Are Baby Leggings Worth It?

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Shopping for baby clothes can be very stressful if you are a first-time parent. One thing that’s stressful even more is choosing the right clothes for your pregnancy. Since your body is changing in ways you cannot imagine, it is hard to assume and predict what you will feel most comfortable. 

Baby leggings are commonly mistaken for maternity leggings, which are designed to provide you with a comfortable piece of clothing. The greatest benefit of maternity leggings is the fact that they can support the weight of your growing belly, and thus decrease the stress on your back. That is what makes them worth buying. 

Further in the text, you will see the difference between baby and maternity leggings, and will also be able to find out what makes them both worth buying. Also, there will be a table where you will be able to see the pros and cons for the ten most popular pairs of leggings currently on the market. 

What Are Baby Leggings?

Once you start shopping for a baby, it is like you have entered a never-ending pool of possibilities. There are so many types of clothing you can buy and so many variations in terms of material and color that is so hard to choose. 

This is why babies and little kids often have tons of clothes they have never worn and that they have outgrown, simply because they didn’t have time to wear all the options that they have available. 

Clothing items are one of the most common gifts you will receive when you have a small kid. People often see something cute or assume you need that specific item, so you easily end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t actually need. 

Leggings are one of those items you have in your closet for sure. They are very convenient for the baby, so they are definitely worth buying. Since the material is allowing the baby to move freely and its skin to breathe, the babies will enjoy it. 

Leggings are usually an item you would let your baby wear during the summer, but there are also winter options available. 

What Are Maternity Leggings?

Let’s not be confused here, since many women think of maternity leggings when they refer to the term baby leggings. This is why it is important to differentiate these two terms since they have different meanings and use. 

Maternity leggings are leggings after all, but they also have some extra features that differentiate them from the regular leggings you would wear every day. Once your baby bump begins growing, you will find a hard time fitting into regular leggings. 

Maternity leggings are worth every dollar since they provide good support for the growing bump in a form of over-bump panels. If you are not very fond of this idea, maternity leggings with a low waist are designed to end under the baby bump.

Either way, they are crafted by the needs of a pregnant woman, so that the end of the leggings doesn’t sit in the middle of the bump – it is either above, providing full coverage and support, or under the bump. 

Most of the leggings are made from a material that is opaque, so you don’t have to worry that something will be seen through when the leggings are stretched. Also, the material is washable in the washing machine, just make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s guide that’s written on the label. 

If you choose to go for the model with a high waist (the bump panel), you will also notice these panels can provide you some level of support. Because of the growing baby, the pressure that the belly produces can cause back pain, so the leggings are able to reduce that to some extent. 

Down below you can find a table where some of the most popular maternity leggings have been put aside to each other in order to compare their prices and benefits. This might ease up your decision about which ones are the best fit for you.

Model brand and namePrice per one pairProsCons
1Blanqi Everyday Support$64.00Supportive band; stay in placeThe panel sits too high for shorter women
2Old Navy Jersey$14.00Affordable; made from very stretchy materialFor some women can be too tight for the legs
3Lululemon Align Pant$98.00Can be used after pregnancy; made from very stretchy materialExpensive
4Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit$24.95Affordable; come in different sizes (from XS to 3XL)Made from cotton, so not completely opaque
5Anook Poppy$98.00StylishExpensive
6H&M Mamma$14.99Adjustable rise at the waist; made from a lightweight materialCan become too stretchy after few uses
7Spanx Jean-ish$110.00Denim lookExpensive
8Storq Signature$65.00The adjustable panel; made from a lightweight materialNot completely opaque
9Terez Leopard Goals$120.00Fun prints; can be used for exerciseExpensive
10Gap Low Rise$18.00Affordable; no panel for the bellyMaterial wears out fast

As you can see from the table, each model has its pros and cons that need to be considered when buying one. If you are using the leggings mostly at home, then you shouldn’t mind if the material is not fully opaque. If you intend to wear the leggings mostly outside, then you should opt out for completely opaque material. 

Some of the leggings from the table have really high prices, mostly because either they are made from some special material, or they can be used even after you give birth. With those leggings, you are practically getting two products in one. 

Make sure that you choose the leggings in which you will feel the most comfortable. That is the whole idea behind the leggings after all.