Are Nappy Disposal Bins Worth It?

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When you’re adding a new member to your family, there are two major things to watch out for: the long nights and the nappy changes. You never know how many times you’ll end up changing your baby’s nappy, although it can be between 10 and 12 times a day, which means you need an efficient disposal system to contain the mess and smells.

This is where nappy disposal bins come in. If you’re not sure whether this should be on your baby register, explore further in our complete guide.

What Is A Nappy Disposal Bin?

A nappy disposal bin is like a container for disposable nappies; you store used nappies in the bin until you are ready to wash them all at once. Nappy disposal bins usually include how many they can store, although keep in mind this is in the size for newborns, so your nappy bin stores less as your baby grows.

A nappy disposal bin can be just a container with a lid, while more advanced ones include nappy sacks which help you contain the mess and smell by compressing the nappy.

Nappy disposal bins are usually sought-after by new parents looking for an efficient way to store nappies before washing and reusing them, since they might not want to put it with other laundry or in the kitchen bin where it can smell.

How Long Do Nappy Disposal Bins Last?

The length of time you can use your nappy disposal bin before emptying out depends on a wide range of factors. For one, how often you change your baby will determine how long it takes before it becomes full. Those that change their babies less will have lasting nappy disposal bins. The size of the nappy also matters; older babies have larger sizes, so they take more space in the nappy disposal bin than younger or newer babies.

It’s best to empty out your nappy disposal bin every three days if you’re not sure how long you should keep it. They usually last for three days before they need to be emptied out because of the odor and incoming nappies.

There are different ways to keep your nappy bin fresh so that it lasts long without smelling. You can clean and wash it often with sanitary products and disinfectant, or you can purchase odor eliminating sprays created for nappy bins in particular. A popular hack is soaking a cotton ball in a scent, like lavender or citrus, and dropping it in the bin to overpower the nappy smells.

All in all, your nappy disposal bin will last only as long as you maintain it.

Are Nappy Disposal Bins Expensive?

Nappy disposal bins are generally affordable, although this depends on the model that you buy and your baby registry budget. While some nappy bins are expensive because of their advanced features, others are simply basic bins dedicated to nappy disposal, so they cost less.

Here is a table of some of the best nappy disposal bins, their prices and their features:

Nappy Disposal BinAverage PriceFeatures
Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Advanced Sangenic Nappy Disposal Bin$2730 nappies capacity. Requires refill cartridges. Environmentally friendly. Protects against odor and germs. Comes in different colors.
Rotho Babydesign Nappy Pail$2225 nappies capacity. Can use normal bin liners. Comes in 16 colors. Easy to carry and handle. Space-saving design. Made with thick, durable material.
Angelcare Nappy Disposal System$3530 nappies capacity. Includes multilayer bag. Highly hygienic. Odor-barrier technology. Can be operated with one hand. Sleek design.
Bambino Mio Nappy Bucket$35.4515 nappies capacity. Simple and practical pail. Lockable lid for children safety. Internal hooks to attach the laundry bag. Space-saving and portable. Can be purchased with laundry bags.
Ubbi Nappy Disposal Bin$8050 nappies capacity. Comes in 15 colors. Includes child lock. Easy to operate. Locks in odor with steel material. Environmentally friendly. Won multiple awards.
Korbell Classic Nappy Bin$4945 nappies capacity. Double sealing system for odor control. Economical liners included. Features a foot pedal for easy use.
Skip Hop Nappy Bin$10020 nappies capacity. Dual air lock system for odor control. Can use standard bin liners. Features child proof lock. Built-in storage for nappy essentials.

When considering the price of nappy disposal bins, some are economical, some are cheap and some are expensive. You can spend between $20 and $100 on a nappy bin, although It’s better to purchase those that are economical.

Generally, the expensive nappy disposal bins have a wide range of features and advantages over the cheaper ones. These include:

  • Odor Control: Most expensive nappies come with systems for odor control so even when you’ve filled it up to its capacity limit, you don’t smell the nappies once the lid is closed.
  • Child Lock: To prevent toddlers from checking out what is in the nappy bin, the expensive ones usually feature a child-proof lock so children can’t open it.
  • Foot Pedal: These expensive choices also come with a foot pedal, which you won’t see in a cheap nappy disposal bin. It allows for one-handed use.
  • Bags or Liners Included: Many expensive nappy disposal bins like the ones mentioned above cannot be used with standard kitchen garbage bags. Instead, they come with their own liners, and once that’s exhausted, you have to purchase them separately.

