Are Gro Eggs Worth It?

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Gro Eggs are iconic, and their eye-catching egg-shaped glow fits beautifully in your little one’s nursery setting. The Gro Egg2 has become portable with a USB adaptor and offers a dimming function to better use as a cute nightlight. But at the price, is a Gro Egg really worth it? 

Gro Eggs are worth it for their aesthetics and soft-touch silicone egg shape. The Gro Egg glows a color warning about temperature change and doubles as a cute nightlight. However, the Gro Egg may not be worth its high price considering its limited functionality compared to other room thermometers.

If it’s about the looks, the Gro Egg is top of the range, and its quirky design makes it a great addition to your kiddie’s room. However, if functionality and adjustability are what you seek, this product may not be for you. Here’s why we think Gro Eggs might not be worth its price. 

What Is a Gro Egg?

The Times-Topee Gro Egg is a color-changing thermometer that changes color to alert parents that the room heat has moved beyond the suggested 20° to 22°C (68°-72°F). The Gro Egg shows whether the temperature is too high or too low for your baby by a system of illuminated colors. 

Younger babies are susceptible to temperature changes, and they are only beginning to regulate their temperature at 11 weeks old. Some studies have linked Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) to increased body temperatures. Infants are at the most risk of SIDS between birth and six months old. 

The Gro Egg2 replaces the initial Gro Egg. The Gro Egg2 has some new features that make it a much better option for parents of babies, which include the following: 

  • 33% larger than the Gro Egg1 with a soft-touch silicone cover 
  • The digital thermometer has a backlit LCD display 
  • Adjustable night light glow 
  • Compatible with Grobag togs 
  • USB powered with an adaptor included 

Is the Gro Egg Safe?

The Gro Egg1 and 2 are safe to use as they are endorsed by the charity foundation The Lullaby Trust, This organization is  involved in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) research, endorses the Gro Egg as part of their focus to increase awareness of SIDS. 

To this date, The Lullaby Trust has spent £12 million on SIDS research and continues to educate parents of potential factors that may increase the chances of this disease. 

However, several reviews of the Gro Egg on Amazon report faulty behavior of the device and inaccurate temperature readings. Whether this is a user error or rare anomalies in the product, potential buyers should take these complaints into consideration. 

Several complaints of temperature malfunctions raise concerns over the accuracy of these instruments. However, the overall consensus is positive, although many product reviews on Amazon are unhappy with the lack of adjustability to the temperature control setting. 

Ultimately, with its limited functions, the Gro Egg relies on its unique egg-like appearance and the ability to show temperature change at a glance. Bluetooth-enabled devices may not look as cute but serve several more functions for Gro Egg2’s price.

No electronic device is 100% free of potential malfunctions or shipping damage. Parents should never place their trust in a solitary device and use prudence when interpreting electronic data. 

What is the Best Age to Use the Gro Egg for your Child?  

The best age to use the Gro Eggs for your child is from birth to 6 months. The most vulnerable age of a growing infant is these months, where SIDS is associated with increased infant body temperature. However the nightlight function extends the Gro Egg function. 

The Gro Egg2 comes with a variable dimming switch which you can use for your little one as a nightlight for as long as you wish. 

Infants younger than six months are susceptible to SIDS, implicated in increased body temperature. The functionality of the color-based temperature display is most important below six months. The new Gro Egg2 is 33% bigger and now adjustable in brightness, perfect for more prolonged use as a little one’s night light. 

What Are the Advantages of Using a Gro Egg?

The Gro Egg1 and Gro Egg2 have the advantages of alerting new parents to temperature changes that may harm their newborn child. Newborns cannot regulate their own body temperature The Gro Egg’s color coded alert system allows mothers to monitor the temperature of the room. 

The Gro Egg2 also provides a dimmable switch that seconds as a night light for growing babies. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Gro Egg?

The disadvantages of the Gro Egg 1 was that it was not portable, and the Gro Egg2 introduced the USB-powered version (adapter included). Manufacturers of the Gro Egg 1 addressed complaints about the very bright Gro Egg 1 disturbing the baby’s sleep.

The manufacturers then provided an adjustable glow in the Gro Egg2 to resolve the brightness issues. However, some users feel that the Gro Egg2 is overpriced for its limited function. 

There is also the risk of faulty temperature readings in malfunctioning units reported by several Amazon buyers of the product. Therefore parents should not trust their babies’ ambient temperature to a single device. 

Are There Alternatives to the Gro Egg?

There are a variety of alternatives to the Gro Egg1 and 2 such as basic indoor temperature measuring devices. Several kinds of devices are available on Amazon that retail less than the Gro Egg but offer more functions, such as humidity meters and temperature adjustability. 

Govee Bluetooth Thermometer

This product offers the added benefits of a hygrometer or humidity meter and adjustable temperature settings according to your baby’s needs. The highly-rated product allows users to remotely track the temperature and humidity data on the Govee Home App. It’s also more affordable than the more aesthetically appealing soft-touch Gro Egg2. 

DOQAUS Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

The DOQAUS has a four-and-a-half star rating of over 3,365 reviews and is an affordable alternative to the Gro Egg. Sold as a set of 3, these no-frills room thermometers offer multiple mounting options and have an added humidity sensor with a real-time reading. The LCD display alerts users to ambient room conditions with just a glance. 

Lanhiem Indoor Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

This competitively priced digital room thermometer has a four-and-a-half star rating from over 4,700 customer reviews. This entry-level thermometer is battery-operated and highly portable, measures humidity and temperature, and is switchable between °C/°F. The Lanhiem Thermometer measures temperature range -50°C~+70°C (-58°F – 158°F) with an accuracy of ±1°C/1.8°F.

Are Gro Eggs Expensive?

Gro Eggs are comparatively expensive with other products designed for monitoring indoor temperature. Frequent user reviews express that the item, although helpful, is overpriced for its limited functionality. 

The current prices (subject to change) are as follows: 

  • Gro Egg original retails on Amazon UK for around £23.
  • Amazon UK offers the Gro Egg2 for approximately £29. 
  • Tommee Tippee provides online purchases of the Gro Egg2 at around £30 

How To Save Money on a Gro Egg

As the Gro Egg that glows is comparatively expensive in the indoor room temperature market for infants, you could try Amazon for a reliable and more affordable means to regulate your nursery’s temperature. 

Unfortunately, the visual appeal as a soft touch night light is something you may have to forgo. Alternatively, Amazon frequently offers customers reduced rates on used items such as the Gro Egg and Gro Egg2. 

There are room thermometers mentioned above at a third of the price of the Gro Egg and incorporate Bluetooth features that allow you to access your room temperature data on the go. Amazon offers a wide variety of alternative options for your baby room thermometer requirements.