Do I Need a Nursing Chair? – The Advantages & Disadvantages

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A nursing chair isn’t an essential item when breastfeeding. Many women find that they can successfully nurse their babies from other spaces in their homes. If there’s no room in your budget for it, you can create a cozy feeding space in a regular chair, on a sofa, or even in your bed. 

You do not need a nursing chair to nurse your baby, but purchasing one can be beneficial for your comfort. A nursing chair can be pricey and take up extra space, so if your budget and space allow it, it may be a worthy investment to help make your breastfeeding experience more relaxing.  

A nursing chair may be more necessary if you don’t currently have a space that’ll suffice for nursing and putting your baby to sleep. In this case, a nursing chair will provide a familiar and comfortable space to make your breastfeeding experience an enjoyable one and help you to bond with your baby. Read on to learn more about nursing chairs and the benefits they can offer.  

What Is a Nursing Chair?

A nursing chair is a comfortable rocking chair, glider, or recliner used primarily to nurse an infant. Nursing chairs are often accompanied by an ottoman or footrest for maximum comfort. Nursing chairs originated in England in the Victorian period between 1837 and 1901.   

Nursing chairs in the past and currently are usually built low to the ground. Historically, nursing meant not only breastfeeding but also caring for infants and children. The low height of the chair provided for easy access and supervision of the children.  

In this article, I’ll look at nursing chairs and whether or not it’s necessary to own one. I’ll also compare several of the best nursing chair brands and their prices and features and examine the benefits of investing in this popular furniture item.

What To Look For When Choosing a Nursing Chair

Once you have decided to purchase a nursing chair, you have many factors to consider when you select the ideal one for you and your baby. Due to the vast array of choices, you should do your research and compare prices and features of the many types and styles of chairs before making your decision. 

Some factors for examination include the following:  


The most crucial factor for many mothers is finding a soft, cozy chair that’ll be comfortable. When breastfeeding, you’ll find that you spend considerable amounts of time nursing and consoling them in the first weeks and months home with your baby. It’s crucial to find a chair that’ll help you feel relaxed and soothed while you feed your baby.  


Along with the cosiness of the chair, you’ll want to find one that provides an ample amount of support for your back and enables you to rise from the sitting position quickly while holding your baby.  


Rocking chairs, gliders, and recliners all present the possibility of pinched fingers or other mishaps. If you choose a glider, a stop-lock mechanism is an attractive feature that can prevent this from happening.

The levers or controls on a recliner should be easy to reach, and it’s vital to check beneath the footrest before lowering it into place.  


Budgeting for your baby is essential because so many products and items are available, many of which are not always necessary. You’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a nursing chair and whether you genuinely need one for nursing your baby.  


Having children means wear-and-tear on your furniture and household items, so it’s helpful to find a chair that’ll be durable and easy to clean. Many companies construct their nursing chairs with materials that are washable and will last a long time.  


Lastly, consider the decor of your nursery or living area where you’ll station your nursing chair. Will it match your particular style and color scheme? Fortunately, the selection of types and styles of chairs vary greatly, and there’s something for every taste.

How Much Are Nursing Chairs?

Affordable nursing chairs can range from around £80.00 to over £200.00. There are many types, styles, and designs of nursing and breastfeeding chairs to choose from, along with a wide range of prices. 

Here are details about several top brands available on

Sereno Nursing Glider£££Seven recline positions with matching footstool
Glide lock mechanism
Armrest cushion with pockets
Comfortable- can be used as a relaxing chair
SoBuy New Relax Rocking Chair£Relaxing rocking chair with cushion
Footrest adjusts to five positions
Washable cover
Mats on bottom of legs to prevent floor from damage
Yaheetech Recliner Armchair ££Easy to clean
Best stationary nursing chair
Protective feetThree relaxation modes
CSS Maternity Nursing Chair££Gliding and reclining chair
Multiple back-rest positions
Matching gliding footstoolDark solid wood frame
Soft, comfortable cushions
Kub Haldon Nursing Rocking Chair££Compact, modern design
Back support and lower armrests for nursing
Convenient pockets
Sturdy construction
Tutti Bambini GC35 Padded Smooth Glider Baby Nursing Chair & Footstool£££Three reclining positions
Smooth, quiet gliding
Armrest pockets

What Are the Benefits in Having a Nursing Chair?

The benefits of having a nursing chair include a dedicated space to feed your baby, a comfy spot to relax during frequent feedings, and chair pockets that offer convenient storage. Although it’s not necessary, having a specific nursing area can make this formative period stress-free.  

The advantages of owning a nursing chair are listed in detail below:

  • It provides a comfortable, cozy place to nurse, rock, and cuddle your baby. Comfort is critical to helping you relax when you and your baby are first getting accustomed to nursing.  
  • Some nursing chairs contain pockets to store your nursing necessities. It’s easier to keep nursing necessities within reach with pockets added to your nursing chair or a nightstand nearby. Burp cloths, nursing pads, and other needed items while nursing can be kept close by and in one location.
  • The rocking motion is conducive to putting your baby to sleep. Some mothers add a lamp with a dimmer switch next to the chair to assist with nap times and bedtimes. 
  • The coziness of the feeding space created by owning a nursing chair can help facilitate bonding between mother and baby. It becomes a familiar place for both mother and child to retreat to for feeding and sleep times.  
  • Even women who choose not to breastfeed their babies enjoy the use of nursing chairs to bottle feed. The chair makes it easy to hold and rock the baby and more comfortable for the mother.  

Are There Any Nursing Chair Alternatives?

There are a few other types of chairs that can serve as alternatives to nursing chairs, including rocking chairs, nursery armchairs, and swivel nursery chairs. Some mothers opt not to use one at all since it’s not an absolute requirement when bringing your baby home.  

Here are some alternatives to nursing chairs:

  • Rocking chairs. These are usually made with a wooden frame and are similar to nursing chairs in that they allow for the rocking motion, which helps the baby fall asleep. However, these may not be as comfortable as a nursing chair. 
  • Nursery armchair. These are upholstered armchairs that provide comfort without the rocking component. They may match the nursery decor nicely but are heavy and difficult to move.  
  • Swivel nursery chair. Similar to armchairs, they have the added feature of the swivel motion, which can be comforting to mother and baby. These can double as a standard chair as well.  
  • No nursing chair. Not all mothers will need or be able to afford a nursing chair, especially for this purpose. Some mothers find it sufficient to nurse using their traditional furniture, for example, on the sofa or in a bed.  

Do I Need a Nursing Chair?

The decision to include this item on your nursery wish list depends upon your situation. If budget and space allow, you may benefit from purchasing a nursing chair. However, many mothers can successfully nurse their babies without one.