Are Mamas and Papas Prams Any Good? – Everything You Need To Know

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Choosing a pram or stroller can be a daunting decision, given all the brands and models on the market. Mamas and Papas is one of the more high-end brands you’ll find, and you might find yourself wondering if they’re worth the money. Sure, they’re expensive, but are Mamas and Papas prams any good?

Mamas and Papas prams are a good product, as they are versatile, chic, and durable. They can be a bit pricey, but they deliver in terms of quality and looks. Additionally, Mamas and Papas prams are generally well-reviewed, especially by users in the UK. 

If you’re looking for a luxury buggy to take your baby on walks, this could be the brand for you.

What Do Mamas and Papas Do?

Mamas and Papas is a UK-based company that makes prams, car seats, nursery furniture, and other baby essentials. They also run several shops across the UK.

Mamas and Papas stores stock many brands of baby gear, not just their own products, so you can compare different models for yourself. They also offer virtual appointments and consultations to help parents find the best products for their families. 

The company can even help you ensure your car seat is properly fitted and installed. 

If you’re able to go to one of their stores in person, consider reserving a personal shopping assistant. They’ll help keep you from feeling too overwhelmed by all the choices in the store, and they can make sure you don’t forget any baby essentials. 

What Makes the Mamas and Papas Prams Good?

Everyone has different criteria for what makes a good pram because everyone has different needs. Some important qualities to consider when choosing a pram are:

  • Durability
  • Maneuverability
  • Ease of use
  • Versatility
  • Design

These are all Mamas and Papas’ strong suits.

What makes the Mamas and Papas prams good are their high-quality materials and stylish designs. These are durable pushchairs that will last your family for years, and they are designed to grow with your baby from newborn to age three.

One notable feature of most Mamas and Papas prams is the dual-direction seat. When your baby has outgrown her carrycot or car seat, she can still face you. The pushchair seat can be faced forward and backwards, and you can adjust the angle so your baby is lying flat or sitting up.

This feature is particularly helpful if your baby likes to see the world around him on walks but isn’t ready to be forward-facing. 

All Mamas and Papas prams include a handle strap with folding instructions. This simple yet genius feature will help ensure you (or the sitter or grandma) don’t get held up from travelling because you forgot how to collapse the pram. 

As far as strollers go, Mamas and Papas are some of the most stylish on the market. They come in chic, neutral colours like grey twill and navy flannel, with a sleek chrome frame and no clunky plastic parts. No matter which model you choose, your pram is bound to look gorgeous.

Pros of Mamas and Papas Ocarro Pram

The most popular and versatile Mamas and Papas pram is the Ocarro model, which won the 2021 Mother & Baby Award for best pushchair. This is a larger version of their older hit “Armadillo” pram, and the word “ocarro” literally means giant armadillo. 

The Ocarro is an all-terrain stroller that can suit your baby from birth to 22 kg (48 lbs). You can use it with a rear-facing carrycot or baby carrier for newborns, as well as with forward- and rear-facing babies in the pushchair. 

The pushchair seat includes a thick headrest and heavy padding around the harness, making it both comfortable and secure for your baby. The Ocarro carrycot is also well padded and comfy. 

The front wheels may be locked for smooth travel on difficult terrain. The Ocarro’s sturdy design allows for travel over kerbs, parks, and anywhere else you might find yourself taking your baby.

The Ocarro is ideal for parents who want an all-terrain stroller with a dual-facing seat. This model is very popular, and with good reason.

Cons of Mamas and Papas Ocarro Pram

The Ocarro has a few downsides of its own in addition to the drawbacks that come with all Mamas and Papas prams. 

The Ocarro is on the bulky side, even when folded, and some users find it unwieldy and difficult to store. Its durable frame makes it heavy, especially when folded. Some parents struggle to put it in the car without assistance.

The storage basket beneath the baby’s seat can only be accessed from the back, making it harder to use and less spacious than it appears. And many users have cited disappointment with how easily the chrome sections are scratched. 

What Are the Drawbacks of Using Mamas and Papas Prams?

The main drawbacks of Mamas and Papas prams are that they are expensive and don’t include certain features that parents appreciate. The company also doesn’t make twin prams, nor do they make prams for more active parents who like to burn calories while walking their babies.

Mamas and Papas prams are not inexpensive. You can expect to spend at least £600-700 ($833-972). If your family is on a tight budget, you should consider other, more affordable prams. 

None of the Mamas and Papas prams has built-in cup holders, which might be a dealbreaker for some parents. If you plan on taking water or coffee with you when you’re out with your baby, you can purchase Mamas and Papas’ attachable cup holder for an additional fee.

They also do not include a tray for babies in the pushchair. The lovely, sleek designs sacrifice some of the bulky, plastic conveniences of other brands of strollers.

Mamas and Papas does not make twin buggies or strollers meant to hold more than one child. If you are expecting twins or think you will have another baby soon after your first, this is probably not the brand for you. 

Furthermore, these particular prams are not made for running. The Ocarro may be an all-terrain stroller, but it is not designed for high speeds. As of yet, Mamas and Papas does not make any three-wheeled jogging strollers.

Mamas and Papas strollers seem to be better well-received in the UK than in the US. Though these prams are sold in the US, they are not nearly as prevalent as brands like Graco and Babytrend.

Are There Better Alternative Pram Brands?

Some alternative pram brands include Mockingbird, Baby Jogger, and Graco. The better option for each family will be determined by the different needs for their pram. If you’re not convinced that Mamas and Papas is the right brand for you, alternatives might suit your needs better.


The Mockingbird has a sleek frame similar to Mamas and Papas, but this stroller is made to convert to a two-child buggy. The company is also developing a model that accounts for a third, older child. If you have multiple littles or plan on having two under age two, the Mockingbird is an excellent option.

Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger makes strollers specifically made for jogging and running. For parents who want to take their children with them when they exercise, these prams are an excellent choice. Baby Jogger makes double strollers for twins or a toddler and baby, an option that Mamas and Papas still does not offer.


Graco strollers are much more affordable than Mamas and Papas. They lack the sleek designs and compactibility, but they’re very practical. These strollers typically include a cup holder, a plastic tray for the baby, and accessible storage. Graco is a much more budget-friendly choice for parents who aren’t ready for the expense of a Mamas and Papas pram.

How Many Styles Do Mamas and Papas Produce?

Mamas and Papas produces four styles of prams: Ocarro, Strada, Flip, and Airo. Each option has features that make it unique from the rest, and all are well-suited for a variety of parents’ needs. 


Ocarro is Mamas and Papas leading model of pram. It is an all-terrain stroller most notable for its stylish design, comfortable seat, and ability to traverse most terrains smoothly.


The Strada is the most recent addition to the Mamas and Papas lineup of prams. It’s very similar to the Ocarro, though it’s a more transportable pram than its predecessor.

The smaller wheels make the Strada better suited to urban environments rather than the all-terrain Ocarro. 


The Flip series is a continuation of the Mamas and Papas older Armadillo line. These tend to be a little less maneuverable than the Ocarro and less portable than the Airo. The Flip XT, Flip XT2, and Flip XT3 are all quality choices for prams. 


The Airo’s main selling point is its compatibility. While other Mamas and Papas strollers are notoriously clunky, the Airo can collapse into a backpack. This is the perfect stroller for a family who travels a lot and needs to conserve space in the car or plane.

However, the Airo does not have a carrycot, the seat is less plush than the Ocarro, and there is less storage space due to its compatibility.