby, that is why taking part in antenatal classes of the partner is of crucial importance. In the classes, you will not only learn about the process of giving birth, but you will be able to discuss any worries, make needed plans, and meet people who will be by your side once the day of birth comes.

Also, you will meet other people who are expecting; therefore, you will not feel alone, and you will be able to share experiences and opinions along the way. 

What Will You Learn In The Antenatal Classes? 

As I mentioned above, these classes are designed to help you easily go through the pregnancy, as well as the first few months after the newborn arrives. Therefore, in the antenatal classes you will cover the following topics

  • Health and nutrition. 
  • Exercise in pregnancy. 
  • Exercise after giving birth.
  • What happens during labor. 
  • Coping with labor and options for pain relief. 
  • Techniques for relaxing and calming yourself. 
  • Caring for and feeding the newborn. 
  • Emotions you might experience during pregnancy. 
  • Information about intervention during giving birth. 
  • Health after labor. 

These classes will enable you to see all of the options you have for labor, and they will help make your plans with your partner about giving birth. Even though the whole pregnancy journey can be stressful, these classes can make you feel confident once the day arrives. 

The health professionals will provide information and discuss with you any worries that you might have about labor and everything that happens after giving birth. Also, since there are parents who are also expecting, you will be able to share experiences and opinions, so it would be easier for you to consider all of your options. These classes are an amazing support for both partners, so you should not have a dilemma about whether partners should take part in the classes or not. 

When Should You Attend Antenatal Classes? 

Generally, you should attend antenatal classes 8-10 weeks before your due date, i.e. when you are 30-32 weeks pregnant. 

If you are considering these classes as an option, you should know that they get booked up really quickly, so if you want to take part in them, you should reserve your spot on time. This way, you do not have to worry about whether there is going to be a spot for you and your partner once the time for these classes comes. 

Do You Need Antenatal Classes Even If You Have Given Birth Before? 

Giving birth for the first time does not mean that you have learned everything. There are different ways to give birth, and with your first newborn, you have experienced only one of them. Therefore, you might consider taking part in antenatal classes even if you are going into labour for the second or the third time. 

These classes might give you the possibility to plan an easier and more convenient birth plan. They can also be quite helpful if there is a big gap between your pregnancies since some moms might feel insecure in comparison to the first time. 

Parenting Classes After The Baby Arrives

Antenatal classes are of great help during pregnancy, but there are also classes that are suitable once the baby comes. These classes are called parenting classes and are excellent for new parents who are quite confused and stressed with a new baby at home. They can teach you a lot of things about how to take care of your little one properly, as well as resolve any concerns that you might have. 

The parenting classes are also suitable for both partners since they are as involved in the process as the person who gave birth. You should search for parenting classes that are close to your local area, and you should expect that you might find classes that are free of charge, as well as those that require a particular fee. 

The parenting classes are not only suitable for the new parents. They can be attended by anyone who is in the parenting role. Therefore, people who may take part in them might be parents, grandparents, step-parents, or carers of babies. If you decide to opt for these classes, you should also book your spot before time since you would want to have a reserved spot before time. 

The antenatal classes are important for both parents. Therefore, you need to think about your priorities and reserve your spot on time. You should not doubt that these classes will be helpful to you since they are designed to eliminate your worries and make your pregnancy journey more comfortable and relaxing.