Can You Use a Sleepyhead With a Chicco Next to Me?

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The world can be a big, uncertain place for an infant as they emerge into the unknown. Fortunately, the assortment of baby products currently in the market that provides comfort and cosiness for your baby has never been better. There are products like Sleepyhead Baby Pod and Chicco Next To Me to ensure the baby is safe, snug, and secure while they sleep.  

You can use a Sleepyhead Baby Pod with a Chicco Next To Me. It provides a cosy sleeping space and helps your little one transition gradually into a regular bed. The Sleepyhead fits comfortably into the Chicco Next To Me interior, forming a swaddle-like environment for your baby.  

Read on to help you decide whether to use the Sleepyhead with the Chicco Next To Me. I will look at the dimensions of the two products and explain how they work together to ensure your baby has a comfortable and safe place to sleep. I will also list a few other sleep pods which can pair well with the Chicco Next To Me in this post.

What Is a Sleepyhead?

A Sleepyhead is a soft, secure pod for an infant that provides safe and cozy support while they sleep or lounges. It simulates the warm, protective cocoon of the mother’s womb, helping the baby transition gently and gradually to sleeping in a regular bed. 

You can use a Sleepyhead for baby’s playtime, tummy time, and as a diaper changing area. Its pod comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to match your baby’s crib or cot and bedding. 

The Sleepyhead is 100 percent portable, making it an excellent nap or lounge space anytime you are on the go. It is constructed of a soft, antimicrobial material that may help protect your baby’s immune system, which is a unique benefit.  

What Does the Sleepyhead Measure?

There are two models of the Sleepyhead: the Deluxe for babies 0-8 months and the larger Grand for ages 9-36 months. I have included all of the measurements of the Sleepyhead Deluxe and the Sleepyhead Grand in the tables below:   

Sleepyhead Deluxe (0-8 months)

WidthLength (clasps closed)Length (clasps open) HeightBed Area WidthBed Area Length
18 in (457 mm)30 in (762 mm)33 in (838 mm)5 in (127 mm)9 in (229 mm)24 in (610 mm)

Sleepyhead Grand (9-36 months)

WidthLengthDepthBed Area WidthBed Area Length
24 in (610 mm)40 in (1016 mm)9 in (229 mm)12 in (305 mm)32 in (813 mm)

Both will probably fit into the Chicco. However, the Grand may be a tight squeeze, as it measures about one inch longer than the Chicco on one side. 

What Does the Chicco Next to Me Measure?

The Chicco Next To Me has an adjustable range of height to fit to any adult bed for easy access to your baby. All of its dimensions are listed in the chart below:  

26-32 in (661-813 mm)37-39 in (940-991 mm)27-28 in (686-711 mm)18 lb (8 kg)

Does a Sleepyhead Fit in a Chicco Next to Me?

The Sleepyhead Deluxe, which is for babies 0-8 months, will fit into a Chicco Next To Me. The Sleepyhead Grand, which is larger and for babies 9-36 months, is 40 in (1016 mm) at its longest point, and therefore, may not fit quite as well into the Chicco. 

Since the Sleepyhead Deluxe is so versatile and useful for sleep, play, and changing times, it will be a great addition to your newborn’s wish list. The Sleepyhead will provide a snug sleep space inside the Chicco Next To Me at night, right next to your bed, enabling you to feed and monitor your baby easily.

There are several advantages of owning and using a baby pod. You can place it inside a crib or cot and on the floor or any other area for your baby to nap, play, or relax. In addition, it is portable and can be taken with you from place to place when you travel with your baby.  

What Other Sleep Pods Fit in a Chicco Next to Me?

Other than the Sleepyhead, several comparable options work well with the Chicco Next To Me. A few of these include Purflo, Dockatot Deluxe Dock and Snuggle Me Organic


Purflo are an alternative brand of high quality, practical and very similar to the Sleepyhead brand. They are fully air-permeable and has a breathable mesh to help the circulation of air to help the baby keep a better-regulated temperature.

The sleep pod comes with a travel bag perfect if you are heading on holiday or just to relatives for the night. The measurements of the sleep pod are 92x49x10 cm.

Snuggle Me

The Snuggle Me Organic baby nest is described as a lounger for your baby, perfect for anyone looking for something a little different to the sleep pod and baby nests on the market.

The product is made from organic materials so you can feel rest assured that your baby will feel nothing but comfort and calm when in the lounger.

Product dimensions are as follows ‎74.93 x 13.34 x 44.45 cm and is suitable for ages newborn to up to 9 months depending on the size of your baby.

Dock A Tot Deluxe

Dock A Tot and Sleepyheads are now one brand and have combined their manufacturing. Dock A Tots however are still highly popular and very well rated throughout the parenting space.

They come with covers that are easy to take off and wash perfect for any days you have a spill or just want to make sure any germs are been kept at bay.

They also come in 2 different sizes, one for newborn to 9 months and another for 9 months to 36 months.

These brands will easily fit into the interior of the Chicco and are excellent choices for a sleep pod or nest.