Are Baby Sleeping Bags Worth It? – Everything You Need To Know

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Creating a comfortable setting for your newborn to take a nap can be such a tough task. There are also lots of sleepwear in the market which may allow your baby to have a good sleep. However, are baby sleeping bags worth it?

Baby sleeping bags are worth it if they can guarantee safe sleep with limited wake-ups. If they can prevent suffocation and maintain a warm environment by keeping temperatures consistent, consider investing in them. And if this isn’t the case, then they aren’t worth it.

I’ll take you through everything you need to know about baby sleeping bags. Including reasons why people use them, their costs, the right age for babies to sleep on them, and many more. So, keep reading to learn more!

What Is A Baby Sleeping Bag?

A baby sleeping bag is simply that a sleeping bag. They usually have a feature to have arms out or the alternative to have arms in. The sleeping bag is a large padded sack that creates comfort and covering to the baby as they sleep but doesn’t overwhelm them as a blanket or duvet would.

These are used as they are seen as safer for your baby and easier to use. They are also known as sleep sacks and sleep bags. They are commonly used as they keep your baby warm and covered during the night but also have the freedom to sleep as they want without being tangled in a blanket.

The sleeping bags are fastened at the top of the shoulders with velcro or snap fastening to keep the bag in place while your baby sleeps.

Why Do People Use Baby Sleeping Bags?

There are many reasons why people use baby sleeping bags. Here are some of the most important ones;

Prevent or Lessen Wake Ups

Sleeping bags keep the baby warm and comfortable without requiring other beddings. Also, the baby’s feet cannot get stuck between cot bars. And there are no blankets or sheets to kick as they sleep in the bag.

With a sleeping bag, there is normally a constant warm temperature throughout the night. Hence your infants aren’t likely to wake up due to the cold. And in case they do, it may be due to issues regarding self-settling or sleep associations.

Ensures the Baby Is Safe

Who wouldn’t want the well-being of their kids? Nobody, right? A baby will be able to sleep safely since there aren’t any blankets or sheets to twirl. Plus, there are no present suffocation dangers. 

Therefore, you can establish a safer sleeping environment for your newborn.

Freerer Alternative To Swaddling

When babies are born they like to feel bundled up and cosy like they did in the womb so swaddling is a way to recreate that feeling for a baby and give them a great nights sleep. Though if your baby isn’t bothered for swaddling or is coming out the appropriate age for swaddling then sleeping bags are a great alternative.

You can use these for longer up until the ages of 1 year -18 months, depending on the baby and what they prefer.

What Age Babies Can Use Baby Sleeping Bags?

Babies aged from zero to three years can use sleeping bags. Take note that age is often used while measuring the bags. Generally, the bags are made in three sizes, from zero to six months. 

Then six to eighteen and eighteen to thirty-six months. Still, the actual sizes fluctuate between the brands. You should also consider not using oversized bags. 

Babies may wriggle when you lay them in very large sleeping bags. This is dangerous because it can lead to them getting trapped there. You, therefore, need to go for a sleeping bag that matches your baby’s weight and age. 

You have to realize not every sleeping bag for babies is perfect. So be sure to confirm they are suitable. You may purchase a sleeping bag for a new baby, however many parents prefer waiting until the baby is some weeks older. 

They do that before introducing them to the sacks. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Baby Sleeping Bag

Buying a sleeping bag not only gets you one you think may look perfect on your baby. However, there is more to it. There is a criterion you can use when you want to purchase a sleeping bag for your baby. 

  • Size of Sleeping Bag

Size and age go hand in hand. You need to focus on how safe your baby will be as you go for a sleeping sack. Though some people do consider one that the baby grows into. 

Ensure you choose a sack that suits your baby. A suitable sleeping bag should have a small gap between the sack’s lowermost hem and the tot’s feet.

  • The Season

You need to choose a sleeping bag that matches a specific season. Consider using a tog rating system. Baby sleeping bags with high ratings are proper for cold weather. 

However, the lower ratings are for the warm conditions.

  • Type of Material

The external covering of a sleeping bag is always in direct contact with the skin of your baby. Therefore, consider choosing a sack made from natural fabric like polyester and cotton. Though most people like using down or fleece for the fillers.

How Much Are Baby Sleeping Bags?

The cost of baby sleeping bags starts from as little as £6 to £159. This substantial variation is due to the many categories of bags available. And also the difference in their qualities. 

You shouldn’t just concentrate on the cost of baby sleeping bags. It’s also good that you check for the different types of sacks available. And after you explore the classes, you’ll have an idea based on the cost. 

What’s amazing about the sacks is they come in diverse budgets. And for this reason, you may easily get a sleeping sack that conforms to your needs regardless of the bag. Besides, choosing the best one within your budget enables you to get one without risking quality. 

