Are Baby Bath Seats Worth It – Everything You Need To Know

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Baby bath seats are devices many parents can’t imagine their lives without. They will make the bathing process easier and less stressful for the parents and for the baby, which is one of the main reasons why someone decides to get a bath seat in the first place. 

A baby bath seat is a good investment if you have a hard time handling the baby while bathing it. If you struggle to keep the baby still, or the baby is too heavy for your arms. If you are managing bath time just great, then a bath seat might not be needed at this time.

Baby bath seats are usually very affordable, but some of them offer extra features that will reflect the price. In this article, you will find all the pros and cons of using a baby bath seat, as well as a table where you can see the different brands compared to one another. 

What Is A Baby Bath Seat?

A baby bath seat is a device that is supposed to make your life easier while you are bathing the baby. It is designed in a way to help the baby to stay in a sitting or reclined or upright position while you are bathing it. 

Sometimes it can be really hard to give a bath to a baby, especially when they grow up a little bit and start to be aware of their surroundings. At that age, they are easily entertained by the bubbles and soap, and if you are bathing more than one kid at a time, it is a recipe for disaster. 

In a situation like that, the baby bath seat is supposed to ease the process up for you by letting the baby sit on its own, without you having to hold it the entire time of bathing. However, be mindful that the baby should never be left unattended in the bath, even if you are using the baby’s bath seat. 

The base of the baby seat usually has suction cups that will mount the device to the tub which you will later fill with water in order to bathe the baby. Sometimes this product also has a sidearm that is extending to the side of the tub, to provide extra stability and support for the baby.

While in the baby seat, the baby will be placed in the upright position, which will make bathing easier, since your hands are free and the baby is very easily accessible. 

What Age Can You Use Baby Bath Seats?

Baby bath seats are supposed to be used from the point where you realize that the baby has outgrown its baby bath. This usually happens when the baby is around five months old. The baby bath can be used until the baby is ten months old.

In between this time, the baby is too big for the baby bath, but still too small to sit unaided. Once you notice that your baby can sit on its own, the use of a baby bath seat is no longer needed, since it doesn’t serve any purpose in that case. 

However, bear in mind that babies and childer under five in general, are not supposed to be left alone in the bath without any supervision. The issue with the baby bath seats is that your baby can easily hurt themselves. 

The baby might slip in the bathtub and get stuck in the bath seat or ring, thus hurting itself. Even much worse, the baby might end up submerged in the water and drowning because it’s unable to lift itself back.

The only solution that will prevent such risks is never to leave alone the baby while you are giving it a bath. Baby bath seats are invented only to provide aid to you as a parent by freeing you from having to hold the baby at all times. They are not invented and designed for the baby to be left alone in them. 

What Alternatives Are There for Baby Bath Seats?

Once you start investigating, you will notice that there are so many products available on the market, that it will make it hard to choose which one is the right one for you. Adding to this, there are several alternatives to a baby bath seat that may fit your needs more. 

Baby bath seats are convenient only if you have room for such a seat. If you have a shower instead, a baby bath seat may not be practical at all. In this case, you might use a baby bath chair, which looks very similar to a bar chair. 

This chair is also mounted to the wall of the shower cabin and allows you to bathe the baby while it’s almost on the same level as you. This is good because it will prevent back pain and any injuries that might occur from you having to bend down. 

If you have a room, a good alternative is a textile bathtub, that can be placed inside a shower or a regular bathtub, and which can provide good support for your baby. The risk of injuries is reduced since the tub is made from a soft material rather than plastic. 

Another product will catch your eyes due to its unusual design, and it is produced by the Tummy Tub brand. This tub is perfect for newborns since it will imitate the conditions from the womb – the baby will feel snuggled while you are bathing it. 

Once your baby is almost ready to sit unaided, you can switch to a baby dam, which is basically a device that will limit the bathtub and create a little wonder for the baby itself. This is useful if your bathtub is not big enough to fit a regular baby bathtub, and it will also be more fun for the baby.

How Much Are Baby Bath Seats?

Baby bath seats are produced in so many variables, that it is hard to take one brand and product and say that is the typical baby bath seat. First of all, you can find baby bath seats made from different materials.

The most affordable ones are usually just simple plastic supporters, but you can also find some soft materials seats on the market as well. Another thing that will differentiate the bath seats is the shape. 

The shape of the baby bath seat sometimes can resemble a small chair, and sometimes is just a rectangle with support. Both of them will do what they are supposed to do, the difference is that some of them are more convenient than the others. 

In general, baby bath seats are not considered to be a large expense. Since they come in so many variations, you can easily find very cheap and affordable ones. This doesn’t mean that they will not do the work like the more expensive ones. 

That solely means that cheaper ones may not be as comfortable as the more expensive ones, or may not have the same features. Further in the text, you will find a table with the most popular brands and the comparison between them.

All these products are anatomical, meaning that they are adjusted for the baby’s fragile anatomy. Don’t be too worried if you see that some product is made only from plastic. Although that product may not be as comfy as some with soft material support, it will still not cause any discomfort for the baby.

ShnuggleAngelcareDreambabyOK babyDamBabyMamas & Papas
MaterialplasticMesh supportplastic/soft seatplasticplastic/soft seatplastic
Mounting systemNon Slip FeetSuction cups at the bottomSuction cups at the bottomSuction cups at the bottomSuction cups at the bottomSuction cups at the bottom
Prices may vary online and on different platforms, this is just an average.

How to save Money on Baby Bath Seats

As you can see in the table above, baby bath seats are usually not a big expense, since you can find a new one for around $15. This is a small amount to pay, but you are sure that your baby is getting a new product.

The issue with second-hand baby bath seats is that you can use them only if you are getting them from someone you know, and from someone who has recently purchased it. The industry of baby products is highly regulated, meaning that the safety regulations are being constantly updated. 

A baby bath seat that was meeting the safety regulations a year ago may not meet the new ones now. So make sure always to check if the seat you are getting is up to date with the current standards. 

One way to ensure this is to buy a new one, but sometimes if you want to go for a better one it may be too expensive. In a situation like this, it is good to keep yourself updated with the current promotions, because sometimes you may get a really nice discount on the bath seat. 

Are Baby Bath Seats worth Buying?

Baby bath seats are not a product that is 100% necessary, but they will make your life as a parent much easier, especially if you have more than one child. Handling two or more children during bath time can be very challenging, and baby bath seats were invented to make your life easier. 

Of course, if bath time is not something that you personally find challenging, and you are managing it just fine even without the baby bath seat, then don’t waste money on something you will not be using. 

If you are unsure about the product, maybe it is a good idea to borrow a bath seat from someone to try it out and to see if you could really benefit from it. From there on you can make your final decision. 

A baby bath seat is a good distraction for the baby when it is almost ready to sit on its own. At this age, the baby is being entertained by many things, and cannot keep still for a long time. It is a good idea to use the seat in this situation so the baby can play with bubbles and toys, while you are bathing it at the same time.