When comparing this to what cheaper nappy disposal bins, you will see that the expensive ones have a clear advantage. The ones on the lower price range are usually just pails or buckets for storing used nappies, making no difference to a kitchen bin. But they are usually affordable or durable.

If you decide to purchase a nappy disposal bin, especially if you have a tight budget, you can go for economical choices. These ones have average costs and offer more than cheaper bins but less than the more advanced ones. 

Are There Nappy Disposal Bin Alternatives?

Yes, there are. For many parents, nappy disposal bins are a waste of money, and so they go for alternatives instead. Since the main purpose of a disposal bin is to throw nappies away or keep them until you wash them, there are many other objects that can fulfil this purpose, most times at a more affordable price.

Stainless Steel Bin

A great alternative to a nappy disposal bin is a stainless-steel bin. To make things easier for yourself, you can get a pedal bin for one-handed use. Although they aren’t designed for nappies, they offer great value for your money and can be used for normal trash around the house once your baby is no longer using a nappy.

Since they are made of stainless steel, they are non-porous and so they keep the odor in, thereby doing the same work of a nappy bin. Their outlay is also similar to other nappy bins and you can use normal kitchen liners for them. If you already have a stainless-steel bin in the house, you can start using it exclusively for nappies.

Nappy Disposal Bags

Another popular alternative used by parents who don’t want the bin is the nappy disposal bags, specifically the scented ones. Instead of using the bin, you can use a large wet bag or nappy pail liners to get rid of used nappies or act as your baby’s very own laundry bag for cloth nappies. 

Depending on the bag you buy, they are usually waterproof and also scented, so you never even smell what’s in the nappies once they’re in the bag. You can also buy those with a zip so the smell goes in, and a handle so you can hang it for easy reach and away from children.

Drawstring Bags

A sizeable drawstring bag is also a great alternative to a nappy disposal bin, especially since many people have these at home. You can get large and waterproof bags which can hold a couple of nappies at a time and offers great value for your money.

If you’re worried about the stink, you can use different hacks like odor eliminating sprays and placing cotton balls soaked with scents inside them so you can reduce the smell.

Any Plastic Shopping Bag or Kitchen Bin

You can convert plastic shopping bags or kitchen bins to nappy disposal bins if you don’t want to spend extra money on this. But you will have to empty them out often to avoid bad smells.

Are Nappy Disposal Bins Worth Buying?

This is a divide option, with equal numbers at both sides. While some people say that they need nappy bins and they are absolutely necessary, others say that they have been living without them just fine. It depends on the kind of nappies you’re using, the kind of house you stay in and your overall budget.

They Are Worth It If:

You Use Cloth Nappies

If you use cloth nappies, then having somewhere to place the used ones until you are ready to wash them is absolutely necessary. You can’t mix cloth nappies with other clothes in the house or keep them in the trash, and you won’t always have time to wash them immediately.

If you use a bag, then there will be the problem of the smell. So, nappy disposal bins are worth it in this case.

You Live in an Upside-Down House or a Flat

If you live in an apartment building, flat or upside-down house where it’s difficult to go outside to throw disposable nappies away, then you definitely need a nappy disposal bin. You don’t want to have to climb all the way downstairs in the middle of the night to throw a used nappy away. Having a nappy disposal bin will work wonders in this case.

You Can Afford It

If you can afford the nappy disposal bin, then why not include it in your budget. As long as you buy the right one, they offer great value for your money.

They Are Not Worth It If:

You Have Any of the Alternatives

This is especially if you have a stainless-steel bin or a nappy bag. With these alternatives, there’s no point wasting money to buy a nappy disposal bin. You can simply use the alternatives and empty them out more frequently.

The Garden Bin Is Easily Accessible

If you live on the first floor or in a bungalow house, then you can easily step out to throw a used nappy, so the nappy bin will be a waste of money. You can also use plastic bags or kitchen bins and then throw them out at the end of the day.

Final Verdict

Whether you buy a nappy disposal bin or not depends on whether you really need it. You can find some space for a nappy bin in your baby register budget, but if there’s no room, go for any of the alternatives instead. 

Regardless of what you decide, it’s important to properly and efficiently dispose of nappies regularly for the health of your baby.