Are Expensive Pushchairs Worth It? – What To Know Before You Buy 

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When you are expecting a baby, other than thinking about where the baby would sleep, you also think about how you will take them to places. Deciding on the way you are going to take your baby out can seem like one of the most important decisions that you will make, and it is not easy to choose since there are a lot of different options out on the market. So, are the expensive pushchairs worth it?

Buying an expensive pushchair can be worth it as long as you can get a lot of use out of it, it grows with your child and the quality is within the product. Though equally if you can find a pushchair that has everything you need but at a cheaper rate then expensive pushchairs aren’t worth it.

It is easy to get swept up in the dreamland of buying fancy pushchairs and imagining yourself pushing them down the street but there are plenty on the market that are practical, stylish and affordable. So you don’t always have to push the boat out for a product that might not be giving you much more for your money.

After doing extensive research on different pushchairs myself and feeling highly overwhelmed I decided to write this article to help you decide if expensive pushchairs are worth buying or not.

What Is A Pushchair? 

A pushchair is a common way of transportation for the baby, and it is popular among parents. Many times a pushchair can be mistaken for a stroller, or a pram, however, you should know that these are not the same things since they have differences in features. That is why you need to familiarize yourself with the features of each, so you could know what you really need. 

A pushchair is a transport model, which is characterized by durability and sturdiness. A pushchair allows you to face your baby forward or towards you, meaning that you can choose what is convenient for you at a particular time. Pushchairs are suitable both for newborns and older babies, and usually, they have the feature to be folded flat.

Pushchair Features 

Since I already mentioned that there are slight differences between pushchairs and strollers, you have to learn the features, so you can make a clear distinction. Many parents opt for a pushchair as a way of transporting their newborn because of the convenient features it offers. 

Reversible Seat 

When your baby is still very young, you would probably want them to be facing you most of the time. That way you can make eye contact, and make sure that your baby is comfortable and happy.

However, if the pushchair is suitable for older babies, then you would like to have the option to reverse the seat, so the baby could explore the outside world. 

Smooth Ride

Not every pushchair offers a smooth ride, so you need to be careful with your choice. If you are an active person and you want to spend most of your time outside with your baby, then you would have to find a pushchair that offers stability, i.e. a smooth ride without constant bumps and jolting.

Therefore, it is best that you choose a pushchair with three thick wheels, also known as the all-terrain model since it guarantees a smooth ride.

Easy Fold

How easy the pushchair folds is important because you might be a person who uses public transport a lot, meaning that you will frequently do some folding.

Therefore, the fold needs to be easy and convenient, so you could easily use the pushchair again and again. If you do not have this feature, you might end up stuck at home since you will not want to deal with difficult folding all the time. 


Most of the pushchair models offer a place for storing baby stuff. This is very important because you will have a lot of things for the baby with you at all times, therefore you will need some good storage space for that. 

Safety Standards 

Almost all baby transport models go through some testing, so the baby would be safe at all times while being transported to places.

Most of the pushchairs are built according to safety standards, however, the more expensive ones usually have gone through more tests. 

How Are Pushchairs Different From Baby Travel Systems? 

Many people mistake the pushchairs and the baby travel systems for the same things. However, the travel systems are usually larger than the pushchairs, and some of them cannot fit in all types of car boots. Travel systems come with car seats and carrycot attachments that are not present in the pushchairs. 

Therefore, parents who do not take their baby in the car that much, do not really need a whole travel system. Also, the travel systems are way more expensive than the pushchairs. So, you might spend more money on features that you do not even need. 

What Age Can You Use A Pushchair For? 

There are different types of pushchairs, but the most common ones are suitable for babies and toddlers that are around six months old and more. You can find pushchairs that are suitable for newborns as well, however, most of the pushchairs are recommended for toddlers.

Also, you might find pushchairs that will be suitable for toddlers until the age of three, which is the age when children can stop using one. 

On the other hand, you can easily find baby travel systems that are more suitable for newborns. Since newborns are mostly carried in a flat position, travel systems are more adjusted to that position. That is why new parents opt for a travel system rather than a pushchair. 

Benefits Of Using A Pushchair

Since pushchairs have the ability to be reversed, you and your baby can gain a lot of benefits when using one. Firstly, the usage of a pushchair is simple and easy-maneuvered.

You will be able to transport your baby with ease and you will be always able to monitor them whenever is needed due to the reversible seat. Also, this is great emotional support for your child because they can face you and you can talk to them while taking a walk. 

