Are Baby Mobiles Worth It? – Everything You Need To Know

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When you think of mobiles, your handset is what comes to mind. Yet, baby mobiles are far from it. As a parent, especially first-time parents, you want your baby to be happy and entertained at all times. You also want everything that will help your baby develop healthily. You will purchase every gadget that has this promise, and one of them is a baby mobile. Even then, a lot of individuals wonder if this device is worth it. 

Baby mobiles are worth buying if you plan to have one over the cot on a night, one to play within the daytime as a healthy distraction or to nurture sensory skills. Baby mobiles may not be worth it if you do not want on the cot and have other toys and sensory items to help with development.

Note that not every child reacts to baby mobiles positively. While some will be fascinated and interested in them, some babies will be scared of the mobile. Don’t be surprised if your child has complete disregard for this item. They may be interested in other fancier stuff in the room. 

I wanted to create this helpful article to help you decide if a baby mobile is for you and your baby or not. I laid out the pros and cons, what age you can use them for and any other information you might not know and find useful when making your decision.

What Is A Baby Mobile?

A baby mobile is not your usual mobile. As a matter of fact, it is not a cellphone. These devices can be chargeable or not. They are usually hanged above baby cribs, strollers, car seats, or changing stations. Some of them are musical, coming with a variety of tunes to entertain your little one. Additionally, these mobiles come in bright, vibrant colours to attract your baby. 

Baby mobiles also come in three designs. You can purchase one that clips onto the side rails of your baby’s cot or one that attaches to their stroller and car seat. You can also get one that hangs from the ceiling above your child’s crib. This one is best used in your baby’s room since it is less portable. 

A baby mobile majorly provides entertainment to your child. In addition to this, it helps captivate your baby’s attention, allowing them to drift off to sleep quickly. One good thing about these gadgets is that most babies love them. 

Baby mobiles work to capture your baby’s attention, providing entertainment in the process. They come in bright, multiple colours to help capture the attention of your child. However, for the first six weeks of your baby’s life, monochromatic mobiles are recommended. You can add more colours as they grow.  

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Baby Mobile?

The advantages of using baby mobiles are immense. They include:


These devices serve to entertain your baby. The animated colours and beautiful toys hanging from the monitors captivate your kid. Some of them are musical and can rotate. Your baby will likely squeal with joy every time the tunes come on, and the monitor starts to rotate. 

Motor skills

Every parent wants their child to grow up all rounded with fine motor and cognitive skills. As your baby grows and begins to take an interest in their surroundings, they may notice the mobile and even start reaching for it. This is usually around three months of age. This small movement of reaching out is actually critical in terms of motor skills development. 

The act of reaching out also improves your baby’s hand-eye coordination. They will also learn how to control where their little hands go. What’s more, at this age, your baby’s vision is improved and can follow moving objects. As the mobile rotates, your baby will be able to follow this movement, finding pleasure in the process. They will reach out for the mobile and even try to swat at it. 

Eye muscle strengthening

When your baby moves their eyes to follow the movements of the mobile, they strengthen their eye muscles in the process.

This also helps the muscles to develop correctly.

Improved Head Control

You may be wondering how this simple device helps your baby have better head control. Following the movements of the baby mobile helps them strengthen their neck muscles. They do this by turning, lifting their head, and even nodding. 

Spacial Awareness

When your little one reaches for the mobile device, their eyes need to comprehend the depth while their little brain tries to figure out the distance. This simple exercise helps improve their spatial awareness.

At What Age Can You Use Baby Mobiles?

You can use baby mobiles right from birth. However, newborns sleep a lot and will probably not notice the device. Even then, it is good to purchase it early. Black and white baby mobiles are best for infants under six weeks old. After that, you can get multicoloured ones.

Alternatively, you can buy a one-size-fits-all baby mobile since it will last till your baby is out of their crib and into a regular bed.

How Much Are Baby Mobiles?

Baby mobiles’ process varies depending on quality, size, and the region you are in.

Here is a simple table to show you some baby monitors and their prices ranges. This will help you budget accordingly.

Baby MobileFeaturesPrice Range
Nuby Rotating Cot MobileVolume control
5 different soothing lullabies
Toys make noises
Adjustable arm to fit different cots
Plays for 20 minutes
Tiny Love Soothe n Groove Mobile18 different melodies
Plays continuously for up to 40 minutes
Fun, colourful characters
Six different categories of music, including white noise
Volume control
VTech Birdie Travel MobileAdditional clip to attach to car seat or pushchair
Night light
40 songs and melodies
Plays continuously for 10, 20 or 30 minutes
Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams 3-in-1 Projector MobileOffers various sounds, including nature sounds, lullabies and white noise
Very versatile and can be used anywhere
Star projection light

The prices range of these items differs because of the variations in features. For instance, some baby mobiles are musical, while others aren’t. Furthermore, some are Bluetooth enabled, while others come with inbuilt tunes. 

You would expect some price difference. The cheap mobiles lack features such as night light functions, Bluetooth enabled, and sound projections. You may also notice some have no musical tunes in them.

Nonetheless, the price difference has very little influence on the quality of the baby mobile. The durability of these gadgets depends on how well you take care of them. You might find a cheap baby mobile serving you for a long, compared to a more expensive one.

How To Save Money On Baby Mobiles

Shopping for baby items can be expensive. Do you need a baby mobile, and your budget is too tight to accommodate one? Worry not. There are several ways you can save money.

For instance, you can shop in a baby shop where they have sales. Here you will be able to buy a baby monitor at a significantly discounted price.  

If you don’t mind using a second-hand mobile, then get one that’s been gently used but still in mint condition. You can visit a baby items thrift shop and be on the lookout for a baby mobile. Don’t be shocked when you get one that’s as good as new.

Another way you can save money on baby mobiles is by making one. Granted, you will spend some money buying tools and raw materials. Nonetheless, you will spend less money on these materials than you would when you buy a new mobile.

Are Baby Mobiles Worth Buying?

Baby mobiles are worth buying, especially when you need a device to help soothe, entertain and help in their development. Of course, other toys work to entertain, comfort, and teach your baby, so a baby mobile is simply an addition. Even then, if you can afford it, then get one. Besides, it works as a great accessory to your baby’s crib.

Inversely, baby mobiles may not be a worthy purchase, especially if you are on a tight budget and looking to save some money. A baby mobile is not a necessity but an additional device. Therefore, if you can’t afford it, there isn’t much you’re missing. Fortunately, hundred other toys work similarly to a baby mobile.