Are Baby Photos Worth It? – Everything You Need To Know

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When the new baby comes into your life, your and your partner’s daily schedule is completely turned upside down. Thinking about a baby photoshoot may be at the bottom of your priority list. But, it is advisable to try to squeeze that into your busy days. 

Baby photos are 100% worth the money since you will be creating a lifetime of memories. Having your baby captured at this age will be precious later since you will be able to see how much your baby has grown. Though if you neither have the time or money you can find budget-friendly options. 

Besides a baby photoshoot, you can also choose to do a maternity photoshoot to capture the moments from your pregnancy. Stay tuned to find out how to prepare the baby for the photo shoot and what you can do to save some money you will be spending on these newborn photos. 

What Types Of Photos Can I Get?

If you are wondering about the types of photoshoots, the two most common ones are maternity and newborn photoshoots. Many women would like to keep the memories of this period, and a good way to do that is to organize a professional photo shooting.

Of course, we live in an era where this is not absolutely necessary since it is impossible to imagine life without a smartphone. But having a smartphone and taking pictures with them is not the same as having the pictures on paper. 

You have for sure been in a situation where you have taken tons of pictures and never looked at them again. Of course, you can choose some of the pictures from your phone and print them, and create an album on your own. But, a better way to enjoy is to hire a professional to do the shooting for you.

How To Prepare For A Photoshoot?

If you are doing a maternity photoshoot, there is really no special preparation needed. The only thing you have to do is to bring the clothes you would like to get your pictures in. Sometimes, this can be arranged with your photographer, so make sure to consult him first. 

If you are doing a newborn photoshoot, the story is a little bit different. Since newborn babies still have their needs that need to be fulfilled at the time they are demanding, it is best to adjust yourself to the baby’s sleeping schedule. 

The best newborn photos are taken while the baby is in its deep sleep because at that time it will have nothing against being moved around and curled in different outfits. To ensure that your baby will be asleep for the photoshoot, try to feed the baby shortly before it starts. 

If the studio is far away from your house, it is a good idea to call your photographer and ask whether you can arrive a little bit earlier before your term and to feed the baby there. This way you will be sure that the baby will fall asleep right before the action starts. 

Another good piece of advice is to try to organize the photoshoot in the first two weeks of the baby’s life. In this period they are still snuggled and you will get the best-looking photos. 

If you are organizing the photoshoot with an older kid as well, make sure that you bring someone with you to help you look after both of the kids. Sometimes it can be very challenging handling two kids, especially when one of them is a newborn baby, and the other one toddled that is on the mission to explore the world. 

How To Save Money On Baby Photos?

Truth be told, newborn and maternity photoshoots can be very expensive. The price depends if you have chosen a freelance photographer or you have opted for a studio. Some mothers choose to go for the latter because it gives them more safety.

However, hiring a freelance photographer is a nice way to save some money that will definitely be useful in the upcoming months of the baby’s life. Freelancers often have better rates, but parents are sometimes concerned about the quality of images they will get. 

This can be easily checked by asking the photographer to provide previous examples of his work, preferably maternity and newborn photoshoots. If you are happy with the result, there is no reason not to believe in that photographer. 

Sometimes the photographers charge extra for the decoration or lending the clothes for maternity shooting, and many other things, so make sure that you know what is included in the price. Also, make sure to check how many pictures you will be getting. 

Why Should I Get Baby Photos?

Since the baby will grow and change rapidly in its first few years of life, many parents are in doubt why to waste money for a newborn photoshoot, when they can do it later when the baby looks more “like itself”.

These parents don’t realize that is exactly why you should do the newborn photoshoot. The best way to create memories is to capture that moment when the newborn is still looking very gentle and fragile, so you can see how they have changed in just a year or two. 

Later on, when the babies grow older, it is very unlikely they will be cooperative for a photoshoot. It will be very hard to get them to stay still for a couple of hours, and the pictures will be more spontaneous – you will not be able to create scenarios or to have the special decorations. 

This is why it is better to do the photoshoot at the newborn stage so that you can avoid not getting any pictures later on when the baby becomes old enough to disobey your commands. Toddlers are not interested in sitting in one place for a long time, so the pictures won’t be as ideal as you would probably like them to be.