Are Baby Loungers Worth It?

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Being a parent to a newborn can be exhausting, hard work and somewhat confusing. There are times where you will need to put your baby down so you can do things like shower or even eat. Baby loungers come in handy in such situations. They have come to be ideal acquisitions for many mothers, especially first-time mums but are baby loungers worth it?

As much as it depends on the parents’ choice, baby loungers are worth it. They are an excellent way to provide your baby with a place to relax and see their surroundings from a new perspective.

Babies bring joy to a family. However, they also bring plenty of changes to your lifestyle. A baby lounger can be one of the great ways of adjusting to your house. The comfort of a baby has become something paramount these days, and what perfect way to ensure your baby comfortability than getting a baby lounger?

What Is A Baby Lounger?

A baby lounger is a specially designed, relatively small, comfy cushion with a soft bottom that can hold your baby’s entire body and keep them safe. There are no straps or restraints, simply a comfortable infant seat. Most loungers have elevated, rounded edges and curved centers that gently support your infant.

A baby lounger is one of the finest and most comfortable spots for babies. They allow you to put your baby down and get some work or chores done without worrying about your baby.

Knowing what a baby lounger is may not fully convince you if they are worth it. Is it just a spot for your kid only? On the contrary, baby loungers have more than just one use. They can be very advantageous for you and your baby right from birth.

A baby lounger can be set up on any flat surface of your choice and allows you to recline your baby at any angle convenient for them. They are not exactly a complicated product. The nicest thing is that your home has a lot of flat surfaces. The floor, countertops or even your bed are some of the areas you may place your baby lounger.

A baby lounger may also be referred to as a sleep pod, sleeping nest or nest. These are other common terms for similar products which are cushioned mats with a bumper around the side to allow your baby to rest easy and you don’t have the worry of them rolling or hurting themselves.

What Does A Baby Lounger Do?

A newborn baby has no neck support. A lounger positions your baby at a little slant, enabling them to get an excellent view of what you are doing. There will be no more staring at the ceiling as most babies do when laid down. In addition, elevating your baby’s upper body might also assist with their digestion and breathing. 

Loungers are not only for newborn babies. They are frequently used as your child grows bigger. Baby loungers can be used for activities such as tummy time for your kid and assist as your toddlers learn how to sit independently.

Another advantage of a baby lounger is that it is portable. As much as they may seem too bulky to pack away in your baggage, they are light enough to move around your house or even store in the trunk of your car. 

Apart from that, baby loungers are easy to clean. Babies can get messy. It will only be a matter of time until you have to wash your baby lounger. Fortunately, baby loungers are relatively simple to clean. Often, a quick wipe off with a towel is all that is required, but for larger spills, you may have to run your baby lounger through a wash cycle.

What Age Can You Use A Baby Lounger To And From?

There are different kinds of baby loungers that are specific to different age sets. 

The newborn lounger is specific for babies aged between 0 and four months. It is perfect when you need a hands-free moment, and your baby is awake. Most newborn baby loungers can only be used until your baby reaches 16 pounds or can roll over on their own.

The boppy pillow tends to be more of a feeding pillow. You can use it from birth. It also serves as baby support after three months for propping or tummy time. As your baby grows, a lounger can still help support them to sit independently. This is usually around nine months.

However, baby loungers have relatively limited use. They are often used up until your kid is four months old or when they can be able to push themselves up. As a result, you won’t be able to enjoy the pleasures of a lounger for long.

How Much Are Baby Loungers? 

The price of baby loungers may vary. The majority of simple conventional cushion baby loungers cost below £35. Traditional baby loungers with additional features like having adjustable tabs and sling-style coverings generally cost between £40 and £50. With different sizes and features, some baby loungers may cost from £60 ranging to over £100.

With so many alternatives on the market, selecting the best baby lounger for your little one may be difficult. The price variations may be brought about by factors such as shape, size, materials and even coverings.

