Can You Use a Chicco Next2Me With a Divan Bed?

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When it comes to choosing a crib for our little ones, safety is usually our utmost priority. At the same time, most people also place a great deal of emphasis on the crib’s convenience, functionality, and overall comfort. A crib from the Chicco Next2Me range fits all the above-mentioned requirements – but should you buy it if you have a divan bed?

A Chicco Next2Me crib can be used with most divan beds because the crib’s strap is long enough to wrap over the base. These cribs also feature folding feet, allowing you to place them as close to your bed as possible, and are height-adjustable, so you can adjust the crib’s height to your preference.

The rest of the article will look at the features of a Chicco Next2Me and examine how to attach the crib to your divan bed.

Can You Use a Chicco Next2Me With a Divan Bed?

You can use a Chicco Next2Me with a divan bed unless you have an exceptionally large bed, like a super king-size. These cribs have foldable feet, long straps, and adjustable height levels that allow for quick assembly and attachment to a divan or most other style beds.

Foldable Feet

Unlike a bed frame, which consists of slats, a divan consists of a solid bed base where it holds the mattress. However, its interior is hollow, which allows for under-bed storage. Standard cribs are not usually compatible with a divan bed since there is no space between the base and the floor. This is because the lack of space means you cannot push the crib’s legs under the bed.

To address these issues, all Chicco Next2Me cribs boast adjustable feet – the Chicco Next2Me Dream and Chicco Next2Me Air both have foldable feet, while the Chicco Next2Me Magic’s feet are retractable.

This means that when you plan to use a Chicco Next2Me crib as a side-sleeping cot, you can keep your baby close to your bedside. This provides you with the convenience of co-sleeping without the associated risks.

Adjustable Height Levels

Though divan beds have a smaller footprint than typical bed frames, they also tend to be a tad higher than most bed frames as they offer more storage options. 

This makes it all the more important to look for a crib that has adjustable height levels. With such a crib, you will soon come to appreciate the convenience that comes with being able to elevate or lower it. Additionally, an adjustable crib works better for attaching to a divan bed. 

All Chicco Next2Me cribs feature adjustable heights. If you’re looking for cribs with the most adjustability, Chicco’s official website recommends their Next2Me Dream and Next2Me Magic cribs. These cribs possess the broadest range of height settings from all their options. They boast a total of 11 height positions, ranging from 35cm to 52 cm.

However, this doesn’t mean you should be worried if you are thinking of getting the Next2Me Air or have already bought one – this model is also adjustable to 6 different heights and has easy-to-use buttons on each side.

Long Straps

The Next2Me cribs come with safety straps long enough to be fastened under both the base of the divan and the crib. You can sleep easy knowing the crib is safely attached to your bed. Not only is this better for your peace of mind, it is also the most convenient when it comes to feeding, soothing, and supervising your baby during the night.

Though the straps are long enough for most divans, they may not be able to fit around the base if your divan bed is a super king size. If this is the case, I recommend you purchase an additional set of safety straps to extend the length of the built-in Chicco crib straps. 

How To Attach a Chicco Next2me Crib to a Divan Bed

Are you clueless about how a Chicco Next2Me crib can be attached to your bed? Don’t worry – have a good look at this short YouTube video. It will give you a better understanding of some of the best features of the Next2Me crib and why it’s compatible with your divan bed:

You can also check out this YouTube video, which shows the steps needed to install a Chicco Next2Me crib. Although the video features an Ottoman bed instead of a divan bed, the mechanisms involved are very similar: