Can You Use a Mobile With a Snuzpod?

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The 3-in-one bedside crib Snuzpod has always been a popular choice among parents, and now you, too, want to get it for your little one. Many cribs these days allow the use of a mobile, as it can keep a baby entertained while also lulling them to sleep. So it makes sense that you may wonder if you can use a mobile with a Snuzpod.  

You can use a mobile with a Snuzpod by simply attaching it to the crib. However, not all mobiles can be secured on the Snuzpod’s foot-end handles. It’s best to get a lightweight mobile that’s easy to attach and can accommodate the round edges of a Snuzpod’s handles.

Read on to determine whether you can use any mobile for a Snuzpod and what brands are the most compatible with the crib.

Can You Attach a Mobile to a Snuzpod?

You can attach a mobile to a Snuzpod. A Snuzpod, like all other brands of cribs and cots, is designed to complement a baby’s play and sleeping experience. 

However, not all products are suitable to be fitted to a Snuzpod. I have done the due diligence on and attached several reviews on crib toys and crib mobiles in the table below for your reference.

Can You Use Any Mobile for a Snuzpod?

Baby mobiles usually come in 3 different designs: 

  • Ceiling-mounted mobiles
  • Crib-mounted mobiles (come with a clamp and a tall arm)
  • Portable mobiles (can be clipped to cribs and stationary objects)

For this article, I will not discuss ceiling-mounted mobiles. Since this kind of mobile dangles from the ceiling, they will not have compatibility issues with your Snuzpod.

So can you put a mobile on a Snuzpod?

Not all mobiles can be used with a Snuzpod. Generally, it would be best if you looked for those that can accommodate the rounded edges of Snuzpod’s handles and those that are not too heavy to be clamped on the side of the crib. 

I will discuss in the following paragraphs which brand(s) boast the best mobiles if you have a Snuzpod or are thinking of getting one soon.

What Brands Fit Well With the Snuzpod?

Finding the right product for your baby can be difficult – you don’t want anything short of the best for our little ones. I would really like to recommend the Snuz Baby Mobile because it is designed for the very purpose of fitting with the brand’s own crib. 

Unfortunately, the product is only being sold in the UK, which means you’ll have to pay additional fees to get it delivered to your house.

Don’t worry – I’ve still got you covered. 

Brands that fit well with the Snuzpod include the Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile, and Skip Hop Portable Baby Mobile, both of which can be found on These two mobiles are affordable, colorful, and secure enough for a Snuzpod, so you won’t have to worry about injuries to your baby.

Let’s take a closer look at these two mobiles. 

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile

Tiny Love Take Along mobile is ideal if you have a Snuzpod. It is lightweight, easily attachable (it comes with 3 different attachment styles: velcro strap, attachment arm, and clip), and promises 30-minute of uninterrupted music. 

As the dangling toys are vibrant and charming, this mobile can keep your baby entertained for an extensive period. Note that this product requires 3AA batteries.

The online reviews for the Tiny Love Take Along mobile have been pretty good so far, with many users complimenting it for its affordable price.

Skip Hop Portable Baby Mobile

This mobile also has 3 attachment styles and could be easily secured to most cribs, strollers, and car seats. Its defining characteristics are undoubtedly its portability (thanks to its fold-down arm) and its music-playing feature (up to 20 minutes).