To clearly understand the prices of baby loungers, we highlight some of the most common baby loungers, their prices and what makes them differ. Some of the best baby loungers include:

  • Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Lounger

The poster, unlike other loungers, has tabs that let you modify the support for a specific fit. You can fasten the strap for a more comfortable and secure seat if you have a tiny baby or loosen them to make room for a growing kid. This Leachco Podster baby lounger has an advantage over other loungers as it has a cover that you can remove. This ensures that your baby lounger is always clean.

The Leachco Podster baby lounger should be an ideal pick for you due to its versatility. Its price ranges from £60 to £70.

  • Boppy Newborn Lounger

You can refer to it as the perfect nest. It is an ideal spot for infants to kick and coo while giving you a hands-free moment. The Boppy newborn lounger is a relatively cheap option baby lounger but offers your baby the comfort they need. It is made specifically for babies who are under 16 pounds.

It is a lightweight baby lounger and has a carrying handle making it very portable. Also, its size makes it easy to care for as it requires to be kept clean. 

The price of this baby lounger is just below £30.

  • DockATot Deluxe + Dock Baby Lounger

This lounger, which comes in a range of colors and designs, is designed for babies from birth to around eight months. It is designed for relaxing and playing. It is lightweight and portable. All materials used in this baby lounger are permeable to encourage air circulation and include a detachable zipped cover that can be washed.

Parents with a sense of style will love the several attractive cover options. This lounger may also come with a toy arch that can be attached to the loops on its side to make it more interesting for your child.

The dock baby lounger costs around £120.

  • Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger

This is the lounger for you if you want to use organic materials. While the inside is packed with traditional polyester, the lounger’s outside shell is made of 100 percent pure organic cotton, making it gentle on your baby’s skin. This lounger can be used by babies up to 9 months old and is available in a range of colors.

The snuggle me organic baby lounger price ranges from £125.

Are There Any Cheaper Alternatives On The Market?

Baby loungers may vary in price depending on their make and also your preferences, but that does not mean all baby loungers are costly. There are some baby loungers that you can acquire from below £30.

These baby loungers give you relatively the same satisfaction as any other baby loungers in the market with high prices. Some of the cheaper alternatives may include:

  • Maynos Baby Lounger With Pillow

This is quite an affordable baby lounger. You get all the perks you will find in any other baby lounger at a much lower price. The Maynos baby lounger is lightweight and features a carrying handle for convenient travel and even includes a little pillow that may be used as support during supervised tummy time.

It is safe for babies between 0 and 4 months old. The lounger’s outer shell comprises breathable cotton, while the inside stuffing is made of hypoallergenic material.

Maynos baby lounger with pillow costs an average of £24.

  • Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time And Seated Support

Apart from being lovely, this baby lounger is designed particularly for tummy time for babies from birth and older. It comes in various colors and patterns. Once your baby has gained head control, you can curl this lounger and use it as a seat. The price of this lounger is below £30.

How To Save Money On Baby Loungers

Choosing the perfect baby lounger may be difficult as you will want to get the value for your money. There is no need of spending beyond your budget for a baby lounger when you can save much.

When getting a baby lounger, there are some aspects that you need to consider to get the best for your baby without spending a lot. Things like the design and material used should be of consideration. Look for materials that are not irritants, soft and breathable to minimize or avoid overheating. Always go for hypoallergenic fabric if possible. The lounger design should be able to hold your baby safely.

To help save up on costs, it is good that you get your baby lounger from recognized baby shops. Buy your baby lounger from deals in retail shops that may offer discounts. 

You can also save much by getting a second-hand baby lounger. Most babies stop using baby loungers as they hit four months which means they don’t use them a lot. You can get a second-hand baby lounger that is still in good shape, which will serve you well. 

Are Baby Loungers Worth Buying?

Baby loungers are worth buying. They allow you to put your baby down and have some free time to get some work done. Baby loungers also help your kid when they start learning how to sit upright, and it is also of great support during tummy time.

On the other hand, baby loungers are not worth buying. Baby loungers are only used for the first four months, so you may find that they aren’t worth the expense and time of getting one. There are other ways you can safely put down your baby in a cot, bassinet or in a bouncer.