Moreover, this is good for the development of the baby. When the child is still very young, especially between 2-5 months, they need to feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, they need to get used to their parents by constantly facing them, and this is what the pushchair provides. 

Also, since the pushchairs are able to get in a flat position, the baby has the opportunity to nap better. When they are facing their parents, they are calmer which contributes to the quality of the nap. This means that they get rested and obtain the energy needed for their development.

When it comes to the parents, pushchairs are very beneficial because they provide the opportunity for them to bond with the baby in a unique way. When your baby is facing you all the time while walking they get used to your voice, face, and body movements. That way they will always feel calm and peaceful with you. 

Drawbacks Of Using A Pushchair

It is understandable that pushchairs have some drawbacks, even though they offer a lot of benefits. So, you might find it inconvenient that pushchairs are bulky and heavy, so it might be difficult to take them to public transport, or similar places.

Also, some of them might be difficult to fold, therefore, you have to check this feature carefully before buying one. 

Furthermore, if you buy a bigger pushchair, it might be difficult for you to travel and pass in small spaces. However, you can choose the size that you find convenient and appropriate for your needs. 

Nonetheless, these drawbacks are not present in every type of pushchair, therefore, you will need to do a good research on the market, so you can eliminate these things.

What Do Expensive Pushchairs Offer Over Cheaper Ones?

When it comes to expensive pushchairs, the biggest reason for their price is the design and the brand that produces them. Many celebrities buy expensive pushchairs, so it is understandable that the prices will be high.

However, they are also made of some high-quality materials, and they offer greater support for the babies than the cheaper ones. 

Expensive pushchairs are usually characterized by sturdiness and durability, meaning that you will be able to use them for a long time and take them in any kind of environment without worry. When the baby is inside, they will not feel any discomfort, and there will be no jolting since they are quite stable. 

Furthermore, the materials of which they are made are generally of organic origin, meaning that they are keeping the baby healthy and not exposed to bacteria, or any toxic substances. This is especially convenient for babies who have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. 

Lastly, the expensive pushchairs are usually very easy to fold, and some of them enable you to do that even with one hand. The cheaper pushchairs do not have such mechanisms, so sometimes it can be really annoying to manage the folding part. This can be especially hard if you spend some time alone with your baby. 

How To Save Money On Pushchairs? 

Even though they come at really high prices, there are ways to purchase a pushchair and still save some money. 

Pick The Best Time For Pushchair Purchase

If you still have time until the baby is born, then you can take your time and research when the pushchairs are available on good deals.

According to Consumer Reports, a lot of stores offer great deals for pushchairs in November, therefore, you can wait and see whether something affordable comes in your way. 

Go To Outlet Stores

The outlet stores usually offer some good prices that are half of the original price. You might not find the latest models and trendy pushchairs, but you are going to buy something of high quality at a good price. 

Buy Second-hand Pushchair Online 

If you start browsing the websites that offer second-hand goods, you will certainly find something that will be convenient for you. You can save a lot of money this way, and help some other parents to get rid of baby equipment that they no longer use.

However, make sure that the pushchair you intend to buy is in good condition because you might waste your money for nothing, and end up spending more rather than saving. 

Find A Local Parent Sale

These are similar to garage sales, however, you buy stuff for your baby rather than for yourself or your house. Other than pushchairs, here you might find some other things you need for your baby at a really affordable price.

What is more, you might meet some new parent friends that will share their experiences with you, so you will not make mistakes when buying stuff for the baby. 

Are Expensive Pushchairs Worth It? 

It is a sure thing that expensive pushchairs offer greater stability, durability, and an excellent design. They come with a lot of features that will be convenient both for the baby and the parents. They are usually easier to use and often come with a lot of extras that the cheaper pushchairs do not include. 

However, you should always think about your budget and whether you could really afford this kind of pushchair. Expecting a baby comes with a lot of expenses, so an expensive pushchair might be a luxury that you do not really need. So, you can opt for a cheaper one and use it in the same way, even if it is not as long as the expensive ones. 

On the other hand, if your budget is high, and you can afford it, then buying an expensive pushchair would be a good investment, especially if you plan to have another baby in the future. These pushchairs are durable, so they will be good to use even after some time. 

As you could see, expensive pushchairs come with a lot of features, and they can be really convenient for new parents. They also provide great support and comfort for the baby. There are ways to find these at lower prices, however, you can always opt for a cheaper one and provide good transport for your newborn.