Are Baby Towels Really Worth Buying?

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Bath time for a baby is both great for hygiene but also great to get them used to water, washing and it also can help create a good routine before bed. As you may already know buying anything for your baby can seem like a mammoth task and can quickly become overwhelming. Along with choosing a bath, you might also be confused as to whether baby towels are actually worth buying.

Baby towels aren’t essential as they are simply smaller versions of towels you can buy for yourself. Some are thinner than regular towels but overall you may find buying normal towels easier as they last longer.

Baby towels are cute and somewhat practical but not always necessary. In this article, I am going to talk about the pros and cons of using baby towels and if they really are worth buying.

What Is A Baby Towel?

A baby towel is a tiny towel explicitly designed for the sensitive and fragile skin of newborns. It includes an additional sewn-on hood in one corner to protect the bay’s head.

Unlike adult towels, infant towels are composed of a softer, absorbent material. All of this is to protect the baby’s skin from scratches that a regular towel might have caused.

Baby towels clean your child’s skin more quickly and gently. After a bath, you’ll want to remove water from your baby’s skin quickly before they start feeling cold. However, because they are always quite active, especially if they are just a few months old, this may not be achievable with regular towels. 

You’ll need an absorbent material to assist you in wiping away the water quickly. The extra unique softness will also ensure that you don’t accidentally harm them in the process of wiping them.

What Ages Can You Use Your Baby Towels?

Baby towels are composed of incredibly soft fabrics, and you may use them on your baby as soon as they are born. Children’s skin is most fragile when they are very young. This will necessitate you that maintain them clean to prevent the risk of infection, and thus you will have to bathe the baby more often. A baby towel will come in handy during this period.

Babies begin regulating their body temperatures between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four months.

A baby towel is soft and keeps the infant warm after baths. As a result, it’s a good idea to use a baby towel before this age. The towel will help them retain their body after a shower.

Furthermore, most infants like being wrapped in a baby towel, particularly hooded towels and will desire them for an extended period. You may keep using your baby towel for as long as it is helpful to your infant.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Baby Towels?

Baby towels are crucial for our children since they assist in drying up the water after bathing them and provide them with warmth. There is, however, more to baby towels than meets the eye. Other advantages of using baby towels include:

  1. They are eco-friendly

Baby towels are produced entirely from natural materials. Cotton and bamboo are the most common materials used to make baby towels. Aside from being soft, they are chemical-free since they are entirely natural and include no synthetic materials containing harmful chemicals.

  1. They are super absorbent

It is critical to dry your baby’s skin after bathing thoroughly. If your baby’s skin isn’t properly dried, it may retain wet spots, causing rashes. Irritation may also arise on your baby’s skin as a result of water spots. To avoid this, you will need to be prepared with an absorbent towel. Fortunately, the baby towel is ideal for this purpose.

Another advantage of a baby towel is that it is absorbent; nevertheless, it also loses water quickly. It will dry faster and be ready for subsequent usage.

  1. They are hypoallergenic

This means they are kind and gentle to your baby’s fragile skin. Baby towels, unlike regular towels, will not irritate your child’s skin in any way.

  1. They are super soft and snuggly

Because most baby towels are 100% cotton or bamboo, you can expect an exceptionally cozy and soft feel on your baby’s skin. Aside from that, they will offer your infant the necessary warmth to compensate for temperature dips after showers.

  1. They are durable

Baby towels are made of natural materials. They and are therefore highly durable. This will save you money on replacements that you would have had to pay if you had chosen a different choice.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Baby Towels?

Infant towels offer numerous benefits; nevertheless, there are some drawbacks to using one on your baby. Some of the disadvantages of using a baby towel are as follows:

  1. They take a long time to dry

Because baby towels are absorbent, they may collect more water and take longer to dry. This might delay you from reusing it immediately or soon after washing it.

  1. They retain germs if used regularly without being washed

Frequent usage of dirty baby towels may keep bacteria that cause discomfort and rashes on your baby’s skin.

  1. They may cause rashes and irritation on your baby’s skin

If your baby towel hasn’t dried completely, it may leave wet spots on the baby’s skin, leading to the development of rashes.

Are Baby Towels Expensive?

Obtaining a high-quality baby towel is not a complicated process. The majority of baby stores sell high-quality baby towels. You may even order them online and have them delivered directly to your home.

Baby towels are typically inexpensive. You can purchase one for as little as £6 and as much as £20.

If you want to give your infant a more luxurious touch, you may invest in a more expensive baby towel. However, ordinary baby towels are typically inexpensive.

Are Baby Towels Worth It?

Baby towels are valuable. They help keep your baby warm after bathing by absorbing all of the water from their skin. This water, if not dried, might contribute to the development of rashes, irritation, or other unwanted skin issues in your baby.

They are cute for pictures and after bath snuggles and are often a nice gift to give to new parents so you may find yourself not needing a baby bath towel.

Even though it dries out your baby’s skin, baby towels might carry bacteria that can wreak havoc on your child’s skin. Furthermore, some baby towels may be composed of toxic compounds harmful to the child’s skin. There are other ways to keep your infant warm after a shower without using a baby towel. As a result, a baby towel may not be worth it after all.