Do I Need a Spare Sleepyhead Cover? – Everything You Need To Know

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Sleepyhead pods, also known as DockATot multifunctional docking stations, are soft, portable pods for babies that mimic the comfort of the womb. They usually come with one cover, but many mothers may choose to purchase a second cover. If you’ve got a Sleepyhead pod, you may be wondering whether you should opt to do so or stick to just a single cover.

You don’t need a spare Sleepyhead cover since it can be expensive. However, having an extra cover can come in handy when your first cover is in the wash or if something happens to your existing one and you cannot buy a new one for some time. Consider your budget first before buying another one.

The rest of this article will examine the benefits of buying a spare Sleepyhead cover and provide you with a few alternatives to doing so, allowing you to determine whether a spare cover would be helpful for you and your baby. 

What Is a Sleepyhead Cover?

A Sleepyhead cover is the outer covering of the soft docking station for babies that was known as the Sleepyhead, which has since been rebranded as DockATot. The fabric is usually made of 100% cotton and is an accompaniment to the docks, which babies use for lounging, diaper changes, and tummy time.  

The old Sleepyhead pods are the exact dimensions as the new DockATot docks, so the covers are interchangeable. While finding the old Sleepyhead brand online is challenging, you can easily find the DockATot covers for purchase.  

The docks come in two sizes: 

  • Deluxe+ for ages 0-8 months 
  • Grand for ages 9-36 months

The spare covers come in two sizes, so you can find one that fits your dock. They unzip for easy removal and can be washed in the machine. You can replace them by slipping the extra cover over the pod and zipping it together.  

How Much Are Sleepyhead Covers?

Sleepyhead covers are available for purchase at multiple locations online. They range in price from around £50 to £140, depending on the size you choose and the source you purchase them from.

I’ve included an abbreviated list of sites where you can buy the replacement covers, along with their price range. However, this is only a limited list, and they’re also available in several other locations (both online and in physical stores).

This table will give you an idea of what you can expect to spend on a spare cover.  

WebsitePrice (Deluxe +: 0-8 months)Price (Grand: 9-36 months)
Buggy Baby£49.21-£100.00 £63.42-£110.00 
JoJo Maman B’eb’e£60.00 £85.00 
Bella Baby£60.00-£65.00 £85.00-£90.00 
John Lewis & Partners£60.00-£75.00 £85.00-£90.00 
DockATot£75.00-£105.00 £110.00-£140.00 

What Are the Benefits of Having a Sleepyhead Cover?

There are several benefits of purchasing an extra Sleepyhead cover, including having a replacement when your existing cover is in the wash, the convenience of having an extra cover on hand in case of an accident, and the ability to change the style of your Sleepyhead/DockATot pod.

Numerous mothers tested the Sleepyhead for the Mother & Baby Awards, and many of them noted that having a replacement cover included would make it more convenient for users. Some of the benefits of having an extra cover useful include:

Replacement When Your Cover is in the Wash

Since having a baby means frequent stains and spills, a spare Sleepyhead cover will come in useful when your original cover becomes dirty and must be put into the wash. With a spare cover, you’ll have something to take the original’s place.

Convenient Replacement in the Case of Nighttime Accidents

With a spare Sleepyhead cover, you’ll always be ready for any accidents your baby may have during the night. You can quickly change the cover and toss the soiled one in the laundry pile for the next day without worrying about your baby being uncomfortable in the pod for the rest of the night. 

Style Change

Sleepyhead covers are available in a range of colors and patterns. A spare cover means that you’ll be able to change the look of your pod every so often. Additionally, they serve as a fun, easy way to “dress up” your baby for a party and home, as they’re a more comfortable alternative to dressing your child up in formalwear they may not be comfortable wearing.

What Are the Drawbacks of Having a Sleepyhead Cover?

The biggest challenge of investing in a spare Sleepyhead cover is the accompanying cost. Depending on the size of the cover and the place you purchase it from, you can expect to spend over £100, which may not be affordable for everyone.

Alternatives to Purchasing a New Sleepyhead Cover

A cost-effective option to buying a new Sleepyhead cover is to find a pre-owned cover for sale. Pre-owned options are usually more affordable than new ones, and their durability means that you should easily be able to find one that is in decent condition.

Another option you can consider is using a cot sheet around your Sleepyhead pod while the cover is in the wash. You’ll be able to “mold” the sheet to fit the pod, ensuring your baby remains comfortable until the Sleepyhead cover can be used again. 

Do You Need a Spare Sleepyhead Cover?

You don’t need a spare Sleepyhead cover because it can be costly. However, having one would be convenient, especially if you don’t want your baby to be too uncomfortable in a bare Sleepyhead pod. Consider buying a pre-used cover instead if a new one is too expensive and outside your budget. 

With a spare, you’ll always be ready for any accidents your baby may have during the night. In addition, purchasing an extra allows you to periodically change the color and style of your Sleepyhead pod.  

However, if your budget is limited, you may want to forego the purchase of a spare cover. In this case, you can use a bedsheet or cot sheet and wrap it tightly around the Sleepyhead until you’ve washed your cover.