Can You Use a Chicco Next to Me With an Ottoman Bed?

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Bedside cribs can be a great way to be close to your baby throughout the night without risking their safety. However, it can be challenging to find a bedside crib that is convenient and easy to use – particularly if you want to attach it to an ottoman or divan.

The Chicco Next to Me is compatible with an ottoman bed. This bedside crib is highly adjustable and explicitly designed to attach to a wide variety of bed types, including ottomans and divans. Its multiple height options, foldable or retractable feet, and swivel wheels allow for a secure setup.

However, attaching this bedside crib to an ottoman rather than a traditional bed may be slightly different. To help you get started, I’ll outline some instructions to follow when attaching your Chicco Next to Me to an ottoman. 

How To Attach the Chicco Next to Me to an Ottoman

The Chicco Next to Me has video instructions on how to attach the crib to a traditional bed:

There are just a few adjustments to make to use the Chicco Next to Me with an ottoman.

Follow Chicco’s instructions to set up the crib:

  1. Attach the steel body to the legs.
  2. Slide the fabric on the end of the crib piece over the legs.
  3. Secure the bottom of the crib piece to the frame of the legs.
  4. Place the mattress at the bottom of the crib.

Bring the assembled crib to your ottoman and secure it:

  1. Fold or retract the legs to fit the crib snugly next to the bedside.
  2. Adjust the height until it is level with your ottoman.
  3. Activate the wheel brakes on the legs.
  4. Thread the attachment harness through the base of the ottoman.
  5. Tighten the harness until it feels secure.
  6. Clip the plastic clasps on the harness attachments.

Then, make sure that the Chicco Next to Me is stable and secure before use.

Does Chicco Next to Me Fit Any Bed?

The Chicco Next to Me can fit almost any bed, ottoman, or divan. Each of the three versions features retractable or foldable legs, allowing the crib to stay close to the bed’s surface or divan and multiple height options to suit different bed sizes.

The attachment harness can be secured around almost any bed frame or ottoman.

Should the Chicco Next to Me Be Level With My Bed?

You should have the Chicco Next to Me lip perfectly level with your bed when attaching it to your bed. This will keep your baby from rolling during the night. The crib should also be very tight and secure against your bed to reduce the risk of falls or injury. 

If it is not possible to fit the Next to Me properly against your bed, it may be a good idea to keep the barrier high to prevent rolling. It can also be valuable to read more about how to use a bedside crib safely.

Must the Chicco Next to Me Attached to a Bed?

The Chicco Next to Me doesn’t need to be attached to a bed, although it can fit snugly against a bed or ottoman. You can use it as a standalone crib. Some versions of the Next to Me even have built-in rocking features, specifically for when the crib is not attached to a bed.

Whether you have the crib attached to the bed or not, it is designed to keep your little one safe and comfortable.

How Long Can You Use a Chicco Next to Me Crib?

Infants can safely sleep in a Chicco Next to Me crib until they are about 6 months old or until they can sit on their own. Because the Next to Me is larger than many bedside cribs, it can accommodate your baby as they grow.

However, once your child can move around without help, it may be time to move on to a sturdier sleep surface.

Which Version of the Chicco Next to Me Is Best?

Choosing the right bedside crib for you and your little one is the first step in safe and convenient co-sleeping. The Chicco Next to Me is available in three different versions, each of which can work with almost any sleep surface.

Chicco Next to Me versions are all great, so it all goes down to your personal preference. All of them prioritize safety, comfort, and ease of use, so no one model is “best” compared to the rest. But if you like snuggling with your baby throughout the night, consider the Chicco Next2Me Dream.

Each version offers slightly different features. Determining which features are most important to you is the first step in choosing the right model for you. The comparisons below can help you decide which one may be right for you:

  • Chicco Next2Me Air: This model is built with mesh paneling around each crib side to increase airflow and allow parents to see their baby as they sleep. Special features include 6 different height positions, a tilt function, and folding feet designed to fit most beds, ottomans, and divans.
  • Chicco Next2Me Dream: This version allows parents to touch or snuggle their baby throughout the night with an easy-open side panel. The Dream also has eleven height positions, a tilt feature, mesh windows, and foldable feet to fit a wide variety of beds and couches. This crib can also function as a standalone with a rocking function.
  • Chicco Next2Me Magic: This is the newest version of the Chicco Next2Me, and it incorporates many of the favorite features of the previous models. Parents can easily see and touch their baby using a sliding panel, and fully retractable feet allow this version to attach easily to most beds. The crib also features eleven height options and a built-in rocking function.