This implies you won’t have to replace the sleeping bag very soon. At times they may be costly but worth it because of the quality involved and the work they do.

What Other Baby Sleeping Alternatives are There?

There are of course alternatives to baby sleeping bags if you feel it isn’t the way you want to go or you tried and your baby doesn’t rest well in them. Here are some alternatives you might want to try.

Swaddle Wraps

These types of coverings are designed to allow you to wrap your baby so that they nicely take a nap. Swaddle helps the baby feel comfortable and is believed to emulate limited motion in the womb. They are also used to prevent the baby from getting frightened. 

Startling reflexes are normal for kids. Though unexpected jerking movements may wake them up and makes the baby cry. By swaddling the baby, you will be able to restrain the reflexes. 

However, it shouldn’t be so much that it results in suffocation. Ensure you do not swaddle very tightly. Using the wraps can make them feel cozy and this is also excellent for sleep. 

Still, you don’t only need to swaddle a kid when laying them down to sleep at night. You can also try swaddling during the day’s sleep. Get them used to swaddle wraps from the time they are born rather than at a later stage. 

This makes shifting to sleeping bags simpler as they get older.

 Wearable Blankets

These blankets are mostly made of cotton. They also have different patterns and colors. Besides, the blankets have dual zippers to allow easy diaper changing. 

This is a perfect way of having safe covering on your child. Though, it doesn’t also mean it is warmer than the other blankets. And for this reason, you should ensure you dress the baby properly. 

Also, confirm whether the room temperature is appropriate.

 Transitional Swaddle Bag

This is another item that can allow you effortlessly to shift from swaddling to a baby sleeping bag. Ensure the mittens cover your kid’s hands and this will repress Moro reflex gently. Though it isn’t restrictive like a swaddle. 

Tommee Tippee GroBag

This implies if the kid rolls on their belly, they can get up by using their arms. This is vital for the baby’s safety. You can take off the mittens to enable them to use their fingers and hands to self calm themselves. 

And just like the others, it has a twofold zipper to allow you to change the diapers. It’s also made of cotton 

Sleeping Suits

If your baby is beginning to fight the sleeping bag or gets frustrated with it, you may have to consider a sleeping suit. And they are better alternatives since they are also warm. You can use them without having to think of other coverings. 

If your toddler moves around a lot while kicking the blankets off or they start walking and climbing stuff, then you need a suit. It can allow perfect movement of your tot. What’s more is, a suit can be worn even when the kid wakes up in the morning. 

As for the sleeping bags, walking isn’t that possible. This makes the sack more appropriate for the small toddlers than the sleeping suits. However, with diapers changing, using a sleeping sack is simpler since you can easily unzip it. 

For a sleeping suit, you have to remove one leg from it so you can change your baby. Also, the duration for using a suit is much shorter compared to a sleeping sack. The reason for this is you won’t need to have an exact length for the whole body just like you’d want it for the suit.

Still, there are benefits associated with a sleeping suit. 

  • The Baby Gets Warm and Comfortable 

With this, you won’t need extra bedding. You will maintain a correct temperature at night. Remember there are also no sheets to kick while in a sleeping suit. 

And the kid will not wake up due to cold conditions. The toddler will sleep comfortably as there are no blankets to wiggle. Thus, there is no possibility of them suffocating.

  • You Can Achieve the Baby’s Sleep Routine In a Sleepsuit

You can cuddle them and lay them back in the cot. This means settling will be very easy. Lastly, you will create a favorable sleep association as your baby will develop a fast sleep association with the suit. 

And this implies any time they wear a suit, this is a powerful reminder that it’s time to nap.

Are Baby Sleeping Bags Worth It?

They are worth it if they meet all your requirements like keeping the baby safe and lessening the wake-ups. Your child’s safety is the main stuff you need to reckon about when you are buying a sleeping bag. The duvets and blankets can cover your kid’s head when they move around and this can be unsafe. 

Besides, baby sleeping bags are made to be used without blankets. Hence the sacks are the best alternatives to conventional blankets and sheets. Plus a desirable next stage when your child starts to wriggle away from the swaddles and even move in their nap. 

When you use the sleeping bags your child won’t be able to toss their cover and end up waking from sleep. They can decrease the risk of your baby encountering Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is commonly known as cot death since the baby is not likely to experience overheating. 

Furthermore, The tot’s legs will not get clenched on cot bars. It gives a friendly setting for them when sleeping.

As noted, baby sleeping bags can be worth it if you get the right one and ensure it is safer for your toddler. And that being said, your baby will have a good sleep and you won’t have to worry so much. So, be sure to get a baby sleeping bag to allow you to fulfill your family sleeping goals.