Do I Need To Take Anything To Antenatal Classes?

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Antenatal classes are a common choice among parents, and they are proven to be very beneficial as well as educational. Parents choose these classes because they make them more confident and more ready for the process of giving birth and the care they provide once the baby comes. However, do you have to take anything with you during the antenatal classes? 

Generally, you do not have to take anything to antenatal classes because everything is provided by the centres where you attend them. However, you might need to take some money since some classes require a fee and a drink or bottle of water to stay hydrated.

In this article I am going to talk about what happens at antenatal classes and if you are to bring anything or take anything to each of the classes so you can be fully prepared.

Do I Need To Take Anything On Antenatal Classes? 

Since these classes are professionally designed for the new parents, the centres that conduct them usually provide everything that you might need during them. Therefore, you do not need any special equipment that you need to purchase or rent. However, you might need to pay for the lessons. 

You can find some antenatal classes that are free of charge, and they are usually recommended by your hospital or your doctor. If you cannot find free antenatal classes in your area, then you might need to take the ones that require a particular fee. These classes are not really expensive in general, even though they are provided by a private hospital or clinic you might encounter some high prices. 

Furthermore, you may need some time off work while you take these classes. During pregnancy, the woman should not take on a lot of tasks and errands since it might not impact the baby positively. Since these classes take place around the end of the pregnancy, women are entitled to take paid time off work to attend them. Some women decide to take the lessons while still working because they can fit their schedules. 

In short, you do not need to take anything on the antenatal classes in terms of equipment and similar stuff. You might be required to pay in cash or with a credit card, however, that depends on the classes you choose. 

Why Are Antenatal Classes Useful?

If you chose the proper antenatal classes, you will gain a lot of necessary information that you will need when the time of labor comes, or after the baby arrives. So, once you attend the classes you should know several things that I listed below. 

Proper Way To Prepare For Giving Birth 

Attending the antenatal classes means learning the proper ways that will make you ready for the process of giving birth. That means that you will learn some exercises that will get you in a good shape, as well as breathing techniques which are of essential importance during labor. Also, your partner might learn some massage skills that will help you stay calm and relaxed during the whole process. 

Things You Should Expect During Labor

The antenatal classes are designed to provide information about the whole process of giving birth, including the details about medical procedures, as well as interventions that might take place. You should remember that sometimes the process of labor does not go as you plan, so you need to be prepared for every situation. Knowing the details will prepare you mentally for all of the circumstances that might occur during giving birth, and make the process easier. 

You will also be advised on the emotional reactions that might take place, and what is the proper way to react. This advice is not only related to the person giving birth but also to their partner. Also, you will learn a lot about the changes that will happen during and after the process of labor. 

Managing Labor

During the antenatal classes, you will learn about different birth positions, so you could exercise and find which one would be the most suitable for you.

You will also learn about ways that are related to pain relief, so you would know what method to choose before the big day. 

Life With A Newborn

These classes are aimed towards labor and giving birth, however, they also focus on the life that comes after the baby arrives. You will be prepared emotionally and physically for the changes that will happen around the house and the daily routines of yourself and your partner.

Social Life Benefits

The antenatal classes are places where you will meet mothers-to-be, as well as women who have already experienced labor once before. This makes the perfect situation where you can share and exchange experiences and opinions. Having someone who is in the same situation as you will make your pregnancy easier and more joyful. 

This does not only refer to the pregnant women, but also to their partners. Your partner can find ways to discuss how it is to be part of the whole pregnancy process, and how to provide the best support. 

Types Of Antenatal Classes 

There are various types of antenatal classes that you can choose from. I have provided them below, so you could know what to choose, and not pick the first offer that comes before you. It is always good to know all of your options.

  • Antenatal classes that are free of charge, usually provided by public hospitals. 
  • Private classes that require payments. 
  • Classes that are suitable only for moms, and classes that can include the partners as well.
  • Classes that are adjustable according to different schedules. Therefore, you might find classes conducted in the afternoons, in the evenings, or at the weekends. 

When it comes to the classes that are free of charge, you should know that usually, they are only suitable for the moms-to-be. On the other hand, private classes welcome the partners as well. Therefore, you should choose what works the best for you and your partner, according to your schedules. 

Antenatal classes are a great opportunity for the new parents to gain some knowledge and information about what is about to come. These lessons do not require any special equipment, so you should expect that nothing will be required from you to bring. One thing you need to remember is that you are entitled to paid time off work, so you might choose that option for taking the classes.